Find a Great Online Sugar Baby


Today I want to talk to the sugar daddies again, and see if I can’t offer them some help both in finding their sugar babies, and in considering what comes after they do. Whenever I do this, there’s an implication (if I don’t state it outright) that I’m talking to guys who are less experienced in sugaring, since those who have been in it for awhile already have at least an idea of where to go and what to expect.

What you’ll learn in this post:

1) Why online-only sugar babies can be a great way to get started in the sugar game.
2) Where exactly to find high-quality sugar babies online.

It’s the same this time, but right now I want to go for the total newbies: those who have never had a sugar baby at all, but are interested in trying out this kind of relationship. Specifically, I want to go over why finding an online-only sugar baby may be the best way to go for your first sugar arrangement. But since I’m aiming for an audience here that has never done anything like this before, I won’t take any level of familiarity for granted, and I’ll start with the basics.


Basics of The Sugar Game

In what most people in the lifestyle would think of as “normal” sugaring, the sugar daddy financially and materially spoils his sugar baby. He takes her out on dates (which he pays for, of course), but additionally, he usually buys her at least somewhat expensive gifts on a regular basis, and almost always provides her with a weekly or monthly cash “allowance” for her to spend on her own.

The specifics of the compensation, such as how often gifts are given and exactly how much the allowance is, are left up to the individual couple, as are the details of their interaction with each other. They may or may not be sexually active with each other (not all people sugaring together are), and they may be so emotionally close as to be indistinguishable from “vanilla” couples or they may barely be more than friends. It really depends on the people, and what they’re looking for.

Online-only Sugar Baby

When it comes to having an online sugar baby, a few things change; some in obvious ways, while others aren’t so intuitive. No surprise that the couple can’t physically be together when they only see each other online, while on the other hand, many people are surprised to learn that most online sugar relationships have no sexual aspect at all. I guess this last part DOES seem weird, when you consider that these couples usually meet on camming sites.

The part that doesn’t change too much is the sugar daddy’s spoiling of his baby. Some guys have been known to read the girl’s Amazon wish list and knock the whole thing out in a single order. And of course, the monthly/weekly allowance remains, with a variety of ways to send money online. Again, the particulars and dollar values of these arrangements are specified within the couples themselves, though usually only in general terms (neither side of a sugar relationship, online or physical, wants to feel like they have to keep an ongoing ledger of gifts).

Online sugar babies are all about companionship and emotional intimacy. Online-only sugar couples can share their problems with each other, grow close, and achieve genuinely enriching relationships.

What the sugar daddy gets for all of this is companionship, usually to whatever level he wishes. An online sugar baby will typically be willing to set aside a LOT of time for her daddy, particularly since it’s usually so much less than she’d be giving over if she were actually seeing him in real life anyway. In addition to interacting on a cam site, where they’re likely to have met, online sugar couples usually talk in private over Skype, and usually with at least a one-way video feed from baby to daddy.

How explicit these feeds get (or whether they get explicit at all) is totally up to the couple; like I said, most don’t get sexual when it’s just online. A lot of times, they’ll just simulate “dates” over Skype, having dinner or watching movies together while video chatting. Of course, people who sugar online most often text each other and talk over the phone, too.


Why Online-Only Sugar Babies Exist

There are a lot of reasons that some guys prefer having an online-only sugar baby, especially when they’re first getting started as sugar daddies. The one I really can’t over-emphasize, because I’ve heard this from so many men, is that it’s so much less stressful. Even when they’re clearly in a position of such immense financial superiority in the relationship, a lot of older guys feel intimidated and even inadequate in the romantic company of a much younger woman.

For most, it’s been a long time since they’ve gone out with someone the (typical) age of a sugar baby, and before they get used to it, they can feel awkward. Starting off with an online sugar baby is much easier (and much less public), and gives them that chance to get used to it before moving on.

Another benefit that sugar daddies often appreciate about having an online sugar baby is that it demands a lot less of their time. Sugar daddies are (by definition) financially successful men, which usually means that they’re very busy people. Many simply don’t have time for a regular girlfriend, whom they’d see in person once or more per week and devote an entire evening to at each encounter. But they can manage an online companion they simply text during their idle moments at work, and talk to over Skype or phone when they’re able.

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Finally, I’ll point out that keeping things entirely online is something that many guys find a great deal more morally permissible than a physical relationship. The majority of men seeking to be sugar daddies are already married to women closer to their own age, and that can present some unique challenges. For some, it’s just a matter of managing their time with the sugar baby in such a way as to keep their wife from finding out what’s going on, while others feel guilty doing this.

Sometimes a sugar daddy simply wants to enjoy a close relationship with a beautiful girl, but doesn’t want to jeopardize his existing marriage and family.

Me, I don’t judge either way: life is short, and you need to do you. I get why some guys don’t have a problem going all-out, and at the same time, I totally respect those who feel that doing that would be wrong. The point here is that obviously, even the naughtiest of activities you can get up to with a sugar baby online (which, again, most online sugar couples don’t even do) is going to be far tamer than what you could do together in person. With no physical component to the relationship, you’re not “cheating” on your wife when it’s online, whether that’s something that would ordinarily bother you or not.


Find Your Sugar Baby Using This Underused Tactic

As for where to find your sugar baby, I’ll give you aspiring daddies the same advice I give girls who are just starting out: check out Chaturbate. More than any of the other camming sites, that one makes it easy to find the girls you’re looking for, not least because they can actually tag themselves as sugar babies looking for a daddy.

Obviously, women interested in sugaring are looking for men with deep pockets, and you can demonstrate yours by tipping generously and requesting private shows with a model you like (what you do in those private shows is up to you; many guys aren’t looking for sexual gratification online, and that’s fine). Chaturbate is the best place to go about this, not only because it makes it easier, but because it’s freaking huge; there’s just a lot of people to choose from.

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And the quality of models is through the roof, with tons of them hailing from English-speaking countries like the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK. This is what makes Chaturbate stand out the most, since many cam sites have a definite lack of models western men can relate to culturally.