Attracting Whales as A Cam Model


Working as a cam model can be highly lucrative, and that’s probably why webcam modeling attracts a lot of sugar babies. No, it isn’t an automatic free ticket to riches and luxury for anyone willing to turn on the camera; you have to work at it, and you have to do well, like in any business. But once you get that far, the rewards are great. Even a moderately successful cam model is making a living doing nothing else. But we’re not here to talk about moderate success. This is about the top of the food chain, the most popular girls on the most heavily trafficked sites. These queens of the cam are practically writing their own checks; for some, earning $75,000 in a month is not unheard of. How do they do it?

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There’s certainly no overstating the basics, like cultivating relationships with good tippers to generate regulars, and from there private shows, sales of your content, and so on. These things are important, but let’s be honest: they’re not earning you an annual paycheck that pushes a million bucks. For a cam girl at the top, it’s the whales who do that.

Big Spender Whales - A Cam Model's Dream Regular

In the context of our business, “whale” is a term that refers to a cam site big spender – basically an online sugar daddy with deep pockets. And in this case, big spender means BIG. A whale will throw money around like candy on Halloween, dropping hundreds or thousands of dollars at a time on tips. Sometimes, they’ll do this and stay just long enough to see your reaction (so make it good), then leave the channel, presumably to do the same for another cam model. Other times a whale will stick around, because he wants to enjoy being your clear favorite out of the entire chat group. Don’t disappoint him.


Psychology of The Big Spender Cam Site Whale

Because he can be such a boon, it’s important to understand the psychology of the whale. He is essentially a “closet alpha male”, perhaps not interested in using his obviously heavy wallet to attract women in real life (he may be insecure about his physical appearance, or socially inept and aware of it, or any of a number of other things; it doesn’t really matter), but deriving the same fulfillment and sense of accomplishment from winning the favor of a cam model with it. He has an insatiable ego, and wants to feel like he’s decisively “won” the girl and is considered her chief sugar daddy. Of course, just as in the real world, when two or more alpha males set their eye on the same woman, they tend to fight. And in this arena, money is their weapon of choice.

Competing for the attention of top cam girls

A war between whales is pay day for a cam girl. They will continually try to outdo each other by throwing out ever more monstrous tips, essentially playing through an auction for the prize of ruling the chat room – and you get to keep every bid.

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The way for a cam model to attract whales is by projecting an image of un-attainability (pretty much the way it is for sugar babies too). You want to appear glamorous and a little haughty – the kind of girl that only the football jocks got to date in high school (without, of course, actually saying anything so crass). Achieving this entails a delicate balancing act, because the effort runs the risk of causing you to seem like a “bitch”. But when you do it just right, it makes the whales want to spend whatever it takes to win the unwinnable girl – the ultimate ego trip for alpha males.

I dealt with a lot of these high-caliber men when I was an active sugar baby, and I know how their minds work. They love the feel of conquest, and they’ll spend a lot of money to make it happen. Keep this in mind when you finally find your whale, and you’ll be pulling in the tokens like you simply can’t yet imagine.