Best Cam Sites To Become a Cam Girl On


There’s never been a better time to become a cam girl, because guys are spending more than ever on internet companionship. Porn tube sites don’t deliver any personal interaction, and that’s why people need cam sites. If they want to look at naked ladies having sex, they’ll park it at PornHub, but if they want to actually talk to a pretty girl, they watch cams.

How To Become a Cam Girl – Comprehensive Guide

If you want to know which are the best cam sites to become a cam girl on in 2019, check this post out because I’m about to lay it all down for you. I’m not going to mince words, I’m just going to tell you exactly what the strengths and weaknesses of each cam site are, and which one I think you should begin your cam girl career at. I’ll reveal some devastatingly effective “tricks of the trade” along the way, so read it till the end!

Cam Girl Salary Facts…


Top Cam Site Candidate: Chaturbate

Okay, so one of the biggest issues when deciding where to become a cam girl is site traffic. Believe me, you definitely DO NOT want to waste your time on a cam site that is struggling in the traffic department.

Some models think “Oh, if this site has tiny traffic game, there’s probably less model competition and I could be the big fish in the small pond!” Nope, not how it works. What typically happens when you pick a low-traffic cam site is that you sit alone in a dead room wasting time waiting for tips or private shows that never come. Not fun.

Chaturbate Earnings Info – The Truth…

This is why Chaturbate is an excellent choice, because it has risen to major cam site status in the last few years. The website traffic metrics site SimilarWeb has been consistently ranking Chaturbate as the largest cam site, in terms of Tier 1 traffic (first world countries) for some time now. This means that when you become a cam girl there, you’ll be likely to get seen by lots of viewers, which is invaluable when you’re just starting out.

As a Chaturbate model, you basically just need to talk a lot in your chat room, and try to bond with your viewers as much as possible. It helps a lot if you know how to use the “apps and bots” that Chaturbate makes available to its models, so they can provide more interactive elements in their rooms and run it more efficiently. You don’t really need to master all of them, but I would focus on using the “Token Keno” app, which allows your viewers to play a tipping game along the lines of the rules for keno.

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But really, the most important thing to keep in mind for Chaturbate is to BE PATIENT. You need to go on cam at least an hour or two per day, EVERY DAY for the first couple weeks. The reason for this is that viewers need to get to know you before they will start tipping you. Newbie cam girls always forget this critical fact and end up quitting after the first couple camming sessions, because they didn’t make enough money. That’s a HUGE MISTAKE, because it takes a bit of time for the tokens to start rolling in. Trust me, it’s very worth it to stick it out!

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Top Cam Site Candidate: CamSoda

CamSoda is a relatively new cam site, but it’s quickly emerging as one of the best cam sites to become a cam girl on. The reason is that, while its traffic has grown substantially in the few years it’s been operational, the amount of model competition is still quite low. CamSoda is kind of the best kept secret in the cam girl world, but not just any webcam model can do well on this site.

CamSoda’s traffic prefers curvier women with big booties. It’s not impossible for a cam girl without serious booty to do well there, but it IS going to be much tougher. I would recommend this cam site for webcam girls who are voluptuous, or just thick, and who love to twerk and show-off their badonkadonk asses. If you’ve got it, you can shake it for tokens at CamSoda and do pretty well.

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One of the cool things about this cam site is that it gives away a small supply of tokens to all new members who signup with their emails. This is great because it encourages them to spend money on the site (once they start tipping models, it can get rather addictive). This makes it easier for new cam girls to get some tokens coming in.


Top Cam Site Candidate: MyFreeCams

MyFreeCams (which is also just called “MFC” for short) is a top-quality cam site where webcam models can make a ton of money, due to it being populated by numerous “big spenders” who like to drop megatips on girls. There are more megatips dropped on MFC than probably any other cam site. The other thing MyFreeCams has going for it is that it has a great social media type feel to it that really helps create a sense of community, which in turn makes spending money more likely.

The biggest problem with MyFreeCams is that, because of the “camscore” feature, if you’re a new model with no fan following, it’s really difficult to get any traction there when your starting out. A webcam model’s camscore increases the more tips she gets, and the higher the camscore, the higher the model’s room gets ranked in the main listings. The higher the listing, the more traffic a model gets, and the more she generally gets tipped.

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New cam girls on MFC have a problem with this system because they generally don’t have reliable tippers yet, so their camscore doesn’t go anywhere and they just get buried in the listings. Most of them will end up on page 11, or whatever, and won’t get many viewers in their rooms at all. MyFreeCams is one of the best cam sites around, but because of this rather serious impediment, new cam girls shouldn’t cam there. Not until they build up a loyal following of regulars somewhere else who will support them with early tips when they begin their MFC careers.


Best Cam Site For New Cam Girls: Chaturbate

At the end of the day, it’s no contest. Due to its large traffic, ease of use, and excellent reputation, Chaturbate is by far the best cam site to become a cam girl on. You should signup there as a broadcaster and get the ball rolling soon. Remember, patience is key. You need to go on cam consistently for the first few weeks before you can expect to see solid results. But when the results come, I suspect you’re going to be VERY pleased.

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