Find an Online Sugar Daddy With No Meeting


I’ve known a lot of sugar babies in my life, but I’ve known even more women who are interested in the lifestyle and have thought about getting into it, only to eventually decide it’s not for them. I hear different reasons for people staying away, of course, but the hands-down number one factor that makes them shake their heads is the idea of meeting up with their sugar daddy.

What you’ll learn in this post:
1) How to get an online-only sugar daddy without having to meet.
2) The specific sites you can use to make the process easy peasy.

Sure, that could be because they’re afraid of what he might expect when he’s around them physically, but it’s not just that. Having an in-person sugar daddy can be pretty awesome, believe me, but it’s also exhausting! He will usually expect you to be at his beck and call almost all the time within reason, and that “reason” isn’t always very reasonable. For plenty of would-be sugar babies, it’s just too much, and I totally get it.

But like nobody EVER said in The Matrix: What if I told you, that you could have a purely online sugar daddy with no meeting? You’d talk to him over internet messaging and by phone, and occasionally “see” him by video stream, but you’d never have to actually be with him in person if you didn’t want to.

Finding an Online Sugar Daddy – My Best Tips

In fact, you could (and should) set that as a parameter of your relationship before ever starting to sugar with him, and he’d agree to it. Probably, he wouldn’t even want to meet with you physically any more than you wanted to meet with him. Oh, and did I mention that men like this almost never ask for anything sexual from their sugar babies, and that sugaring with them pays just as well as doing it in real life?

Sound like I’m yanking your chain? Not quite, honey; online sugar is very real and oh, so sweet. Let me give you three essential tips that will help you find an online sugar daddy EASILY.


Tip #1: Get on Chaturbate

This is where the magic happens, and it’s the best-kept secret in the sugar community right now. Many cam girls are also sugar babies (like I am!), or they’re at least willing to give it a try, and it’s the same with cam site members being sugar daddies.

The reason you want to use Chaturbate in particular to find those guys is because that site has a huge amount of traffic from North America, which is a very wealthy part of the world. It’s become the top cam site in the camming world.

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That means there are more well-off men on Chaturbate, no question, than on any other cam site on the web. The income levels of the top Chaturbate models easily proves that fact. Most of them usually have their own reasons for wanting to keep things online, too, so getting a sugar daddy with no meeting is much easier there.

Chaturbate seems to attract a great deal of wealthy men, many of whom are interested in becoming online-only sugar daddies.

In most important ways, the process of finding an online sugar daddy on Chaturbate is the same as the process to be a successful cam girl generally: Cam every day and stick to a schedule to build regulars, engage with the audience, and go out of your way to make friends with your best tippers.

But there are a few things you want to do a little differently when you’re hoping to bag a sugar daddy, and they mostly have to do with the psychology of the guys you’re after. Remember, these are financially stable men who tend to be older, so they’ll typically be well-educated and interested in intellectual conversations. That means, get your brain on!

It helps to read a little bit of philosophy (nothing too heavy) and keep up with current events in the news. Being able to hold a stimulating conversation is wayyy more important to a sugar daddy than how you look or how big your boobs are, which again, probably won’t matter to them as much as you might think.

Presenting yourself as more intellectually minded can help attract the kind of sugar daddy you’re interested in. A basic knowledge of current events helps a lot.

But talk in the chat room about how some human douche cut you off in traffic this morning, yet you’re not mad at him because nobody really has free will, and you’ll probably impress any potential sugar daddies who may be listening. Likewise, you can be sure they won’t write you off as yet another bimbo if you’ve got all the facts on the latest brouhaha in the Middle East.

Giving off the general image of a refined, classy young lady is a good move, too. That’s what sugar daddies want to see. On a cam site, that means NOT dancing around naked and playing with yourself while most of the other girls are. Keep your clothes on; in fact, dress nicely, but still sexy. These guys will eat it up.


Tip #2: Text and DM Regulars

One of the best ways to cultivate a sugar daddy online is to get closer to a regular who’s shown a great of devotion to you. Giving him your phone number for texting (and voice calls, if you’re comfortable with that) can be a very effective way to build a stronger relationship.

I’m talking about your regulars, now; don’t go doing this with every Tom, Dick and Harry who drops you a few tokens. It’s when you start seeing the same name in your chat room several days in a row, though, that you want to start thinking about taking this guy. Especially if he’s a good tipper.

Bonding with a regular who’s proven that he has financial means can potentially lead to a sugar relationship. Using texting and social media apps to chat and share life experiences can bring the two of you much closer.

Use private messages to your regular and link to your Twitter or Snapchat, telling the guy how awesome it would be if he’d follow you on those apps too Then talk to him, ask him about himself, and generally try to bond with him.

Trust me, he will absolutely love this. The least that’s gonna happen is you’ll have a regular for the long haul, which is good enough by itself, but eventually you’ll hit up a guy who’s got particularly deep pockets. Then you have a good chance of landing a sugar daddy.


Tip #3: Use

Finally, we come to the strategy that costs money. But that’s because it works. You do this, and sooner or later you’ll get yourself a sugar daddy with no meeting. It’s that simple.

Seeking Arrangement, which now uses the URL, is the oldest and biggest sugar website out there. It’s also the only one I recommend bothering with, because the others are all pretty much trash in one important way or another. SA, though, is loaded with real sugar daddies who are very serious and, because of the site’s income verification system, typically quite wealthy.

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Use this as a supplement to Chaturbate, though, because if you’re also a cam girl, SA will be even more effective. That way, you’ll be able to point pots (potential sugar daddies) to your chat room, which is an easy way for them to get to know you. Use the strategies I talked about in tip #1, and they’ll like what they see. Like I said, you can’t miss; eventually, this is gonna work.

The combination of and Chaturbate can be downright deadly, as far as finding your ideal online-only sugar daddy is concerned.

Alright, girls, there you have it. Three tips that will help you land an online-only sugar daddy without any meeting at all. I often run into the raised brows of people who want some of what I’m smoking when I tell them about this concept, but if you’re doubting that you really can get a sugar daddy like this, all I ask is that you try what I’m suggesting.

Because especially if you use SA to back up Chaturbate, you’ll find one for yourself, and that’s a far better way for me to clear this up for you than anything I can say here. As just about any girl who’s been in this lifestyle long enough can confidently say, online-only sugar daddies are real, honey.

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