Cam Girl Salary Vs Sugar Baby Salary


I’m no old lady – this bodacious booty and these titillating ta-tas are still nice and firm, thank you very much! I’m just pretty experienced, if I do say so myself, for the short number of years I’ve been doing adult work. In that time, I’ve been both a cam girl and a physical sugar baby (I still cam, but my sugaring is online-only nowadays), so I feel like I’ve got a few things to say about the kind of salary you can make doing each.

What you’ll learn in this post:
1) Facts about cam girl salaries and how they compare to sugaring.
2) How you can boost your salary through the roof easily!

Personally, I was blown away, first by how much I made as a sugar baby, then by how much MORE I brought in when I started camming as well, but is that typical? For sure, both a cam girl salary and a sugar baby salary can pay mad money. I’ve looked into it a little, as a bookworm as well as from what I’ve seen myself from talking to those doing the same things as me, and that part’s not up for debate.


Salary Facts For Cam Girls & Sugar Babies

For an in-person sugar baby, a monthly allowance of $1,500 – $2,000 plus gifts is about average, with nothing necessarily stopping you from having more than one sugar daddy at a time. A good cam girl can certainly match that even if she’s not a standout; if she is, of course, it gets way, way better.

By the way, for this post, I’m going to be using the word “salary” whether I’m talking about cam girl salary or sugar baby salary. And yeah, I know there are plenty of sugar babies who don’t see sugaring as a “job” but as another kind of relationship and might not like seeing that word.

How To Be a Sugar Baby Online-Only – Hot Tips!

That’s totally cool! But I’m here to talk about money, today, so I don’t want to get into the emotional aspects of either camming OR sugaring unless they affect the income stream. So “salary” is just a simpler word to use, even though it doesn’t really apply to the sugar game.

Anyway, getting back to what we were talking about: The reason I give camming the edge in salary over sugaring is because webcam models have pretty much infinite upward potential, while sugar babies are ultimately limited by their daddies. Cam girls also have a more stable income, since they depend on large numbers of regulars, who tend to wash in and out like the tide.

Unlike sugaring, camming allows a girl to reach a huge ocean of guys who want to spend money on her. If done correctly, webcam modeling can be extremely bankable.

You may lose a few regulars this month, but you’ll gain a few new ones next month, so it all evens out. A good sugar daddy, though, he’s precious. If he gets too busy with his work, or his wife finds out, or he just decides you aren’t his type after all, you could be out thousands and thousands of dollars in one horrible blow. And replacing him will take you a LOT longer than finding new cam regulars.

Remember the $1,500 – $2,000 per month figure I mentioned above? Yeah, a good cam girl can make that…at the bottom. If you’ve got that much coming in, it means you at least know what you’re doing, and in camming, knowing what you’re doing is what separates the failures from the big, big success stories. It means you’ve got nowhere to go but up.

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Check the stats online; many top girls see that kind of pay in a night. For them, a cam girl salary between $25,000 and $34,000 per month – yes, per MONTH – is totally realistic. At the very top, you’ve got girls pulling down $75,000 all the way up to $100,000 or more.


How Top Cam Girl Salary Numbers Happen

How do these top cam girls swing that kind of salary? Well, like I said, regulars are a cam girl’s bread and butter. Of course, bread and butter is great, but it’s not the filet mignon those elite models are scarfing down. Those are the girls who get showered in megatips, worth hundreds or thousands of dollars at a time, by whales.

“Whales” are what we call really big spenders in this industry. They like to show up in a cam girl’s chat room, drop a HUGE tip on her, then either leave right away to do it again somewhere else or stick around to enjoy being the clear favorite. These guys are much more common on the bigger sites with large amounts of North American traffic, which is why you see so many of them on Chaturbate and MyFreeCams.

The camming world is loaded with big spenders who like to drop massive tips on cam girls they like. This is the major advantage webcam modeling has over physical sugaring.

Whales are basically closet alpha males, so they do what they do because they want to show off. The best way to attract them is to make them feel like you’re “unattainable”; no man can have you, so if they win your favor (which they should if they start mega-tipping you), they’re clearly King.

Beyond that, you just want to focus on building regulars by being friendly and engaging with the audience. Seeking out other cam girls (preferably well-known ones) to do shows together or “collabs” is a good idea too. And of course, use Snapchat and other social media to promote yourself.

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In most cases, even the best sugar baby salary isn’t going to compete with a really good cam girl salary – like north of $75,000 per year. But that’s most cases. The exception is when you really hit the sugar lottery (would that be the “sugary”?) and land yourself an uber-wealthy daddy, with both a net worth in the millions AND the time to enjoy it.

This usually takes a successful retiree, and the average age of a sugar daddy is somewhere around 40, so it’s rare. But it does happen, and when it does, DAMN girl!

Now, I have to admit, I very sadly haven’t experienced this sweet part of the sugar bowl myself, but I’ve talked to girls who have. Allowances in the tens of thousands of dollars, bonuses dropped on a whim because he’s in a good mood that day, and only the finest dresses, shoes, and handbags money can buy.

And the trips! You’re on vacation more than you’re at home, always in some exotic foreign country staying at a luxury hotel. Like I said, this definitely doesn’t happen every day, but when it does, all bets are off when it comes to any kind of limit on your sugar baby salary.


Be an Online Sugar Baby – Best of Both Worlds

To be honest, though, I’ve found that the best way to maximize your income is to just do what I do (which is why I do it!): Work as a cam girl, and use that to find online-only sugar daddies. Remember when I said that Chaturbate and MFC had the most whales of all the cam sites? Whales aren’t just good for mega-tips; they’re the #1 source of online sugar daddies!

Believe it or not, there are tons of wealthy men who want to have online-only intimate relationships with beautiful young women. Intimacy doesn’t only come in the physical variety.

Online-only sugaring is just physical sugar taken digital. Instead of meeting in person, you “hang out” with your daddy over chat and video, and talk to him on the phone. It takes up a lot less time, and the money is just as good. He’ll send you an allowance, mail gifts to your door, the works. And you can definitely have more than one of these guys.

Between MFC and Chaturbate, I’d probably say that Chaturbate is bit better for finding online-only sugar daddies, because of the particulars of its traffic (lots of first-world guys). Just be that “unattainable” girl who attracts whales, and eventually, you’ll find your first digital daddy. I’ve been doing this for a little while, so I know what I’m saying: It’s how you REALLY maximize your cam girl salary!

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