Chaturbate Earnings & Income Facts


Something you learn pretty quickly when you’re in the camming business is that in this industry, the most lucrative market in the entire world is North America. That’s why it’s so important to keep track of the most popular cam sites in that region, even if some may do better around the globe.

What you’ll learn in this post:
1) How much income cam girls are making on the major cam sites.
2) How to increase your Chaturbate earnings.

Hands down, Chaturbate has risen to the top of the North American pack: The site’s huge now, and commands the most traffic on our top continent compared to any other site. But what exactly does this mean?

Just how good are a webcam model’s Chaturbate earnings likely to be, and how can she work that site to bring in the most money possible? Let’s talk about Chaturbate income today, and see how much Chaturbate models make when they apply the right tactics.

By the way, if you don’t yet have a Chaturbate account, get one right now. Trust me, you need one!

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Cam Girl Earnings on Other Cam Sites

The numbers are pretty nice. To start, we’ll take a quick look at what it’s like on LiveJasmin, another huge site in terms of traffic but not as big as Chaturbate in North America. According to a CNBC report I saw, LJ’s top model can make $34,000 in a good month. Another on the same site, who takes up to two weeks off per month, still pulls down $25,000 in the same period.

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On other sites, it’s even crazier. MyFreeCams is another huge player in the biz, and they’ve got girls who straight embarrass the ones on some of the other sites. Some of MFC’s best are cashing $75,000 or even $100,000 checks, every single month.

A few years ago, MyFreeCams had a data breach that revealed their top models’ income levels, and people were totally shocked by the numbers. Some cam girls there earned more than a million dollars during their careers on the site.

For all the math nerds who I’m sure read blog posts aimed at cam girls, that means you could be a millionaire in less than a year of working on MFC. Now, these are the best of the best; you have to know what you’re doing to get to that level (not to mention work your butt off on cam). But I can tell you that not only do I believe those numbers from LJ and MFC, I know of cam girls with Chaturbate incomes that are even better.

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CamSoda is a newer site where it’s nevertheless possible to make really good money on cam, though your expectations will have to be reasonable, since traffic levels don’t compare to the big boys yet. CamSoda does seem to be growing rather aggressively, so it’s quite possible that it will soon become one of the cam sites where truly huge camming incomes are generated.


Why Chaturbate Incomes Are So High

Aside from the site’s popularity in North America, I’ll say right now that one of the reasons Chaturbate earnings can be so high is because we aren’t just talking about cold hard cash. Chaturbate is just crazy with wealthy members (which is partly because of the North America thing), and many of those are straight-up whales.

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That means they go around the site looking for girls they like, and tip hundreds or thousands of a dollars at a time, if you didn’t know. But that’s still cash; what I’m really getting at is the fact that a lot of whales are out there looking to become online sugar daddies, when they send gifts and sometimes pay bills for their sugar babies.

Chaturbate seems to attract the most “whales,” which will often become online-only sugar daddies and spoil their favorite cam girls by buying expensive gifts and tipping massively.

Tell you right now that if you land yourself one of these daddies and have any sense of saving money whatsoever, you’re rich; good game. Even if you don’t run into these guys, though (and you probably will, eventually), regulars on Chaturbate will often send you payments off-site with things like Google Pay or CashApp, which gets around the revshare agreement that cam sites use.


Tips For Better Chaturbate Earnings

There are a few things you have to do to get decent Chaturbate model earnings flowing in (and the stratospheric Chaturbate earnings we were just talking about always start as “decent”). Like I’ve said before, none of this stuff is hard; most girls who wash out of this business just don’t have the first clue what they’re doing.

Like, for instance: How difficult is it to figure out that regulars are important? Because they are; you can’t make it without them. But so many newbies don’t stop to think about that, and just go broadcast erratically whenever the hell they feel like it.

Oh, that guy who saw you today liked you and wants to see you again, when he might start tipping? Sorry, he’s got no idea when you’ll be back, because YOU’VE got no idea when you’ll be back. Seriously, girls.

Keeping to a consistent schedule is SOOO important, I can’t emphasize it enough. Members need to see you regularly in order to become devoted, tipping fans! Be on at the same time of day so they can easily find you!

So, yeah, set a schedule, and be consistent with it. Make sure everyone who visits your channel knows what it is. Be engaging, and talk to your viewers. But don’t just sit and wait for regulars to happen, MAKE them happen.

When a member tips you a few times, he might keep it up, or he might not. Push him in the right direction by sending him some private messages. Find common interests between you, and discuss. Build a bond. He already likes you, or he wouldn’t have tipped you; get to be friends with him, and you’ve got a new regular.

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Use Social Media To Boost Your Cam Girl Income

Another good strategy to pump up Chaturbate income through regulars is to make a public Snapchat account (just for your camming; don’t use your personal account for this) and keep it updated with fresh content about yourself. Nothing naughty (you can make a “premium” account with that stuff and charge for access to it, if you want), just talk about your regular daily life. Then promote it in your cam room, and guys will read it and get to know you that way. This is a great way to warm up regulars.

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Use Twitter, too. Tweet like it’s going out of style, always with a link to your cam show. This gives you access to a huge audience, especially if you follow lots of other cam girls. Don’t worry, most big name models will follow you back even if you’re just getting started; they’re pretty cool that way.

Also, if you’re willing (“able” shouldn’t be a problem) to perform with a man, straight couples are at the very top of the Chaturbate earnings scale. Some girls aren’t comfortable doing this, but if you are, the rewards can be huge. So get a guy on with you and promote it all over Twitter so people know it’s going down!

It’s a well-known fact in the camming world that a cam girl can generally make way more when she has a guy go on cam with her on Chaturbate.

Finally, let me expand on the point about following big-name cam girls, because it’s really important. You want to get to know these models, and become friends with as many of them as humanly possible. Like I said, they’re generally a pretty chill group, and most of them won’t mind chumming it up with you.

So not only can you meet some really cool people this way, but it’ll be an enormous boost to your Chaturbate income that you can’t ignore. This is called “networking”, and it’s essential in ANY business, but especially camming.

Doing “collabs” with top webcam models, or just cam girls who happen to have bigger fan bases than you, can really boost your earnings. It exposes you to a bunch of new potential tippers.

Get the top earners on your side, and you’ll gain access to their massive fan base. Sometimes, they may even be willing to do collaborations or “collabs” with you, which is when they perform together with you on camera.

If you find a cam queen willing to do this with you, you take that offer, honey! Even if it means you have to fly out to another state to meet with her, do it. You will get insane tips during the show itself, but that’s not the best part. If even a fraction of her fans decide they like you too, you just took a huge leap in popularity!

Aside from Twitter, adult industry conventions are great places to meet these girls. I’m talking about events like AVN Expo and Exxxotica, here. Again, it’s worth it to travel to attend them, because of the connections that are regularly made there. You’d be amazed how much Chaturbate models make when they understand how important networking is.