Going For The Perfect Sugar Daddy


Getting a sugar daddy, especially for the first time, can be a lot of things: nerve-wracking, overwhelming, wonderful. If you aren’t used to making the kind of money he just agreed to give you every week or month, it’s probably more exciting and euphoric than anything else, with a touch of fright that you’re going to do something wrong and screw the whole thing up.

What you’ll learn in this post:
1) How to target the high-quality sugar daddies.
2) What NOT to do when seeking out the perfect sugar daddy.

Confronted by all these conflicting emotions, it can be hard, really hard, to think straight about your decision on whom to pick. But thinking straight is exactly what you MUST do here — more perhaps than at any other point in the arrangement. You don’t just want any sugar daddy: you want the perfect sugar daddy.

And this, right here, is why it’s so dangerous to go looking for a daddy because you’re in urgent need of money. If you make this mistake, you’re going to take the first offer you get, and (assuming it isn’t a salt daddy scam that strings you along for sex or God knows what), you’ll end up ceding virtually all power in that relationship.

No matter how hard you try to conceal the reality of your financial situation, your daddy will smell your desperation a mile away, and that WILL eventually get used against you (even if he doesn’t choose to do so consciously).

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And aside from that, once your daddy realizes you’re just doing this because you’re poor, he’s going to not-unjustly feel that you’re using him for cash. That will lead him to question whether you even like him at all, and cast a shadow over the entire arrangement. In many cases, and don’t you doubt this, starting to sugar for this reason can plant the seed that eventually destroys the entire thing. Bad idea all around.

The importance of being discriminating in selecting your sugar daddy should be pretty clear, even when you aren’t dirt poor. You don’t want to spend your time with someone whose company you don’t actually enjoy, or with whom your personality isn’t at least somewhat compatible. You don’t have to accept such a situation as a sacrifice to get at the money, either, and doing so is a lousy move. But there’s a further reason to be careful about your choice, and it has to do with the character of your sugar daddy.


Unscrupulous Sugar Daddies

I’ll just come out and say it: when having an initial meeting with a pot, after the preliminary drinks and chit-chat are out of the way and you’re into negotiating allowance, you should seriously consider adopting a policy of ALWAYS turning down his first offer. This isn’t about greed, and it isn’t even just a sound negotiating tactic.

It’s because some experienced sugar daddies, having come to realize that the sugar ratio runs somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 babies to every 1 daddy, have developed a strategy of throwing out a lowball offer in every first meeting.

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If the girl refuses, he simply walks away and tries it on the next, knowing he has an endless line of potential candidates, until someone says yes. And woe to the baby who takes that offer. For whatever (short) time she is with him, she’ll be an eminently replaceable, underpaid employee, and he will treat her accordingly.

Usually, daddies like this will make increasingly outrageous demands upon their baby’s time, attention, and even boundaries. I’m sure you can guess what happens the moment she tries to stand up for herself. That’s right. “Door’s over there, honey. Leave it open after you leave, won’t you? I’ve already got your replacement on her way.” Hardly the perfect sugar daddy.

Now, I’m not being entirely fair to these kinds of guys. I mean, obviously I don’t condone men pushing women out of their comfort zones or talking down to them; anyone who does any of that, in any kind of relationship, is a creep. But as for everything else, let’s be consistent and remember that sugar daddies need to protect themselves, too. Ideally, a sugar couple will eventually get close (at least as trusted friends, often more), and won’t be constantly looking to one-up each other.

How to find the perfect sugar daddy.

But that initial meeting between a prospective daddy and baby is largely just a business negotiation. And in any business negotiation, each side has to worry about coming out on top because they have to assume that’s what the OTHER side is trying to do.

90% of this blog (I do sometimes talk to the daddies, but not too often) is geared towards advising sugar babies in enjoying their time in the lifestyle and staying safe, with an emphasis on their own interests and nobody else’s. Let’s not begrudge the daddies doing the same thing; let’s just take precautions.

And the reason rejecting that first offer is usually such a good precaution is that it will show you whether the pot really, truly likes you or not. If you say no and you’re just another pretty face to him, he’ll apologize for wasting your time and move right along to his next meeting (in which case you’ve dodged a bullet, as I explained). But if he actually wants to sugar with YOU, and not just to sugar, he’ll make a more generous offer.

That’s when you know you’ve got a keeper, and depending on a few other factors, maybe even the perfect sugar daddy. Because not only does he have a real, personal interest in you, but he’ll now respect you for standing up for yourself and demanding what you’re worth, and he’ll be forced to remember that he can’t get away with trying to push you around. You’ll just leave him.


Finding The Perfect Sugar Daddy Can Take Time

Of course, not everyone has the luxury of catching a marlin right away. And so long as you’re staying safe and you aren’t unhappy (don’t tolerate a sugar daddy you can’t stand, girls; it’s just not worth it), there’s nothing wrong with spending time with Mr. Right Now while you’re waiting for Mr. Right.

But if you’re learned enough from experience (or, just maybe, from listening to me run my mouth) to know that you’re not in an ideal sugar relationship, don’t fret, just cover your bets. If you’re also working as a cam girl, and I can’t repeat enough that you ought to be, think about using that platform to attract an online-only sugar daddy in addition to your real-life squeeze.

And if that works, there’s no need to stop at one. Online-only daddies don’t take up that much time, and there are usually enough hours in the day to maintain relationships with a few of them while still being a doting companion to the one you hang out with in person. This strategy can get you multiple incomes, so if things go south with a real daddy, you’ve got a few virtual daddies to fall back on.

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Lots of camming sites are good for getting online-only sugar daddies with no meeting required, but I do recommend Chaturbate as the best. For some reason, it tends to attract the richest guys AND those most interested in sugaring. It’s a great place to get some online daddies while you’re waiting around (and working your hardest) to find the perfect sugar daddy.