How To Find a Sugar Baby Fast


I usually have sugar babies in mind when I write this blog, and most of the content here is aimed at advising them on finding daddies and how best to conduct themselves when they do. But it seems sensible to me that at least a small part of my audience may be made up of sugar daddies, drawn by material aimed at the girls they seek. So today, I’m going to address that crowd directly, and see if I can be helpful towards guys wondering how to get a sugar baby.

By the way, the secret method I recommend is something you guys definitely have never heard of before, so you’ll definitely want to read to the end!

What you’ll learn in this post:

1) How to get a sugar baby fast and efficiently.
2) How to do it completely online.
3) How to find the most attractive candidates.

Let me start off, guys, by saying that I get you. I’ve spoken with (and sugared with) enough sugar daddies by now to pick up on the type of man they typically are. And it’s not, as some people wrongly think, a sex-crazed geezer who never really grew out of his adolescence. It isn’t about sex at all. In fact, with just a few exceptions, the sugar daddies I’ve known have been the most mature, cerebral people in my life.

What they’re looking for is a real human being, not a doll, to act as a true companion: someone who shares at least some of their interests, is willing to learn more about them, and is intelligent enough to hold a conversation on those subjects. They want a girl who is willing and able to listen to them when they need to talk, and they want to be there for her when she needs a shoulder, too. This is an actual human relationship (however you want to specifically interpret that term) we’re talking about here. I understand that; please don’t think I’m talking out of my ass just because I’m not your age or gender.


Finding The Right Sugar Baby

If you’ve been looking into how to find a sugar baby for any time at all, you’ve probably heard about the websites that exist specifically to match people for sugar relationships, and you might think they’re a logical place to start your search. Hell, just about everyone thinks that. And unfortunately, they’re wrong. I hate to say it, because those websites have the potential to be an invaluable resource to both daddies and babies.

But for some reason (and for the life of me, I don’t know what that reason is), they seem to attract the wrong kinds of girls. Trust me, I’m not being unfair; I used to use those sites, and I’ve talked to a lot of the wannabe sugar babies who go there. By and large, those girls have the closest possible thing to the perfectly wrong attitude about sugaring: they’re just looking to take older guys for money, they have no interest in forging a real relationship, and frankly, most of them would literally do better posting ads on an escort site. It’s really sad, but there it is.

Sugar dating sites are often loaded with low-quality prospects who aren’t the kind of girls you can build a real relationship with. Many sugar daddies find them a waste of time. is one of the better ones.

So let me give you the real scoop on how to find a sugar baby: cam girls. That’s right, the secret is to bypass girls exclusively hunting for a sugar daddy completely. Instead, you want to visit a cam site and look around (but it needs to be the right cam site – more on this below), because that’s where the kinds of girls you want who are interested in meeting older guys can be found. They’re young, eager to engage with their audience, and they can benefit from a wise, experienced mentor.

Some girls will even make it easy for you by stating up front that they’re open to sugar relationships, using tags like “sugar” or “sugar baby” in their public chat channels; they’re still far better than anyone you’re going to find on the dedicated sugar sites, though, because they are cam girls first and foremost. And just because a girl doesn’t openly declare she’s looking for a sugar daddy, that doesn’t mean she necessarily wouldn’t be interested. Trust me, just about any cam girl nowadays would LOVE to have a daddy, in one form or another.


Chaturbate Is a Smart Sugar Daddy’s Secret Weapon

The best website you can use for this is Chaturbate; put in a consistent presence on there for awhile, and you’re virtually guaranteed to find a good, solid sugar baby who isn’t messing around and wants to build a real relationship. And if we can be shallow for a moment, it’s just a fact that cam girls (especially, again, those on Chaturbate; no idea why) tend to be gorgeous. They’re certainly far more attractive than those who tend to frequent the sugaring sites. Chaturbate is also loaded with models from North America, Australia, and the UK, so cultural incompatibility is not an issue.

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Visiting cam sites allows you to gain at least a passing familiarity with a girl before even messaging her, because you can watch her perform for a while and decide whether you want to approach her. If you do, talking to cam girls is easy; we make it a point to be warm and friendly. Feel free to message a girl you like and start chatting with her (you can even chat privately on Chaturbate, for more intimate exchanges).

Here’s where you can get to know her, ask her about her interests (to see how well they align with yours), and generally feel out her personality more deeply. If she has tags on her public chat indicating that she’s looking for a sugar daddy, you can certainly broach the subject sooner, but either way, it’s worth taking the time to build a friendship with her before mentioning any sort of arrangement.

It gives both of you more time to get comfortable with one another and mutually decide whether sugaring is the right move. And, of course, if you see that you just aren’t hitting it off with a particular girl, trying again is as easy as clicking into the next model’s channel.

Finding sugar babies on Chaturbate is the advanced way to cut through all the BS you run into on sugar sites. The girls are more attractive, and you can check them out quickly and easily, without having to play silly games.

When you do click with a cam girl, you have a chance to build a lasting, meaningful friendship (cam models often have “regulars,” who they have very deep and intimate bonds with). And, in case you’re wondering, there’s really no limit to how far that relationship can go. A good friend of mine, after talking to a man on Chaturbate for a few weeks over text and phone, flew out to California to meet him in person. It was inevitable, as she had been telling me about him for awhile, and the two of them obviously liked and cared for one another very much. By the time she got home, she was proudly calling him her boyfriend, even though he was 64 years old (she herself was in her 20s).

Another girl I know, also on Chaturbate, had a strong but platonic relationship with her sugar daddy. The bond between them was really sweet; she literally addressed him as “Daddy”, and he treated her just like a daughter. She eventually went to visit him in person, too, and she tells me she spent most of the time talking to him about his business (he owned a rehab center for people who needed physical therapy) and learning the basics of how she could get into it herself someday. It was nice hearing about how much he enjoyed passing his knowledge on to her.

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Cam sites like Chaturbate really do offer the best, most reliable solution if you’re wondering how to find a sugar baby. I really recommend them, far above any dedicated sugar sites, if this is a lifestyle you’re thinking about getting into. Just don’t be shy about talking to the girls, make some friends, and before you know it, you’ll have the perfect sugar baby. It’s not hard, and the rewards can be amazing for both of you. As an experienced sugar baby and cam girl myself, I know.

Best of luck!