More on Making Money With Premium Snapchat


Whether you’re a cam girl, porn star, or anything else that somehow gets from taking off your clothes to putting money in your pocket, being an adult performer isn’t just about your main work itself. You need to set up “side hustles” to really get your income rocking. And in this business, the single best side hustle of all is setting up a premium Snapchat account.

Though I gotta tell you, girls, I feel a little like a liar calling it a side hustle. Because while it does work best when you’ve got something else going on, premium Snapchat can easily grow to pull in sky-high revenue by itself. It’s so insanely lucrative, women in any kind of adult work simply can’t afford to ignore it. Let me give you a few bits of advice on how you, like just about all adult performers, can make money with premium Snapchat.

First, the basics for those who don’t know. Don’t worry, this is super simple. Premium Snapchat is just a way to sell nude and explicit pictures and videos over a Snapchat account.

Usually, the way it’s done is to set a monthly subscription rate, then keep a list of those who sign up and give them access to a private account where you post all your naughtiest content. Sometimes, you’ll provide custom material for good customers, or maybe do weekly shows for subscribers who want to see a live performance.

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If you’re thinking that that last part puts cam girls at a disadvantage, since they often do shows like that for free anyway, it’s actually the opposite. A cam girl’s fans personally adore her, and they’re damn HAPPY to pay extra for privileged access to her restricted content. Trust me, webcam models make money with premium Snapchat way better than any other adult performers, which is why you ALWAYS see the top girls on any given cam site using premium Snapchat accounts. It’s crazy.

Anyway, doing premium Snapchat yourself is really easy. That’s actually one of the reasons it’s so profitable: You make mad money for very little effort. Here are my three essential steps for getting off the ground with it:


#1: Setting Up

The first thing you’ll need for your premium Snapchat account is to pick an alias. No points for guessing that you don’t want to use your real name for this, unless you like the idea of the head of your law firm or director of surgery at your hospital ten years from now (or your mom and dad next week!) calling to ask about the series of pictures you shared that was titled “Booty Week”. I know, this is a pretty basic tip, but it’s also super important, so I need to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

As an adult performer, you should have a “stage name” for your camming or porn or whatever else you do anyway, so just use that. You want that name to be your “brand”, so use it not only for Snapchat, but everything else.

Next, make a dedicated EVERYthing for this. Again, it’s Premium Snapchat 101 not to use your own personal account for any kind of adult stuff, but you also want to create a separate e-mail address and, if possible, a separate phone number.

Now, I get that e-mail addresses are way easier (and cheaper) to churn out than digits, so don’t worry: It’s not the end of the world if you can’t do another phone. But if you must use your own number, it’s absolutely non-negotiable that it be unlisted. You don’t want your friends, family, or professional acquaintances stumbling onto your premium Snapchat account when they Google you for whatever totally innocent reason.

And while I’ve gotta say that almost all the people I’ve run into as both a cam girl and a premium Snapchat seller have been pretty chill, there’s always the chance of attracting an obsessed stalker-fan. You don’t need someone like that having your legit phone number right off the bat.


#2: Branching Out

You can’t make money with premium Snapchat accounts if you don’t promote them. Ideally, you’ll have at least a few fans from your other adult work who will follow you to your Snapchat if you link them to it and ask nicely, but you need to get out there and advertise as well. That doesn’t mean posting “cum see my boobs!” on random message boards, though; you need to be a bit more clever than that. Fortunately, the right strategy isn’t hard, and it’ll help you beyond Snapchat.

What you want to do is branch out to other social media, especially Twitter. Again, dedicated account, please, under your adult stage name. Search for other adult performers in your industry (the more well-known they are, the better), and follow them.

On Twitter, retweet them often. Pretty soon, they’ll start returning the favor, which will expose your name to all of their fans. As long as you include a link to your premium Snapchat account in all of your tweets, that translates to some major traffic before too long at all.


#3: Pick Your Niche

You can add a lot of spice and uniqueness to your premium Snapchat account if you target a specific kink or sexual niche, and focus mostly on that in your pictures and videos. If you’re a cam girl and go with a fetish that you don’t normally cater to in your shows, the chance to see you getting down in a new way gives your fans another reason to sign up.

I’m not saying this is necessary; again, your fans will generally be happy to pay for your premium Snapchat regardless, so long as you keep it well-maintained. But it never hurts to give them something extra, and it’s a fresh appeal to new followers you find on social media as well.

The specific niche that you target is totally up to you. Just do something that you’re comfortable with; it’s never worth it to leave yourself feeling icky. Also keep in mind that what you focus on doesn’t necessary have to be sexual in itself.

You can grab the bull by the horns and make your premium Snapchat about how many different liquids and syrups you can possibly cover your boobs with, but you can be way tamer than that too. If you have a creative side and enjoy making costumes, you could try going for a cosplay theme: Every week, you dress up as a different anime character.

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Of course, you don’t need to go overboard with your target. It’s not a straitjacket. Every once in awhile, post some “vanilla” content for fans who just want to see you as you are. And if you want to experiment with a totally different genre from time to time, they certainly won’t complain!

Alright, that should get you started. Like I said, it’s really not hard to make money with premium Snapchat. Oh, and here’s a bonus tip: Use a subscription management service. These are basically just websites that help you keep track of your subscriber list, eliminate non-paying members, and alert everyone to your new premium Snapchat account whenever the one you were using gets banned for adult content (that happens from time to time, but it’s easy to get around).

You probably won’t need this at first, but soon enough, you’ll have so many subscribers that you’ll need the assist. I recommend, as it’s the best subscription manager I’ve personally come across.