Becoming a Top Cam Girl


So I’ve talked your ear off about how well the top-earning cam girls in the industry (specifically MFC and Chaturbate, the two biggest sites) do so well, and there’s a reason I’ve done it: it’s true. The girls who squeeze this lemon for every drop of juice it can give are pretty much writing their own checks, with some of them taking home north of a million dollars a year.

What you’ll learn in this post:
1) Exactly what you need to do to make it big in camming.
2) How to boost your exposure and build your brand.

Which is to say, they’re making out better than a lot of full-time sugar babies and even cam studio owners, both of which are themselves often “graduates” from camming. Therefore, it’s worth looking into which paths can lead you to the lofty goal of becoming a top cam model. There are two major options, and I’ll start with the one most of the peak performers use.


Cam Girl Stardom The Traditional Way

This is also known as the old-fashioned way, because it involves long hours and little sleep. Don’t get me wrong; camming done right is hard work no matter how you slice it, but gunning for the top using this method crosses over from “less time with friends” deep into “no life” territory. We’re talking 14-hour days, seven days a week, worshiping the camera. And not just performing, either. You’ll need to maintain regulars, a lot of them, by keeping friendships going with them through off-site messaging.

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Promoting yourself on social media, and knowing how to do it effectively, are also extremely important, because you won’t get results just sitting in your channel waiting for people to show up for no reason. And while you’ll need to do some private shows, especially for your regulars, you ironically have to be careful not to overdo it with this.

That’s because, past a certain point, your focus needs to be on the public chat, where you can play tipping games (contests) with your viewers, and subtly encourage tipping wars between the whales you’re going to have to attract to even think about becoming a top cam model.

Needless to say, this isn’t for everyone, and it takes a certain kind of person to succeed at it. At a bare minimum, of course, you’ll need to have a rock-solid work ethic. Being a bona fide “workaholic”, the type of girl who feels real remorse when she doesn’t put in a certain level of daily productivity, is a definite plus (while being the opposite, someone who’s always looking for excuses to pull short shifts and take days off, is an instant disqualification).

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It’s also important to be an outgoing extrovert who knows how to make friends and enjoys doing it, and not just for the usual camgirl reasons. You’ll need to be on good terms not only with your audience, but with other models, and the more popular they are in their own right, the better. Why? Because that way, you can invite them from time to time to come perform with you on cam (and you’ll probably receive similar invitations from them).

This is really, really good for business, because when you have a well-known, well-loved model on camera with you, her regulars are going to come and watch your chatroom, and with a little luck and a little effort from you, some of them are going to decide they like you as well. This can increase your exposure tremendously. You’ll also do well on that show itself; guys love girl-girl action, and they’ll tip generously for it.


Become a Top Cam Model Using Porn Tubes

If all of this sounds like a crippling amount of work (it is), and you’d like an alternative for becoming a top cam model, we have our second option: plain old porn. I’m serious. You make a few videos of yourself having fun, upload them to free porn sites like Pornhub, Xvideos, Xhamster, etc, and let them work their magic. Given a little time and a steady stream of new content, you’re likely to develop a following of guys who enjoy your contributions and wait with bated breath for you to put up the latest offering.

Guys, you have to understand, are used to viewing their favorite porn stars as distant, unattainable figures, a little like Goddesses reclining out of reach atop Mount Olympus. Actually, we’re all guilty of this with celebrities we like; maybe you really enjoy watching Jennifer Lawrence’s movies, but what do you suppose the odds are that you would ever get to interact with her directly? And, wouldn’t you like to?

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So when your fans from the porn sites discover that you also work as a cam girl, whom they can tip, talk to, and potentially even enjoy private conversations with, let’s just say they’re likely to be…intrigued.

This isn’t that hard to do; a lot easier, at any rate, than using Option 1. You can go all-out on the content if you want to, so long as you have a decent-looking young fellow willing to “perform” with you, but even this isn’t necessary. All you really need are some toys to play with, and a camera, both of which you should already have from your work as a cam girl. You can record with your webcam if need be, but if at all possible, I’d recommend not using your bedroom (or wherever you primarily do your camming), just so your fans can have the thrill of seeing you in different locales.

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The video camera on your smartphone (assuming it’s a halfway decent iPhone or Android, at least) should be more than adequate. Basically, the production values on these videos do not need to be high, and if anything, it’s better if they aren’t. It turns out that most guys actually prefer “amateur” porn, made by real girls just messing around, as opposed to the cheesy and overdone “professional” stuff.

If you get it right, you won’t even be restricted to the revenues this can help you generate from camming. There’s that, but additionally, at least two of the largest free porn providers (Pornhub and Xvideos) offer ad share programs. That means you receive a portion of the money made by advertisements played on your videos. Building a fan following big enough to make this cash flow substantial does take effort, but if you’re good-looking and amenable to performing sexually (which you probably are, if you’re a cam girl), you can do it.

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And once you do, that’s passive income; it’s best if you maintain your porn presence with an occasional new video now and then, but even if you don’t, the money from what you’ve already got up will roll in all by itself. That can be a lot, especially when you have a lot of followers: thousands of dollars a month from this alone is entirely realistic.

So it’s really up to you which path you want to follow in your goal of becoming a top cam model. Using the porn sites is probably your best play, but I know that some cam girls (despite having no problem performing on MyFreeCams or Chaturbate) aren’t entirely comfortable with that. Personally, I don’t see what the big deal is, but to each her own.

Whatever you do, don’t fall into the trap of believing that the cam girls at the top hit some kind of lottery or otherwise received a one-in-a-million touch from a benevolent but fickle Goddess. There are strategies that can get you where they are; all you have to do is use them.