Cam Girl Money & Savings Guide


I never get tired of telling people that cam girl income can, and should be, absolutely amazing. The only thing that bums me out about this industry is how many women aren’t in it. Seriously, if you’re female and able to be friendly, there is simply no reason to miss out on the insane revenue you can pull down, which is so much more than anything that most girls the age of a typical webcam model can hope to make.

What you’ll learn in this post:
1) How to save up your cam girl money.
2) How to boost your cam girl income with premium Snapchat.

But once you’re following a few simple strategies (which I’ve talked a lot about in other posts) and you’ve got that sweet cam girl money coming in, what do you do with it all? Party time, right?!?

Well, let’s talk about that.

Look, I don’t mean to be the poopy in the punch bowl, here. I totally get why you want to live it up with all that cash. Seriously, anyone would, especially a cam girl. You’re like 20 years old, you’re young enough to be full of passion and energy and old enough to know you won’t be young forever, and you’ve got this cam girl money that gives you access to a kind of lifestyle most of your peers can’t even imagine. Are you kidding me? Of COURSE you’re hitting the town!


Cam Girl Income 101

And you know what? I’m not even here to tell you not to. Despite what some people will tell you, being a cam girl ain’t easy. You EARNED your money; you have every right to spend it. But you need to hold onto at least some of it, because if every penny that comes in is a penny going right out, you can’t really know when the next penny is coming.

How To Become a Cam Girl – My Expert Guide

See, that’s the thing about cam girl income. It’s wildly unpredictable. You work for tips, and any tip is money that nobody “has” to give you. You’re not collecting a regular paycheck that you can add up ahead of time by just counting the hours on your schedule. There is no schedule but the one you set, and those hours could be awesome or they could be lousy. And they WILL be. They will be both.

I’ve been there, girl. I can’t tell you how many times I was sitting on cloud nine after a freaking stellar week or month, where I made twice or even three times (or more!) my “average” cam girl income. God, they ain’t invented a drug yet that feels that good! I know I deserve to spoil myself and I feel like I can afford to.

Chaturbate Earnings & Income Facts…

And the thought keeps running around my head that even if next month only brings my my ordinary pay, I’ve got more than enough money for bills. So hell yeah I go shopping, I go out with my friends, maybe I even take an epic road trip. Good times.

Cam girls may do really well one month, then have a really crappy ass month the next. You need to have a money reserve to cover those months that suck.

But then…next month ISN’T good, or even decent. Or maybe it’s perfectly average, and I pull back just a little, only for the month after that to be total crap. Suddenly, I’ve gone from living it up at fancy restaurants with the girls to eating ramen noodles alone and still worrying about making my rent. And that, honey, feels a lot less awesome.

Seriously, you don’t have to live in a financial cave to avoid this. You don’t have to hide away from the world, only emerging periodically to buy cheap food. All you have to is follow a bit of advice the adults wouldn’t stop spitting in all our faces when we were kids, which I admit is a little annoying: Be responsible, and save some money.

Becoming a Top Cam Girl…

I know, those are total buzzwords, and they somehow manage to be buzz-KILLS at the same time. But I’m not talking about dropping every penny you earn into a piggy bank. Notice I only said you should save “some” money. It doesn’t have to be huge. For me, 20% of my monthly cam girl money goes directly into a “rainy day” savings account, and that’s plenty. I really think you’ll find it’s more than enough for you, too.

If you’re afraid this will interfere with your nights out, don’t be; there are some easy ways to trim your daily budget that really don’t hurt at all. They’re the kind of little luxuries that you probably don’t even think of as expenses, because the cost is so little each time. But do you really need a $5 Starbucks coffee every day when Dunkin Donuts tastes just as good for half the price?

And seriously, quit using UberEats for nearby restaurants. Part of being a cam girl is staying in shape anyway; just walk to the freaking place. You can take it out of your treadmill time at the gym if you must, and then you literally haven’t lost anything.


Premium Snapchat – How To Boost Your Cam Girl Money

But really, the best way to avoid having to squeeze yourself at all is just to keep your cam girl income strong, and the best way to do that is by setting up side revenues so you don’t have to rely on camming alone. These days, that means using a premium Snapchat account. They bring in some totally mad money, and no cam girl should be without them in the industry as it stands now.

How To Make Money With Snapchat Porn

If you haven’t heard of these, premium Snapchat accounts are just accounts you set up to sell nude and explicit pictures and videos to your fans. You may think this wouldn’t be marketable for a cam girl, at least one who gets naked in her regular shows anyway, but I promise you it is. In fact, cam girls absolutely KILL with premium Snapchat accounts.

Like I said, the guys who pay for this are your followers from the cam site, and they love having additional content from you. Normally, you’ll charge a monthly subscription for access to a premium Snapchat, then regularly post naughty content for the customers. This, ironically, is a much more stable source of cam girl money than actual camming!

The best way to promote a premium Snapchat account, is with a regular, “free” one. You’ll treat this account more like your own personal Snapchat, though you should still make one specifically for this purpose. Just post regular, mundane stuff about your daily life here. You want your free account to be a way for guys to get to know you, to think of you as a fun and cool girl, so they’ll be interested in “seeing more” of you.

A free public Snapchat account is the most effective way to promote your premium Snapchat because cam site viewers LOVE free stuff. Advertise your free Snapchat in your chat room!

Of course, once in awhile, post a sexy tease pic, while talking openly about your premium account and your camming channel. Just keep it PG; we don’t want the free account getting banned (the premium one will, from time to time, but that’s easily handled with subscription managers like ISnapBabes).

Selling Nudes on Snapchat…

And here’s where it all comes together: Plug your public Snapchat account in your camming channel. Guys on cam sites LOVE free stuff, so they’ll be very likely to click the link you offer. That takes them to the perfect place (even better than just watching you on cam) to see what kind of person you are, which “warms them up” to wanting to get closer to you. This leads to the birth of regulars on the cam site, and subscribers to your premium Snapchat!

The impact this strategy can have on your cam girl money is huge, so don’t ignore Snapchat. By having side income sources like this, and setting aside just a little cash every month, you’ll quickly build up a very nice cushion that will see you through bad times and emergencies.

As you get to this point, the need to cut out small ways of spoiling yourself (like Starbucks) will be less and less. All it takes is a little financial know-how!