How To Find a Sugar Daddy Fast


Even the cleverest and hardest-working of us can fall on hard financial times. And I’m not talking about regretfully turning your girls down for a night out because you can’t responsibly drop $50 on dinner and a movie ticket. I mean missing your rent payment for months in a row until your landlord is threatening to toss you out on your ass, and dreading your weekly Walmart run because you’re never quite sure you’ll be able to pay for the gas it takes to get there AND cover your usual box of ramen rations.

What you’ll learn in this post:
1) Why you need to be careful trying to find sugar daddies in a rush.
2) Where exactly to find a quality sugar daddy quickly.

Your boss laughs you out of the room when you ask for a raise, your parents are sick of hearing from you because every call includes a subtle but clear plea for money, and if you hit your friends up for a permanent “loan” one more time they’re going to block your freaking number. Yeah, it can get pretty bad.

Being in a situation like this makes you seriously wonder about how to find a sugar daddy, and it makes having a sugar daddy look way more than attractive. The prospect kind of gets into “life-saving miracle” territory at that point, and if you’ve ever even considered it before, there’s no resisting taking the plunge now.


A Sugar Daddy Shouldn’t Be Your Sole Income Source

I’ve said before, and I’ll reiterate now, that this is one of the worst sets of circumstances under which to get into sugaring, because it leads to a truly shitty situation. You do NOT want to be financially dependent on your daddy for anything beyond some reasonable luxuries and money to save away for the future.

Let’s ignore for now the fact that sugar relationships usually don’t last forever, and sooner or later you need to be ready to say goodbye to your sugar daddy. Relying on him for your basic expenses, to a point where you wouldn’t be able to cover them without him, is giving him way too much power over you.

You need to establish a steady source of income that will afford you a certain amount of independence, which will ultimately make your sugar relationships stronger. More on that below.

One of the most important protective measures to implement for yourself in a sugar relationship, and arguably in any kind of relationship, is to set firm boundaries on what you will and won’t do for your partner. I’m not even just talking about sexual stuff, here, though obviously that’s essential. But ultimately, it’s very, very hard to stand firm against the person who’s single-handedly keeping a roof over your head and food on your table.

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This isn’t to suggest that such a sugar daddy would consciously lord it over you, making ever more unreasonable demands with which you clearly aren’t comfortable because he knows you can’t really say no. That would be a worst-case scenario. It’s just that if he’s aware of how desperate you are, then he knows how much he’s doing for you. Depending on how bad things are, he could literally be saving your life on an ongoing basis.

Sooner or later, he’s going to start feeling slighted when you refuse to do things he wants, especially if he disagrees with you that he’s asking a lot. You end up having to choose between being forced to do something that crosses a line for you, and losing all means of material support.

A sugar daddy is great to have when you find yourself in a financial pinch, there’s no doubt about that.

Alright, but it’s real easy for me to open my pretty little mouth and say that, isn’t it? The fact is, any of us can hit dire financial straits through no fault of our own, and when we do, often the only option is to start thinking about how to find a sugar daddy. Fair enough. Just think of the above paragraph as a warning that living off of sugar alone is far from ideal, and it shouldn’t be relied upon long-term. That said, though, emergencies happen, and of course, sugaring can save you for at least awhile when they do.

The first thing to understand about how to get a sugar daddy in a hurry is where to look, and more importantly, where not to look. In crisis situations like we’re discussing here, the websites designed to facilitate sugar relationships are dead on arrival. That’s because the etiquette of those platforms make them take too much time to get anything going.

Don't depend on a sugar daddy for 100% of your income.

Even if you bombard attractive prospects with messages (which runs a serious risk of making you look needy, like a scammer, or like a needy scammer), most real sugar daddies are going to want to correspond with you for as long as several weeks, getting to know you before bothering to set up an initial meeting. We don’t have weeks to begin with, and even if we did, the whole prospect goes Titanic if that first date is disappointing.

Salt daddies are the ones who aren’t willing to spend any money, and usually employ tricks to get a sugar baby. Be on the lookout for these when trying to find a sugar daddy fast.

Then there’s the chance of running into a salt daddy, which is much higher if you’re desperate and not taking the proper precautions. Not only will salt daddies cost you even more time that you don’t have, but your emotional need for them to be real could easily cause you to fall for their tricks.

Given that a lot of these guys will try their hardest to get you into bed before dropping you without ever having had any intention of giving you a penny, that can get really bad. These sites can be very useful when you’re able to be patient, discriminating, and to keep your wits about you, but in this emergency scenario, they’re no good.


Finding The Perfect Sugar Daddy Fast on Cam Sites

We’re talking about not just how to find a sugar daddy, but really how to get a sugar daddy NOW, or at least very soon. There’s really only one way to realistically go about that, and that’s camming sites.

Models on camming sites are often visited in their channel by “whales”, or users who show up to drop huge tips worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars at a time; seriously, they like to show off. Then, they usually either disappear to do it again for another performer or stick around and befriend the target of their generosity.

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Obviously, catching the eye of either type is quite welcome, but it’s the ones who stick around that we really want to watch out. A certain percentage of them aren’t just whales, they’re rich sugar daddies looking to spoil the right baby. And that’s perfect for our situation.

Cam sites in general are great places to meet sugar daddies for this reason, but in my experience, Chaturbate is the best. It seems to be the place where the wealthiest whales hang out, and I’ve seen a lot of models find their sugar daddies there.

Wealthy sugar daddies tend to really like Chaturbate, so you need to be there too if you want to find the highest quality candidates.

Of course, this will be an “online” sugar arrangement, which basically means you’ll be talking to your daddy over the cam site, and later on Skype and by phone. But you don’t need to worry, because the money you earn being with an online sugar daddy is just as good as what you’d get from having one to date in person, and that’s what we’re after right now.

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The real advantage to using a cam site to find a sugar daddy is that you can work and earn money in the meantime. This is where Chaturbate really shines, because it’s the place where new models can do the best right away. You can start earning tips on your very first night as a cam model, and with only a little time, pulling down $10,000 a month on the site is very doable. It’s all about knowing what you’re doing in front of that camera.

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Being an online-only sugar baby is not difficult at all, but there are some things you’ll need to know if you want that sweet mega money to start coming in quickly. I’ve got a complete guide to online sugaring here, so you should check that out now.