Multiple Sugar Daddies


By now, I’ve talked a lot about how lucrative having a sugar daddy can be, and how huge of a difference it can make not only in your lifestyle, but in your life in general (being able to save up for the future is a wonderful thing). So it stands to reason that if having one sugar daddy is good, having multiple sugar daddies is even better. I mean, people participate in “open relationships” even when they’re not sugaring, so why NOT do it when there’s at least a component of a business transaction and not necessarily any inherent expectation of exclusivity or emotional intimacy? It just makes sense, right?

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Well, let’s look at that, because it’s not as simple as you may think. We’ll start with the obvious: yeah, having multiple sugar daddies can be pretty awesome. Of course there’s the material aspect of it, where you’re getting more than one allowance, gifts from more than one source, and so many nice dates and expensive gourmet meals you’ll barely have a free evening left (which isn’t so bad, considering what’s filling your time). Pretty early on in my sugaring time, I decided to try having two daddies at once; I’ll tell you how that went.

I was already with a very wealthy man, who I’ll call “Taylor”; he owned an extremely successful construction firm. After sugaring with him for a couple of months, I asked him how he would feel about me branching out. He was okay with it; in fact, he encouraged it so long as, if and when I became sexual with my second daddy, I shared all the steamy stories with him (he got off on that). It wasn’t long before I met and began seeing “James”, a well-off patent attorney.

For the first three months, things were amazing, and if I may pat myself on the back a little, I credit that to my own handling of the relationships. I made the decision from the beginning not to be ungrateful or preferential towards either of them. I never reduced my time with one in favor of the other, and I always tried to keep dates with each. I was also honest; James knew about my ongoing relationship with Taylor (I told him straight-up during our first meeting), and while he wasn’t thrilled about it, he was willing to accept it.

Unlike Taylor, though, he didn’t want to hear anything about his counterpart, so I spared James and gave Taylor all the juicy details. I seldom texted and never spoke on the phone with one while in the company of the other, even when spending the night with them (though Taylor didn’t really mind). By doing it this way, I believe I was able to make both of them feel like they were equal to me, and that neither was my “side guy”.

And I reaped the rewards. I literally made more money than I knew what to do with, I ran out of appropriate places to put all the gifts (I actually politely turned down a few, because I couldn’t imagine where I’d keep them!), and the seemingly endless dates, while exhausting at times, were unbelievably fun. And then there were the vacations. Taylor was the boss at his office, and could simply get up and go whenever he felt like it; I ran off with him for a weekend or a week several times. James was needed at his firm and couldn’t vacation so much, but he could certainly afford it, and I still went away with him twice during this time. It was all wonderful.

Then James started getting jealous. He would text and call me when he knew I was with Taylor, then get upset when I didn’t answer. He would ask me about what Taylor and I had done, which was very unusual for him since he normally didn’t want to know, then would abruptly cut off the conversation when I started to tell him. And more than once, despite a firm rule I had clearly established with both of them that I would never do this to either, he asked me to cancel dates with Taylor and spend that time with him instead.

It all came to a head when a trip to Cancun that I had been planning with Taylor for months approached, and suddenly, the week before we were scheduled to leave, James announced that his birthday would occur while I was away and that, despite our agreement, I obviously must cancel under these special circumstances and go away with him. I should point out that James had never previously told me when his birthday was, and he had never said anything about it coming up, even though he knew for weeks that I was planning to be with Taylor around this time. I tried to explain to him as gently as possible that, with no advance notice, it wouldn’t be fair to Taylor to back out on him now, especially when it was already too late for him to get a refund on our plane tickets and hotel room (not that Taylor would have missed the money, but it felt principally wrong).

James was having none of it. He instantly became livid, angrily declared that I clearly preferred Taylor over him, and said he had too much self-respect to put up with this treatment any longer. He broke it off with me then and there, and I never spoke to him again. I carried on with Taylor for about another year, but I was so upset by what had happened that I never took another sugar daddy while I was with him after James.

So, despite my best efforts to be honest and ethical (which I still believe helped, though obviously not enough), jealousy destroyed that attempt at having multiple sugar daddies. I think this is a problem that all “open” relationships have to face, even when all involved swear beforehand that it won’t be, and sugar dating is no exception. I should also point out that my experience with Taylor and James, while fun and exciting in a lot of ways, was emotionally exhausting for me. Both of them had developed feelings for me by the time it was over, and I admit, I felt the same way about them. I had to be there for two different men when they needed me, not just physically, but on a deeper and more intimate level. It wasn’t easy.

Depending on your comfort level with this strategy, you might be feeling like an easy way to have more than one sugar daddy at a time would be to simply make sure that they don’t find out about each other, and lie as needed to protect the secret. I won’t even go into the ethical (legal?) issues of doing this when you’re accepting money from each daddy and telling him he’s the only one, but will simply say that it is a really bad idea for practical reasons.

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I have friends who have tried it, and it always seems to end the same way: even if you don’t make any stupid mistakes like leaving your phone laying around near one daddy while another is texting you, the difficulty of making time for all your guys, without (and this is the crucial part) being able to truthfully explain why you can’t see each as often as he would like, quickly becomes overwhelming. The excuses just get tiresome to hear and obviously transparent. And that’s when you haven’t yet faced the eventuality of more than one man wanting (and expecting) you to go on vacation with him at the same time. When that happens, getting out of it and preserving all the deceitful relationships is pretty much impossible.

Probably the safest and least dramatic way to have several sugar daddies at a time is to have one whom you see and date in person, alongside as many as you can find online. This is yet another reason why working as a cam girl goes so well with being a sugar baby. While camming, you simply focus your efforts on drawing in high-spending whales by portraying yourself as a slightly haughty, unattainable girl; the kind that alpha males get a huge ego boost from winning over. Getting the attention of whales is not only hugely profitable by itself, but if you play it right, some of those will end up wanting to be online sugar daddies.

There’s much less potential for jealousy and resentment over perceived preferential treatment when everything is taking place over the phone and internet (most online sugar daddies will take it for granted that you are also going to have a “boyfriend”, of whatever age, to see in person), so in general, it all runs far more smoothly.