How To Make Money With Snapchat Porn


I wanted to take a little more time today to talk about Snapchat porn, and its importance to webcam models. This really can’t be overstated, because using premium Snapchat correctly can make a huge difference to your camming income. What I’m not sure I was entirely clear about previously was the fact that, done right, the relationship between your Chaturbate work and your Snapchat profile can be symbiotic, with each feeding and strengthening the other.

And, most importantly, each generating very significant amounts of money. But there’s a trick to making money with Snapchat porn, and it relies on utilizing your premium (as opposed to your free) account.

As I’ve mentioned before, your Snapchat strategy begins with your free account. This is the one that’s there to allow people to get to know you, see you as a real person and not just a pair of tits, and click with you over common interests. It can also be used to sell content like videos, panties, and your phone number for sexting purposes, but for the most part, you aren’t trying to make money with this account directly.

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Use it to put yourself out there as a human being, and attract the attention of guys who might want to befriend you based on that. To that end, you want to really promote the hell out of your free Snapchat account, especially on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. This is the “thankless” work of Snapchat; you ARE NOT necessarily hoping to make serious money off of this by itself. With a little luck, though, it will lead to great things down the line.


Premium Snapchat Guide

One of those great things, as well as THE way you make money with this platform, is a successful premium Snapchat porn account. The premium account is where you post your nude and otherwise naughty material that would get your free account banned, which you want to avoid at all costs. To be sure, you’re going to end up losing the premium account this way, too, but that’s manageable; sites like FanPageTV even make “recovering” from it pretty easy. So you’re never really without a premium account (nor should you be); you’ll just switch to a new one each time the current one gets zapped.

Snapchat Porn Model

And the whole time, you’re charging for access to this account and the frequently-updated porn goodies it contains. A good, charismatic webcam model can reasonably expect to ask up to $40 per month for these “subscriptions”, which is not chump change.

And of course, all of this Snapchat activity (free and premium) draws people in and leads them to your camming on Chaturbate (or wherever; Chaturbate is just the best camming site right now). That can result in tips, regulars, and even the attention of whales. And believe me, that means HUGE money. If you’re not yet on Chaturbate, signup here right away. You don’t want to wait.

Now here’s where the relationship gets symbiotic, and it’s the essence of making money with Snapchat: just as your Snapchat account can be used to bring people in to your camming performance, your cam work can redirect people to your Snapchat! Think of it as a circle, with camming on one side and Snapchat directly opposite; some people enter your circle one way, some another, but ALL have the chance to flow to the other side and be part of both.

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Which, by the way, means everyone can (in theory, at least) see your Snapchat profile, and be introduced to you-the-person. This helps them to bond with you and come to see you as a friend, which is good for regulars and tips whether they were introduced to you through Snapchat or Chaturbate.


Warming Up Your Snapchatters

I should caution you that this is the point where a lot of girls get greedy, and try to pitch their premium Snapchat account directly to their camming viewers. This is a bad idea for a couple of reasons. First, it comes off as a tacky cash grab.

Always remember that the men watching you on Chaturbate, no matter how much they may know better, are clinging to the fantasy that you’re dancing naked in front of them because it gives you a voyeuristic thrill, and you’d still be doing this for fun even if you weren’t getting paid. They don’t want to think that you’re just mechanically doing what it takes to bring home the bacon, any more than they want to think that about the stripper who sits in their lap and calls them “baby” at the club.

Being direct in asking them for money (a request they receive loud and clear the moment the word “premium” escapes your lips) shatters the illusion, which is also the reason why a cam girl should never explicitly ask for tips.

Making Money with Premium Snapchat

Second, trying to get people straight onto your premium Snapchat account bypasses your free one, which shortchanges you by robbing them of the opportunity to read about you and get to know you. Don’t undermine yourself, and don’t give in to greed: pitch your free Snapchat page, and be clear with your Chaturbate audience that it IS free (you’re just bringing it up in case they want to learn more about you). Some of the guys who hear you will check it out, and some of them will be persuaded by it (not by you) to go premium. Patience and subtlety; THAT is how you make money with Snapchat.

And you most definitely can make some very good money this way. I personally know girls who are bringing in over $6,000 per month on premium Snapchat porn account subscriptions ALONE; obviously, they are also camming, selling content, and generating revenue in other ways as well. I know it’s easy to think that people won’t pay for a subscription to see nude pictures and the like when you may already be getting naked in a free public channel on Chaturbate, but I’m here to tell you that the psychology of your customers is a lot more complex than that.

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The key here is the personal bond that you make with them through camming and through your free public Snapchat account; once they like you and care about you as an individual, they almost WANT to give you money just to help you out (in fact, many guys DO want to, for exactly that reason).

If it sounds like I’m talking about Chaturbate a lot, I’m basically just assuming that a majority of my readers here are using that site for their camming. There are certainly other options, it’s just that Chaturbate is pretty much at the top of the heap now in terms of its sheer traffic (even MFC can’t compare anymore), so it’s the logical choice for cam girls hoping to attract the greatest possible number of eyes. The trick is to get those people interested in visiting your free Snapchat account.

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Give that account plenty of TLC; fill it up with lots of content about you and your life, talk to the people who visit you there and make friends, and then, when the time is right, you start upselling your premium porn account from there (not on Chaturbate). This way, you gently warm your audience up to subscribing, rather than bludgeoning them over the head with requests (or worse, demands) that they do so. Play it cool, with your eye on the long game, and you WILL make money with Snapchat.

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