Older Means Richer


There’s no written rule that sugar relationships have to consist of older sugar daddies and younger sugar babies every time, and once you start to get some experience in the lifestyle, you really come to see that these arrangements can span almost all age groups on both sides. It’s just a fact that people of any age can have reasons to want to be involved in sugaring, so give it enough time, and you’ll see just about any pairing you can imagine.

What you’ll learn in this post:

1) Why older men tend to be wealthier sugar daddies.
2) How you can find the richest sugar daddies online.

With that said, there’s no question that most sugar babies are young, usually about college age, and that most of the sugar daddies they choose to hang out with are significantly older. As you might imagine, this isn’t an accident, and I’d like to cover some of the reasons that it tends to be the case.

We might as well address the elephant in the living room first: dating older sugar daddies offers a much higher chance of finding a rich sugar daddy. Guys who are up there in age have had more time to amass their fortune, and in most cases, they won’t even try their hand at sugaring unless they’re highly successful and can really spoil a young girl. I hope I’m not shattering any illusions by telling you that sugar babies, generally speaking, know this.

Yes, some girls genuinely prefer older men (even much older, in some relatively rare cases), but let’s not be naive. This is sugar, and the number one reason you’re going to find a college junior in her 20s hanging on the arm of a man who could easily be her father is green and has pictures of dead presidents on it. Going older is how you find a rich sugar daddy.


The Many Reasons Older Daddies Rock

Alright, now that we’ve got the obvious one out of the way, there are still plenty of other reasons for sugar babies to prefer older sugar daddies. One of them is the biggest cause of young women dating guys above their age group (usually not as old as sugar daddies, but still) even in vanilla relationships: maturity. They say women tend to develop intellectually and emotionally faster than men, and sorry guys, but they’re kinda right.

Obviously it doesn’t apply to EVERY woman in comparison to EVERY man, but as a general trend, it’s almost scary how well it holds. Going out with a much older guy is just taking that to the extreme, and usually results in women pairing up with men who are more stable and less emotionally volatile than most people in a younger demographic. In other words, the girl gets a guy who’s much MORE mature than she is, enough to take the lead and show her a thing or two about growing into a better person who’s “got it together”. Some women are seriously into this, and I get why.

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Building off of that point, older sugar daddies are also more reliable. You never know when a young guy is going to call things off: he might have a change in his still-developing career that requires him to move away, or he might decide he likes another girl better, or hell, he might just get bored with the whole relationship.

All of these things are much less likely with older guys. They usually have their professional lives established and largely under their own control, they aren’t prone to jumping from girl to girl (typically they’re past that phase of their lives), and most of them have learned the value of sticking with engagements for the (relatively) long-term.

Nothing is certain, of course, but generally speaking, older daddies give you a much better chance of having a solid arrangement for months or even years, rather than being left with whiplash when it falls apart in a few weeks.


What You Can Learn From an Older Sugar Daddy

I also can’t possibly overstate the value of mentoring. Older guys usually are very eager to share their knowledge with you. Call it paternal instinct, call it showing off in the hopes of impressing it, call it just having a head full of life’s secrets and wanting to get them out. Whatever the reason, they love to teach, and since they tend to know a lot of interesting and useful things, this is good for the baby as well as the daddy. Just by having a few conversations, you can learn essential facts about business, money, and success that will make you stronger and better-equipped member of society.

Older usually means richer...

This might be the single most valuable gift you take away from an arrangement, allowances and knick-knacks be damned. Sugar relationships end, and material presents wear out, but the knowledge you can get from an experienced daddy will be with you for the rest of your life.

Something I’ve noticed that will be of interest to a lot of babies is that when you find a rich sugar daddy, he’ll be more likely than others to want an online-only arrangement. If this seems weird, there are actually plenty of good reasons for it. Most of the time, a rich sugar daddy will be so successful as to be publicly visible, at least in his local community, and he has an image to worry about. Dating a girl young enough to be his daughter could cause him PR problems he’d rather not risk. Aside from that, he may be working so hard earning that fortune that he doesn’t have time for an in-person relationship.

Older sugar daddies are more mature, more knowledgeable, and can teach you things that can improve your ability to succeed in the world.

Or, he might be married (most wealthy sugar daddies are), and of the view that doing anything physical with another woman would be cheating, while keeping it online clearly isn’t. Whatever a particular daddy’s motivation for avoiding real-world sugar, it means much less of a commitment for the baby. This isn’t to everyone’s taste, of course (some girls want to have a “full” relationship with their sugar daddy, including seeing each other physically), but for some, it’s absolutely ideal. Your cash income and stream of material goodies isn’t diminished by sugaring online, so if those things are your primary motivation for being in the lifestyle, this is the best way to go.


Where To Find The Best and Richest Daddies

I’ve talked before about the best ways to find a sugar daddy who wants an online relationship, as well as finding a rich sugar daddy (which, as I said, are more likely than average to be one and the same). There’s really just one answer to both questions, and it’s Chaturbate.

By working as a cam model on that site, not only can you earn a great income, but your chances of meeting a sugar daddy are very good. On Chaturbate, you can tag your public channel with text announcing that you’re a sugar baby, which makes it easier for the daddies to zero in on you. And they probably will, because for one reason or another (I’m not sure why, myself), sugar daddies seem to LOVE Chaturbate.

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They’re always hanging out there, where they usually go about trying to befriend cam girls that they like. Sugar daddies on Chaturbate are almost always whales (though not all whales are sugar daddies), too, so if a particular user starts showering you with enormous tips, keep an eye on him. You should do that anyway, since whales should always been treated like kings, but on Chaturbate, you just might have found yourself a sugar daddy as well.