College Sugar Babies


One of the greatest challenges you can face as a sugar baby, and one that, due to their usual age range, many in the lifestyle have to contend with, is trying to keep up your studies in college while sugaring. To be honest, this can be really freaking hard, and in a lot of cases I advise college sugar babies (especially those who already have a good daddy) to put off school for awhile while they use sugaring to save up.

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But whether you choose to go around or through this obstacle, it’s important to know how to overcome it, and if you don’t already have a degree, it’s a problem you should expect to run into at some point.


Sugaring In College – The Hard Facts

Let me be perfectly clear that, difficult or no, there are a lot of damn good reasons to want to sugar while in college. Depending on your circumstances, you can sometimes end up feeling like your only options are to do this and somehow make it work, or graduate college under a mountain of debt that you may never be able to pay off.

That’s because college is fucking expensive, and nowadays, a minimum wage job just isn’t going to be paying enough to cover your school AND living expenses; not even if you work full time. And if you do work full time, you’ll have a whole host of other problems piling onto you (in addition to not making enough money): you’ll be stressed out virtually 24 hours a day from the massive workload, you won’t get a healthy amount of sleep, and you probably won’t have enough time to study as much as you really need to. Meanwhile, by just going on a few nice dates a week, you can make each and every one of those problems go away. Pretty attractive idea.

Sugaring as a college girl

Unfortunately, life as a college sugar baby isn’t easy either, and the problems you’ll face are very real. Most of them have to do with giving your daddy as much attention as he expects. It seems unwise to prioritize dinner at fancy restaurants over your schoolwork, but simultaneously, Daddy’s case is pretty strong: he’s paying you money, a lot of it, as well as buying you expensive gifts and usually giving you access to a level of luxury (at least while you’re with him) that you’d probably have no hope of affording on your own. And all he asks in return is that you be there to spend time with him.

It’s frankly even worse if your daddy is genuinely rich (like, multi-millionaire or better), because that’s when he’s got the means, and usually the will, to take you on exotic vacations for days or weeks at a time. And often, this happens without a whole lot in the way of advance notice. Gonna be straight with you, when it comes to THAT particular game, the only winning move is not to play. Pretty close to 100% of the time, I would advise college sugar babies who have a rich, steady daddy to put off school and use the relationship to save up money so they can go back later.

Rich sugar daddies deserve your undivided attention. If you have one, put off school and save up!

It’s just not worth getting into a situation where you’re carrying on with a wealthy sugar daddy while in school, mostly because of those damn vacations. Sooner or later, either your grades suffer, or the guy paying out the ass to give you an extravagant lifestyle gets shafted. Don’t go there.

What about the guys whose wallets AREN’T fat enough to deserve their own zip code? Being a college sugar baby to them is possible. At a minimum, of course, you’re going to need a sugar daddy who understands the demands of your school schedule, and is willing to work to accommodate you. This isn’t as easy as you might think, and many guys will either avoid girls who are in school, or expect to be their priority regardless.

Sugaring in college requires an understanding sugar daddy, and a somewhat flexible class schedule.

The first type will weed you out; you need to weed out the second. Don’t worry, though; while you may lose out on some good pots this way, you should eventually be able to find someone who’s willing to be reasonable. Plenty of sugar daddies actually respect babies who care about their education, probably because it’s something that they themselves had to work hard on when they were younger to get where they are now.

When you do land a daddy who’s willing to share you with school, you need to work with him on the sugar schedule. Be aware of the fact that he’s probably busy with work, or may have other pressures limiting the time he can spend with you. A lot of sugar daddies are married, for instance, and can only be with you during daylight hours, lest their wives suspect something’s up when they aren’t home at night. If you run into one of these, see if you can take night classes instead of spending all day on campus. Otherwise, loading your classes into just a few days each week might be a good idea, to leave the remainder open for your daddy. Listen to his needs, explain your own, and try to work something out with him.


Be a College Cam Girl Too

Ultimately, though, what I really recommend for college sugar babies is to do their thing online. Camming is great work when you’re doing physical sugaring, and it’s a good combo for school for a lot of the same reasons. The biggest is flexibility; you can more or less cam when you want to (as long as you can be consistent), so you can structure it around another schedule; your daddy’s, or your own classes.

And being away at school can actually be an advantage, because for many girls, camming is much more feasible from a dorm room than a bedroom (which may be in a house she shares with her parents and other family members). Best of all, working as a cam model while in school gives you the added bonus of being able to look for and carry on with an online-only sugar daddy, which is probably the most workable thing you can do.

There are a lot less demands on your time as a college sugar baby when you’re online-only, because your daddy isn’t expecting to see you in person for dates or vacations. All you really have to do is chat with him online and maybe over the phone, and do private shows for him. These daddies also tend to be a lot more understanding and supportive of your college schedule; if you can’t talk on a particular night because you need to study for a test, they’ll probably be okay with it.

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Like I’ve said before, Chaturbate is really the best site for camming, and for finding online sugar daddies. If you want to be a college sugar baby who does her sugaring by computer, that’s the best place to look. Remember, you get sugar daddies on cam sites by attracting whales, because it’s a small fraction of those who end up wanting to sugar with you. So all online college sugar babies need to think about bringing in the whales (even more than most cam girls in general), and establishing friendships with them.