Keep a Consistent Camming Schedule


One of the perks of going into the camming business is the freedom to decide when and for how long you want to work, without a boss glaring at you to finish pre-defined shifts. This can give you an enviable degree of flexibility, allowing you to plan your job around your life instead of always having to plan your life around your job.

It’s important to remember, however, that there are strict practical limits on how much of this you can do, especially when you’re just starting out as a cam girl. And while you can certainly set your own schedule, once you do, you should stick to it as much as possible, without ever allowing your online time to become scattered and chaotic. The reason for this has to do with your customer base.

Be sure to keep your camming consistent.

Just because a cam girl doesn’t have to work at any particular hour doesn’t mean her viewers don’t. Most of the men visiting the webcam model site where you perform have regular jobs, school, or other fixed schedules that only allow them to be online at specific times of day. That means that if a customer sees you webcamming at 6 PM today, and wants to visit your channel again, you’d better be there at around 6 PM tomorrow, and as many other days that week as possible, camming again so he can find you. Otherwise, his fondness for you is not nurtured, and never has a chance to grow and potentially make him a regular.

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Pro Cam Girls Stick To Their Routines

As a professional webcam model, you need to be serious enough about your job to set aside a particular portion of your day or night for work. The specific hours you choose aren’t as important as the fact that you stick to them. That’s why an experienced cam girl will usually list her online times on her site profile, making it even easier for potential followers to find her again by eliminating the need for them to guess about what time it was when they saw her yesterday.

Of course, this is most critical during the first few months you work in webcamming, because that’s the time you should be spending sowing your initial crop of regulars. If you’re in the business for, let’s say, a quarter of a year, and you still don’t have at least a few enamored followers loyally coming back to you (and requesting private shows, videos, and other lucrative commodities), your income as a cam girl will be substantially lower than what it could be. Not only is this extremely discouraging, making it harder to summon up the will to continue, but it might even render your work unsustainable. If you can’t make enough money to get by at your full-time job, you’re eventually going to need a different full-time job.

Cam girls need to stick to the schedule.
After those crucial first few months, it becomes far more allowable to play around a little with your schedule. You should still remain generally consistent about your online camming times, but now you can more easily skip a shift or move it to a time you wouldn’t normally be on. Your regulars will understand this happening once in awhile – in fact, if you give them some warning that you won’t be there on a particular day, they just might follow you to your temporary showtime! Try getting that from a cold, anonymous voyeur.