Mature Sugar Babies


Everyone knows that being a sugar baby is for the young, right? I mean, it’s right there in the name: “Baby”, implying youth. And the reason for this is because sugaring is inherently sexual, with elderly sugar daddies paying hot college girls to spend time with and ultimately have sex with them. So, sugar babies are essentially just young floozies, and that’s the way the world works. Pretty simple.

Of course, if you’ve been following this blog at all, you know I don’t believe any of that. Why should I? I know it’s all bullshit. In fact, contrary to popular wisdom (which I’m really starting to see is seldom “wise”), women in this lifestyle don’t have to be college-age or even in their 20s; there very much is room in sugaring for the mature sugar baby over the age of 35. How can this be? Well, there are a few reasons. Let’s talk about them.


The Reality of Modern Sugar Dating

First, let me knock out my biggest pet peeve: sugar babies of any age are NOT prostitutes, so there really is no reason that a 60 year old daddy would necessarily require his baby to be barely old enough to drink. As I’ve said before, in most cases, sugar daddies have lived long enough to outgrow their adolescent hormones. No doubt they still have sex drives of whatever intensity, but they aren’t walking boners anymore who can’t sit through a conversation with a woman without picturing her naked.

For these men, sugaring is about companionship, friendship, and the forging of a meaningful relationship between human beings. Sex may or may not ultimately become a part of that relationship, but it doesn’t have to, and it certainly isn’t the foundation of the entire enterprise. There are actually a lot of platonic sugar arrangements.

Which helps us begin to see why some men actually prefer an older sugar baby. Women with life experience beyond a college dorm room are more worldly, and can more easily match and even challenge the conversational variety that an aging senior can bring to the table. In many ways, it’s more satisfying for an older man to talk to these women. Someone closer to a daddy’s own age is more likely to be able to communicate with him on his level, because they live in more similar worlds.

Sugar dating advice for older sugar babies.

A younger girl may be tempted to go on and on about Snapchat, Twitter, and other social media; a mature sugar baby may be as confused and uninterested in such recent innovations as their daddy probably is.

A Mature sugar baby can also fit more readily into a daddy’s life. It’s tough for a man in his 50s or 60s to bring a fresh-faced, wide-eyed twenty-something to a variety of professional or personal functions and introduce her as his girlfriend or even wife without people snickering. A woman in her 40s, though, raises no such eyebrows, giving her a greater ability to stay by her daddy’s side in the areas of his life that are most important to him.

And let’s not forget that while it’s hardly a necessity, sex very well COULD be on the mind of a man who decides to sugar with an older baby. The fact is, not all guys with a silver crown of hair want to go to bed with a 20 year old; some just aren’t comfortable being intimate with girls young enough to be their daughters. Many of them actually HAVE daughters about that old, and have difficulty being in the company of the age group without thinking of them. This isn’t a problem for sugar daddies who aren’t interested in sex, but it can be extremely awkward for those who are


Tips For Older Sugar Babies

So, if you’re beyond the “traditional” age range for a woman in this lifestyle, but still want to give sugaring a try, I say go for it! Don’t let stereotypes discourage you; there is plenty of room for the older sugar baby, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I would simply advise you to keep a few things in mind, in order to increase your chances of having a good time, and being successful.

First, and this really applies to all sugar babies (which is why I keep repeating it), is to be honest. If you use an online sugar dating website, don’t lie about your age and post a 15-year old picture of you, or a picture of someone else entirely, hoping to talk your way out of it once you’ve made it to the initial meeting. You’re just wasting your own time, along with that of an innocent sugar daddy, by lying straight out of the gate. Just be you; if that’s not someone a given pot wants, aren’t you better off knowing that sooner rather than later?

Don’t be afraid to be you. You’re actually not in competition with young, nubile sugar babies. You’re offering something completely different.

I’d also suggest you be as clear as possible about what it is you’re looking for, particularly as it relates to how far you’re willing to let a sugar relationship go. Be advised that some daddies interested in a mature sugar baby want something much more than a playmate, a friend, or even a girlfriend. Some of them are recently widowed or divorced, and are hoping to find their next wife through sugaring (which is why they’re in the market for someone closer to their own age). If you’re not okay with that, be unambiguous about it (“I’m not really looking for anything long-term, here.”)

Likewise, if it sounds like something you’d consider with the right daddy, communicate that as well (“I’m happy to explore this kind of relationship and see how far it can go.”). Just know yourself, so you know how to accurately represent yourself to a daddy.


Online-Only Daddies – A Great Option For Mature Sugaring

But, in all honesty, I have to say that if you’d be willing to forego the physical aspect of sugaring, your best bet as an older sugar baby is probably to perform on a cam site and attract a daddy there. This would be an online-only arrangement (at least at first; such relationships do sometimes progress to actual meetings).

Like I’ve said before, Chaturbate seems to work best for this kind of camming. The reason you might want to consider this is because it pretty effectively weeds out those daddies looking for a college sex friend. I’m really not sure why, but for some reason, online sugar daddies are overwhelmingly not interested in sex, to the point where they won’t even ask their baby to perform erotically for them over webcam (I had one tell me to cover up, once, so I wouldn’t catch a cold). Understanding that, you know that most of these guys do not have carnal priorities, so it just doesn’t matter that you aren’t 20 years old. Your personality will be far, far more important.

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I’ve gone over it before, but in brief, the way to attract an online sugar daddy is to target “whales”. You do this by promoting your cam performances on social media, and by signaling potential daddies with the “sugar baby” tag in your public channel on Chaturbate. Whales are great to have anyway, but it’s a small percentage of those who will be men looking for a sugar arrangement with a cam model he likes.

And finally, in case you were confused, cam models don’t have to be in their twenties any more than sugar babies do, so don’t let that stop you. Get out there and be the sugar baby you know you can be!