How Much Allowance Will Your Sugar Daddy Give You?


Okay, if you’re asking yourself “How much allowance do sugar babies get?,” then this blog post is for you. I’m going to go over exactly how much money girls can expect to receive from their sugar daddies according to what kind of relationships they have. After reading this, you’re going to know a lot more about how sugaring allowances work, and how much you should be able to negotiate for.

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Know Your Worth

When I began as a sugar baby years ago, I knew that my companionship was worth a lot, and I demanded to be taken care of by my sugar daddy in the way I believed I deserved. I turned down a lot of pots (potential daddies) because they just weren’t playing in my league, if you know what I mean. When I finally managed to find a sugar daddy I could really get into, he turned out to be exactly the type who would shower me with the kind of gifts and allowances I wanted. I totally fell for that man, he was an absolute dream!

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Because we were so close and hit it off so well, he gladly accepted my request of $2,000 per week, not including gifts or travel expenses. That was what I felt I was worth, I held out for it, and I finally got it. I think you’ll find that a sugar daddy will respect you more when you stand up for what you think you’re worth. I’ll add that when I got that $2k per week allowance, my daddy and I were NOT having a sexual relationship.


What If I’m an Online-Only Sugar Baby?

Some of you who only sugar online, with no physical contact with your daddy whatsoever, may be thinking that there’s no way you could negotiate an allowance like the one I got. Well, you’re wrong, and here’s why. Most sugar daddies want your friendship and companionship, they’re not overly concerned with the sexual aspects of the relationship, whatever they may be. If you go to them and ask them for what you deserve, I think you may be surprised by the response you get.

Online-only sugar babies can actually do extremely well with their sugar daddies in terms of allowances and gifts. Long distance relationships can be every bit as intense and important as “in the flesh” relationships, don’t doubt it.


How To Find a Sugar Daddy Who’s Generous

Obviously, not all sugar daddies are created equal. Some of them will be super generous with you, even if you’re online-only, and others will be tightwad and miserly even if you’re in a physical relationship. Let me tell you, in my experience, some of the best and most generous potential sugar daddies can be found on cam sites. That’s why I’m a cam girl now, and do all of my sugaring online-only.

I know that not many girls understand just how much money can be made by finding sugar daddies on cam sites, so I put together a sugar baby guide for that here. Also, if you need to learn the basics about being a cam girl, keep following my blog, because I intend to talk a lot about that.