Top Cam Girl Income


There are two major misconceptions about camming, and they’re related to each other. They concern how much money you can make doing it, and how hard you have to work to get that money.

There’s this idea in popular culture that being a webcam model (or doing any kind of sex work, really) is a “sell your soul” job: dirty and debasing beyond imagination, but for those girls willing to sign this infernal contract on the dotted line, the Devil himself will shower them with instant success and material riches beyond their dreams.

Honey, I WISH it were that easy. Camming is hard work, just like any other job that’s worth doing. My checks come from MFC (MyFreeCams) and Chaturbate, not Lucifer, and if I sat around not doing any work and just waiting for Hell to pay my bills, I wouldn’t be eating enough to maintain the fabulous boobs that keep me in business.

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Cam Girl Pay Can Be Eye-Popping

Once you get past this little bit of wishful thinking, though, and accept that there’s real work involved, camming really can pay some awesome money. That part’s true. Try reading about it online; there are cam girls out there making $50,000, $75,000, even north of $100k a month by turning on the camera. I have a close friend who’s an online sugar baby in the business and considers it a bad week if she hasn’t pulled down a solid $20,000.

Now, obviously, numbers like that are at the top, rather than the average. But the points to remember there are: a) if you put in the work, you’ve got a solid camming income waiting for you even if it isn’t six-figure; and b) there’s absolutely nothing stopping anyone from getting into the top-tier and writing their own checks.

Top Cam Girl Income

Alright, so I keep talking about how you still have to do work as a cam girl, because it’s an important point to drive home. But what I’m trying to get across is that it isn’t easy, not that it sucks. Actually, it’s got a hell of a lot going for it over what most people would call a “real” job. For one thing, there’s no boss treating you like an expendable resource, so I don’t care what the “devil’s deal” crowd says: cam girl work is a lot less demeaning than more traditional work. You can set your own hours, and while you should try to maintain consistency in the times you show up and how frequently, missing a self-scheduled camming shift is much more easily forgiven than skipping out on one that was set for you.

But the best part of the cam girl job compared to most others is that it doesn’t have to feel like work at all; after all is said and done, you’re not even getting paid to be naked (I know many a successful sugar baby who never takes her clothes off for her sugar daddy). You’re getting paid to be friendly and engaging – and I don’t know about you, but I like doing that for free. I find it provokes genuine pleasure and happiness in others, which is infectious.


Being a Cam Girl Is Way Better Than Stripping

Not only do you get to be comfortable at home working as a camgirl, but it’s a lot safer than other kinds of sex work. Trust me, a few of my friends work as strippers, and you wouldn’t believe some of the shit they have to put up with. A lot of guys seem to think that sticking a dollar bill between their fingers entitles them to get those fingers “wet”, if you know what I mean. One of my friends works at one of the nicer clubs, where security (usually) don’t tolerate that kind of trash. But the others are on their own.

I know one girl who was sitting on a customer’s lap on the main floor of her club, and this pervert pulls her bottoms aside and starts fingering her then and there, while holding her in place with his other arm. She had to physically tear herself free (telling him to stop didn’t work), and she had the creep reaching for her as she ran away. When she told a bouncer what had happened and asked to have the man removed, she was told, “Sorry, that guy’s a big spender and a regular. He gets privileges.”

Yeah. “Privileges.”

You don’t have to deal with any of THAT as a cam girl, and you can easily make as much as strippers do on even their good nights. It doesn’t just fall in your lap, but you can make it happen. It’s all about being attractive, not just physically, but personally. You have to make the viewers like you. You don’t just sit there with a dildo or whatever; you need to talk to these guys, share your day with them, and get them to see you as more than a sex object (just like it helps if you see them as more than a revenue stream).

You do this right, and they start to develop genuine affection for you. Over time, that can mean they turn into your “regulars”, the guys who show up at the site just to see (and tip) you. This is why it’s so important that camgirls be consistent about the times of day they work. If you just jump online whenever you feel like it, guys who saw you and liked you before will have trouble finding you again, and they won’t be able to become regulars. This is really one of the biggest cam girl tips I can give you.


How To Build a Huge Camming Income

Of course, what you really want for maximizing your income and getting you into that $75,000 – $100,000 per month bracket is to attract the “whales”. That’s what we call guys with really deep pockets who like to visit camgirls, drop tips of hundreds or even thousands of dollars at a time, and either move on just as suddenly as they appeared or stick around and have you treat them like kings.

There are lots of reasons why these guys do this on cam sites rather than using their obvious riches to get an actual girl in real life, but I’m not gonna go into them right now, because they aren’t important. What matters is that whales exist, and they are a game-changer. It takes experience to learn how to draw them in, but once you do, the rewards are well worth the effort. The thing to keep in mind is that they’re basically closet alpha males, and they want to win the girl that no man can have. So the key is to act like that girl.

Increase Your Cam Girl Pay

If you’re really, really lucky, a whale will take a personal liking to you, and you have a shot at becoming his sugar baby on the site. Do that, and you’ve pretty much got it made. An online sugar daddy can be EXTREMELY generous; he’ll take you into private chats often, tip you huge amounts, and even buy you gifts. Best of all, you have no obligation to him offline; all of this takes place on your cam site, or maybe over Skype and (if he really likes you) the phone. Give him what he wants, because 99 times out of 100, he won’t ask for much. So, cam girl pay is not simply about how many tokens you make on your cam site, there are many ways to receive income.

So, what we’ve learned here is that cam girl work does take effort, but that when you do it, it’s no side gig. You can make a plenty good living if you cultivate regulars, maintain your relationships with them, and make an effort to attract whales (who may become sugar daddies). All of this, done well, can easily lead to a six-figure cam girl income from nothing but turning on a webcam. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it, because I know you can.

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