How To Make Money on Chaturbate


Take it from me: You can make some crazy money as a webcam model. It’s just a fact of living in the 21st century. And in this particular part of that century, Chaturbate is the pretty much the go-to place to do it. There are other good cam sites, but Chaturbate has risen to become the hands-down biggest.

Considering that it also has lots of useful bells and whistles for its models, there’s just no way a good cam girl can ignore it. But camming takes some skills and always has. They’re not that tough to learn; in fact, the techniques you need to score serious bank in this business are pretty simple. Let me take a minute today to give you four quick tips that will show you how money is made on Chaturbate.

But first, if you haven’t yet, signup as a Chaturbate model here to get the ball rolling.


Tip #1: Be Friendly!

People are drawn to people who are outgoing. That goes double for cam shows, because the guys watching WANT to engage with you and have a fun time. So, be engaging! Smile a lot, groove to the music (always have music), and above all, TALK!

Pick a topic that you can hold a conversation on, and start talking about it. Just a few sentences should be fine. If anyone bites and starts interacting with you about it, keep going; no takers, move on to the next.

Being chatty, friendly, and engaging will take you far on Chaturbate. You need to connect with your audience before you can expect tips, so run that mouth, smile, and open up!

Eventually, you’ll get a hit. Pro tip: Guys love a camgirl’s personal drama, so if you’re comfortable talking about your family blowout at Thanksgiving, your boyfriend being a dick to you, or how your friends just blew you off last night and you’re soooo mad, these are all easy ways to get the audience involved.

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The idea here is to find common interests, so you can talk to your viewers at length. That’s because talking leads to bonding, and bonding leads to casual visitors becoming regulars. And regulars, honey, are how you make money on Chaturbate.


Tip #2: Lush is Your Best Friend!

The Lush is a small “bullet” vibrator made by Lovense. It’s totally wireless and remote-controlled, with a bluetooth connection that allows for operation over huge distances. Couples in long-distance relationships use this thing all the time, but it’s awesome for cam girls because Chaturbate has an app that works with it. Using that app, you can set it up so that the bullet turns on when you get a tip. This gives your audience the power to jolt you whenever they want, which can get pretty intense.

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As a cam girl who’s used this thing, I can tell you that it’s FUN, honey. It’s designed to hit your G-spot, and not knowing when it’s going to come to life again brings in an element of surprise that can make the sensation even stronger.

The Lovense Lush is probably the single most effective trick you can use to stimulate Chaturbate members to tip you. They love the interactive element, and they REALLY love controlling your “buzz.”

Better yet, members utterly love the Lush, and the feeling of “power” it gives them. I’m not messing around with you here; this tiny little bullet can double your earnings all by itself in a lively room. It’s an amazing (and enjoyable) way to make money on Chaturbate.


Tip #3: Flirt With Your Tippers!

Some tips are one-and-done deals, given by guys who never end up repeating it (for you) again. At least they’re giving you something, but you don’t need to spend a huge amount of time on members like that. Over time, though, you’ll notice that some people are tipping you consistently, either several times in one day or over many camming sessions (or both!). When that happens, you want to really make a special effort and reach out to the person doing it.

You can send him a private message over Chaturbate, which he’ll love because he didn’t have to message you first to get it. From there, do what you do in channel, but just for him: Look for a common interest between you, and talk to him about it in detail. Don’t be afraid to ask him about his sexual kinks, and dive into that; he’ll probably be more than willing to go there with you. Bond with him. Right now, he sees you as a cam girl he likes. Make him see you as a friend.

Using private messages is the number one secret to making big money on Chaturbate. By getting nice and close to tippers this way, you can form personal bonds that will result in more tipping from them.

Nurturing your best tippers like this is a great way to cultivate regulars, which again, is how money is made on Chaturbate. It’s also how the elite cam girls make their big, big bucks. Even better, though, you never know when the guy you’re talking to will turn out to be a “whale”. Whales are members with very deep pockets, who love to hand out enormous tips to the girls they like.

Think on the order of hundreds or thousands of dollars at a time here, honey. Having just one or two whales on your side can make a huge difference to your income. With just a few, you’re easily pulling down five-figure Chaturbate money.


Tip #4: Use Twitter!

Nowadays, cam girls totally have to use Twitter. It’s just an insanely powerful way to promote your work, and your brand. Luckily, it’s easy for us (unlike for plenty of others) to build a large following there. All you have to do is follow lots and lots of other cam girls; especially the big names.

Cam girls are pretty awesome; we really look out for each other. If you follow huge, well-known models, they’ll probably follow you back, just because you’re in the business and even though you’re a newbie. Over time, they’ll even retweet you, which will give you ridiculous exposure. Of course, you need to use that exposure by including a direct link to your Chaturbate room in every tweet you send, along with some sexy pics to attract attention.

You can also use Twitter to connect with the models themselves (instead of just using them for traffic!). That’s really important, because you do NOT want to go it alone in this business. Be nice, and make friends with the other performers. Help them out when they need a favor, and they’ll be there for you too. Scratching backs, and all. It’s called networking, and it’s extremely important pretty much everywhere.

Twitter is important for lots of reasons, but the biggest reason, in my view, is that it connects you to the webcam model community. You can arrange collabs, mutual promotion deals, and so on.

In a little time, once you’re good with some other cam girls, you can start asking them to do collaborations, usually called “collabs”, with you. This is when two or more webcam models meet up in person and perform together. It’s insanely profitable, because the fans of everyone in the show will follow to the channel of whoever is hosting so they can watch. The tips this brings in are huge, and typically shared, but that part isn’t even so important.

The reason collabs really make money on Chaturbate is because many fans of one of the girls will also like the others, and start checking out their solo shows. That leads to massive Chaturbate money, for everyone.

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That’s pretty much it for now. There are other strategies to follow in camming, of course, but just about all of them are as simple as these. Ignorance is the enemy, hon; the stuff you have to know to make money on Chaturbate isn’t hard, but it’s essential. Remember these tips, check out some of my other posts, and apply it all to your own camming. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes to your bottom line!