Is Chaturbate The Best Cam Site?


In webcamming, as in real estate, it’s all about location, location, location. Well, okay, it’s not ALL about that; there’s actually a hell of a lot more you need to worry about to be a good cam girl. But there’s no denying that starting on a good site is essential, because if you set yourself up somewhere with no traffic…well, you aren’t going to make any money.

What you’ll learn in this post:
1) Why Chaturbate is the best cam site for cam girls at the moment.
2) Why big spender “whales” at Chaturbate love to drop HUGE tips.
3) The most effective trick to bring in massive Chaturbate money.

And not only is that (obviously) a bad thing on its own, but sitting there, night after night, staring at an empty or near-empty room with no revenue coming in is going to depress the fuck out of you and sap your morale. Camming has a high turnover rate almost entirely because new girls don’t know what to do and get discouraged when the first few days are slow. One of the best ways to avoid this is to not shoot yourself in the foot by starting in the wrong place, so you really want to pick the best cam site.


Top Cam Site Verdict

For me, that’s Chaturbate. This won’t surprise you if you’ve read some of my other posts on this blog, where I pretty frequently sing the site’s praises, but I’m not just talking out of my ass when I do that. I’ve got a fair bit of experience as a webcam girl and have considered this matter pretty carefully, both for my own benefit and so I can be more helpful here. There are some solid reasons why you want to stick with Chaturbate, at least in the beginning.

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To start with, there’s sheer traffic. Chaturbate is far and away the most popular of all cam sites in terms of regular visitors, and it even consistently ranks in the top 50 of all websites anywhere (as in, not just sex-related; this is the list that dominates). With viewership like that, your exposure is much higher right off the bat, and you have the potential for more customers and regulars even if you do nothing but sit there.

And of course, you aren’t just going to sit there: you’re going to cleverly battle for your share of that enormous pie, and when you get it, you’ll understand why Chaturbate money is widely considered the best money in the industry.

The top cam girls in the industry tend to work primarily on Chaturbate, and they’re making ridiculous amounts of money.

Another reason why Chaturbate is the top cam site is because of the wide array of apps and bots it makes available for you as a cam model. If you haven’t heard of apps and bots, they’re simple programs with a narrow focus that are designed to streamline your work and make it more efficient. These things can make a major difference in determining the best cam site, because each platform has slightly different ones that vary in their functionality. They make a lot of important tasks way easier.

Some of the things they do include ranking the viewers in your channel by their tipping habits and amounts (so you know who to shower with attention), blacklist trolls and other people you don’t want ruining the mood, and structure “games” you can play with your audience to encourage tipping (like the “get total tips up to X tokens and I’ll remove this article of clothing” oldie but goody).

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I won’t lie; there are so many of the damn things, they can be confusing at first. But you can add them to your arsenal one at a time as you get used to them, and you don’t have to use any of them until you’re ready. I do recommend not ignoring them altogether, though, since they help you to work smarter rather than harder, and that gives you greater access to all that Chaturbate money.


Whales Drop Money Freely on Chaturbate

Speaking of money, Chaturbate users have a lot of it. This is something I’ve talked about before, and I usually admit that I have no idea why it’s the case, because I don’t. But in my experience, it’s undeniable that well-off and stinking rich guys are drawn to this cam site like a hipster to a $5 cup of coffee. Their pockets are overflowing with tokens, and that means they have a lot to give you in tips and private shows. It also brings us to the single biggest reason that Chaturbate is the best cam site: here, more than anywhere else, you are the most likely to run into whales.

Whales and Money at Chaturbate

I’ve covered this in the past, but it’s been a little while, so I’ll go over it again. In the world of the cam girl, “whales” are your best friends. These are guys whose wallets are fat like the surface of the sun is a little warm. They have a huge amount of money, and they love to throw it around on cam sites, usually by dropping into a model’s channel and tipping her some ridiculous amount of money before vanishing and doing it again for the next girl. I’m serious: these ballers will give you a cash bath.

If you get the attention of a whale on Chaturbate, money may rain down on you like you’ve never dreamed possible.

I know one girl who hit the fucking cam lottery, being visited by three whales in one night. The first one tipped her 7,500 tokens, the second 30,000 (oh yes!), and the third a cool 10,000. For you math majors, that works out to almost $2,500 she made in One. Fabulous. Night.

If you’re curious (and don’t already know), 1000 tokens in Chaturbate money is $50, so that guy who tipped 30k? He gave her $1,500, all at once, all by himself, before immediately disappearing. If you don’t believe me, watch some cam girls for awhile. Cam site whales are real.

Making Money on Chaturbate – Quick Guide

But it gets even better, because having a whale visit your chat room isn’t just awesome for the tips it brings. Many whales are also interested in using those deep pockets to find themselves an online sugar baby. If that’s you, then the tip you get from one appearance will start looking like small change in a hurry.

Online sugar daddies are every bit as generous as the ones you meet in real life (believe it or not), and in many cases, even more so. Since Chaturbate has so many whales, and with everything else it’s got going for it, you can see why I consider the question of the best cam site to be closed. Do yourself a favor, and start off on Chaturbate.

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By the way, while there are a lot of factors to keep in mind for being a good cam girl, I want to briefly mention probably the single most important one to newbies just beginning on their first site: camming consistently.

Yeah, one of the advantages of camming is that you get to decide your own schedule, but once you do, you can’t be deviating from it on a whim. In fact, once you’ve figured out what hours you want to work each day, it’s generally a good idea to post them in your profile, and then STICK to them. This is crucial for a new cam model, because users who see you and like you once need to be able to find you again.

That’s how you get regulars, and regulars are your lifeblood. And, of course, if a veritable Shamu shows up and is impressed by your show, well, we don’t want to do a damn thing to make it harder for him to come back and dump all that wonderful Chaturbate money on you, do we?

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