How To Become A Sugar Baby Online


I’m writing this guide for any girl who wants to learn how to be an online-only sugar baby, but also for you cam models who want to find online-only sugar daddies who will buy you expensive stuff and throw money at you without having to have ANY physical contact whatsoever (no meeting)! Yes, platonic online-only arrangements without meeting ARE possible, and it’s actually not even hard to get them, when you know exactly what to do. That’s what you’re going to learn here, so get ready!

How To Become a Sugar Baby Online Without Meeting


Why Online-Only Sugar Daddies Are a Thing

The first thing I need you to understand is that the internet has changed things. I first started as a sugar baby over 10 years ago, and the environment for online-only sugaring was far different than it is today, primarily because the bandwidth capacity of the internet was a fraction of what it currently is. The quality of video calls was horrible, so it was difficult to really connect with people in an intimate way online.

This made it way too difficult to find sugar daddies that only wanted online companionship, so becoming a sugar baby usually meant that there would have to be some kind of in-person component to the arrangement. Well, I’m happy to report that times have definitely changed!

Nowadays, bandwidth and video call quality have exploded, and it’s actually really easy to find an online sugar daddy if you use a cam site to get the exposure you need to lure one to you. I can say from personal experience that the best site to use for this purpose is Chaturbate. It has a massive amount of viewer traffic, and it’s the favorite cam site of some of the wealthiest “whale” men who watch cam models online (the kind of big spenders who will drop $1k on a girl without even thinking about it!).

Finding online-only sugar daddies without meeting is all about getting exposure. There’s no better place to get that exposure than Chaturbate, the largest cam site on the internet.

Now, some of you are probably saying, oh no way, I don’t want to get naked on cam. Well, you actually don’t need to get naked on cam at all! Pro sugar babies know a really cool trick called “non-nude camming,” where you use the power of mystery and personality to create an allure that is irresistible to the wealthiest members of cam sites like Chaturbate – all without showing ANY skin at all.

Done correctly, you can use this method to get more online sugar daddies than you will possibly know what to do with. This is a super-secret method almost no other sugar baby will even talk about, but I’m going to share it here!

Be a sugar baby - Online-only tips

So, you ready to learn how it’s done?

The first thing you need to do is signup for a model account at Chaturbate, because you’ll be using it as your “online sugar daddy attractor,” and it will be where you get tipped those huge sums of tokens when you do lure some whales into your orbit.

Like I said, you don’t need to get naked at all on Chaturbate, if you don’t want to, but you do need to be a model there in order for this method to work. So get that taken care of so you can start applying the tricks I’m going to talk about below!


Become An Irresistible Sugar Baby

Now, the first thing you need to be concerned about as you become an online sugar baby is your image. Not just any kind of girl can attract the really wealthy sugar daddies — it takes a special kind of appeal. You don’t actually have to be gorgeous, and you don’t even have to have huge boobs or anything.

All you really need is an air of unattainability. You need to come off as a kind of “top shelf” lady who only has time for the best caliber of men out there. They need to look at you and say “Damn, she must have the guys lined up for miles.”

How to find online-only sugar daddies you never have to meet.

Believe it or not, this is more about attitude than it is about looks. Sure, it helps to be attractive, but what these rich sugar daddies really want is a confident woman who values herself so highly, that the vast majority of men simply don’t make the cut, in her eyes. They want more than just a pretty girl…they want a “prize.”

And you don’t even have to genuinely BE confident, you just need to look like you are. Those are two totally different things. I remember when I first went on cam…I was nervous as could be! But I kept remembering the advice my cam model girlfriend gave me. She said that the cam girl is in complete control of her environment when she’s on cam, that every viewer in the chat room is just a name on a screen that could be deleted at her whim.

Online sugar daddies like girls who look like like a million bucks. They’re drawn to those models who project confidence and an air of “top shelf” status.

When I realized that I was standing firmly on ground I, and I alone, controlled, it became so easy to find my confidence. And when I did, that’s when the REAL money started to come at me.

I totally played up the whole “unattainable” thing to the max. I did my makeup real super glam, my hair was perfect, and I was wearing my best outfits during every camming session. I began attracting wealthy members into my room, and many of them were soon tipping me large amounts regularly. I mean, it was pretty damn cool, especially since it was done without meeting any of them!

Don’t know if I mentioned it, but I was a non-explicit model, so it was so interesting that I was getting these mega-tips without doing hardcore shows or taking hardcore privates. My projected confidence and haughty demeanor were doing all the work for me!

A few of these big tippers eventually became my online sugar daddies, and we would basically talk a lot on Skype, and have text exchanges, and that kind of stuff. They weren’t interested in the kind of thing many of the less wealthy members on cam sites want, they just needed companionship. It was a total win-win because I was getting huge tips and gifts like you wouldn’t believe, and they were getting intimate time online with a girl they felt was “special.”


Finding The Perfect No-Meet Sugar Daddy Online

Every sugar baby wants to find a wealthy sugar daddy who is easy to talk to, is interested in our problems, and is generous to the extreme. The way to do this is to talk, talk, talk with as many members as you can. Chaturbate allows private messaging, and you should definitely take advantage of it. By PMing with lots of members who’ve got tokens, you can eventually strike a strong bond with the right potential sugar daddy.

On Chaturbate, members who have tokens or who have recently tipped models have usernames that appear in blue or purple. Members who have no tokens and have not tipped have usernames that appear in gray. When you’re private messaging, concentrate on those blue and purple members, because that tells you that they have at least some money to spend on cam sites. It will save you a lot of time and help you find the right sugar daddy a lot quicker.

Focus your attention on the members who have tokens. This will allow you to filter out the “freeloaders” and cut straight to the potential sugar daddies.

PMs are really an online sugar baby’s best tool for finding rich sugar daddies. You’d be amazed how close you can get to someone just chatting in private. Share as much about your life as you can, and just open up about your experiences, your interests, your passions, and anything else you want to share.

Finding common points of interest is the best way to build a rapport with a member, so explore as many topics as you can until you create that bond you’re after. And never forget to ask lots of questions about him and his life.

Bonding with members on cam sites is all about shared interests and intimate exchanges. Ask a lot of questions, find out what they’re into, and focus on those topics.

Before you know it, you’ll likely find a potential sugar daddy who you really click with, and who will be super generous with you. If he has proven that he will spend money on you, that’s when you want to graduate to a more intimate online relationship. You can give him your phone number, have Skype dates, and do lots of really fun stuff that goes beyond the normal camgirl/member interactions.

Believe it or not, these guys are not after anything more than just companionship. A lot of cam girls and sugar babies don’t even believe this type of cam site member exists, but I can tell you from personal experience, they definitely do. Actually, some of the biggest spenders on cam sites like Chaturbate are exactly these type of guys, and some of the top-earning cam models are non-nude or non-explicit.


Most Important Tip For Online-Only Sugar Babies

As I mention in my article about becoming a cam girl, the biggest problem new models on Chaturbate run into is not being able to make good money quickly enough. They go through several camming sessions without making much, so they end up quitting after just a week or two. You MUST NOT allow yourself to fall for this newbie trap!

Your biggest enemy will be the temptation to quit early when you don’t see immediate results. Online-only sugar babies need to have PATIENCE. Finding the perfect daddy may take some time, but it’s WAY worth it!

New models do badly token-wise precisely because they’re new and nobody knows them yet. Members tend to only tip models they know and are friendly with, so you will obviously not do terribly well at the beginning. If you keep camming consistently, though, you should be able to start making excellent money within a month or two, after you’ve attracted some regulars. Just don’t give up, no matter what!

Become an online-only sugar baby at Chaturbate

Okay, so that’s it, there’s really not much else to it! Just signup with Chaturbate and get started down the path of the online sugar baby. Believe me, it’s one of the best ways to meet that special sugar daddy who can give you the fabulous lifestyle you know you must have – and without having to meet at all!

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