Becoming a Chaturbate Model


When first starting out as a webcam model, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of available cam sites to choose from, each with their own features, enticements, and rewards designed to sway a performer to work on their particular platform.

As you become established, there are a number of factors you will want to weigh carefully in choosing the site on which you wish to cam, or even if you want to branch out and use more than one. In the early days, though, it’s a much easier decision, because most newcomers will find Chaturbate the hands-down best option for getting their feet wet.

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Bar none, Chaturbate is the world’s single largest free cam site in terms of traffic, beating out the second-place finisher, the also-huge MyFreeCams, by about three times (rough estimation). As such, it gives you access to the largest potential audience, and therefore the opportunity to maximize the generation of regulars and stream of revenue.

The most popular camming performers on this platform can host upwards of 4,000 viewers in their public chat rooms. Competition from other cam girls is also typically not fierce for a new Chaturbate model, something to keep in mind with most big sites.

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The reasons Chaturbate is probably your best bet to start are many. First, you split your earnings at least evenly with the host – and a 50% pay share is definitely a competitive offer, especially for such a large cam site. Despite its heavy traffic, Chaturbate manages to provide good exposure for new models.

Assuming you are female, you’re likely to do well as a Chaturbate model, and even better if you have a boyfriend willing to go online with you: the site’s highest-earning performers are heterosexual couples, with solo women coming in a close second, and lone males placing third. Chaturbate also allows transsexual models.


Chaturbate Apps & Bots

Easily one of Chaturbate’s most attractive features is the opportunity it offers cam girls to use “apps” and “bots”, automated programs designed to make your work as a Chaturbate model easier and more productive. These programs help you manage your channel, keep track of your tippers, and even allow you to blacklist specific people you don’t want to deal with.

One app, Ohmibod, is particularly unique (and potentially fun) in that it connects to a specific sex toy typically used by Chaturbate cam girls, causing it to vibrate when someone tips you. This can be extremely arousing for your audience (and lucrative for you), because it gives them a sense of “control” over you – something most of them crave and adore. You can also use the Lovense Lush vibrating sex toy in the same way, and this type of show can be a massive token-winner.

Chaturbate apps and bots

A particular category of bots that is very popular with the Chaturbate model and viewer alike is the “dice” bot. Customized by you, these bots use random number generators to allow members of your audience to roll a set of digital dice, whose results have different “prizes”.

Typically, the cam girl will set the bot to require a certain minimum size of tip (though some can be playable for free, at the model’s option) to roll the dice, and she promises to perform a specific act (show a certain part of her body, play with a dildo, etc) depending on the results of the roll. Some programs entice tippers by offering the potential for a “rare” prize, seldom rolled. Each prize, of course, is whatever you mark it to be.

There are also a number of individual bots and apps that have risen to become especially well-liked on Chaturbate. For instance, there is Ultra Bot, a camming management program that lets you regulate large crowds of viewers easily. A cam girl can have it automatically display a “Leaderboard” showing the room’s top three highest tippers, and place a crown next to the name of the “king tipper”.

The bot can optionally post regular messages reminding everyone how much they must tip in order to take over this coveted role. It can gray out users who have purchased no tokens, preventing them from posting in the chat (unless they have already tipped you everything they have, in which case they are still allowed to speak), with “nice lists” and “dick lists” – the bot’s terminology – customizable to allow favored users to post even without tipping, while silencing known trolls no matter what they do.

Other popular programs include Sequence Tips, which helps you make a game out of tipping by requesting a specific progression of amounts (such as asking for first 20 tokens, then 40, then 60, etc) to unlock a particular response from you, Goal Counter to keep the audience aware of the minimum total tip amounts necessary for you to offer increasingly explicit performances, and Crazy Ticket, which automates the process of selling “tickets” to private shows.

All in all, being a cam model at Chaturbate provides some of the best opportunities to make serious money in the entire camming industry. Get started there today, if you’re not already broadcasting there, and prepare yourself for an extremely profitable ride! Checkout my guide for new cam girls for more help.

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