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I’ve talked before about the importance of using adult Snapchat accounts for webcam models who want to make more money, but I feel like I should elaborate further on what to do with it and why it’s so important. I really can’t say it enough: camming isn’t about sitting in front of your computer and waiting for the viewers to pour in. If that’s all you’re doing, they aren’t coming; at least, not in the numbers you need.

You have to self-promote in other media to bring the traffic, and Snapchat is a huge part of that. You need to know how this works, so allow me to let you in on some of the essential strategies used by premium Snapchat models. These tips should do wonders for your bank account, trust me.


Public Snapchat Account – Basics

Let’s start with the basics. You begin by creating your “free,” or “public,” Snapchat account, which as the name implies, you’ll make available to the general public at no cost. It’s exquisitely important that you use social media to promote this account, so be sure to link to it on your Twitter and Instagram pages (if you have accounts there).

What Is Premium Snapchat?

What the account is for is posting random junk about your daily life: how boring class was today, what you did with your friends last night, and how pretty your nails look in the new color of polish you just bought. What it is NOT for is nude or otherwise explicit material of yourself (or anyone, for that matter). That’s against Snapchat policy, so you’d eventually get banned if you loaded it with skin. You want to avoid that for this account, because it’s the one you want to use to amass followers.

Learning how to make money with adult Snapchat starts with a public account. Don’t charge for access to it, just promote it to your fans for free on every social media and camming platform you use.

There are ways you can monetize it directly, such as by using it to sell your phone number (for sexting), your used panties, or video content. But what we’re really going for here is to create an opportunity for guys to learn about you, feel like they’re getting to know you, and even exchange messages with you.

This creates a sense of closeness and warmth towards you from your audience, and it’s that feeling that leads to regulars on your cam site. So keep your boobs to yourself on here; it’s not worth losing this account.


Premium Snapchat Account – How To Use It

That’s what your premium account is for, which is what’s really meant by “premium Snapchat models”. This is where you post naughty content like full nudes, as a special treat for those who see and like your freebie account. You’ll charge a monthly fee for access to this one, which is as much against Snapchat’s rules as the stuff you’re going to be putting on here, but the practice is so common among cam girls that entire dedicated websites exist to facilitate it.

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I’ve mostly got FanPageTV. in mind, as that’s the biggest and probably best of these sites. Basically, in exchange for a percentage of the subscriptions, they allow you to charge money for access despite Snapchat policy and make it easier to manage your members. They’ll even streamline the process (by automatically notifying subscribers) of transferring to a new premium account when yours gets banned, which will happen from time to time due to the nature of the material that goes there.

Make Money with Adult Snapchat - Best Tips

One very effective and very important marketing strategy used by premium adult Snapchat models is the utilization of “Snapchat takeovers”. These may sound mean, but they’re actually quite benign.

A Snapchat takeover occurs when an individual person posts under (or “takes over”) the Snapchat account of a large entity, usually a well-known business, with the full permission and encouragement of the business account’s owner. For cam models, takeovers typically involve the accounts of major players in the adult industry, like Pornhub, Youporn, or Redtube.

Snapchat takeovers really help when you’re trying to build a fan following. They can expose you to a huge number of new viewers, which can help you make more money with your adult Snapchat business.

During a takeover, a model is given access to post under the big fish’s name for about 24 hours. I hope it isn’t necessary for me to point out that this is a huge opportunity, and when you get it, you shouldn’t waste it (your snaps on these accounts will be viewed by TENS OF THOUSANDS of potential customers). The right way to do a takeover is to plan a fun and interesting activity for that day (a hiking trip, a festival, a hot air balloon ride; you get the idea), then post often to share your experiences with viewers.

If you’re charismatic and entertaining, you’ll make people curious to check out your own Snapchat accounts, which can lead to a huge number of new followers. Naturally, of course, you can’t just put on an explicit porn show and attract people that way, as you’re using someone else’s account and they wouldn’t appreciate it if you got them in trouble with Snapchat. Takeovers are done by appointment, and the waiting lists can get long (like on the order of months). So when you finally get your shot, make it count.


Tips For Premium Snapchat Success

All of this is done by premium Snapchat models for the purpose of bonding with the audience over common interests. Getting your viewers to see you as a human being (as opposed to a mere sex object) with whom they can have a real friendship at the same time as seeing you naked, is what provides the bonus you have over the nameless, generic porn stars they could otherwise whack it to for free. You may think this wouldn’t be worth much, especially for men who are just looking for adult entertainment, but the value is huge.

Guys like “get to know” a girl on an adult Snapchat account. They can easily watch hot girls having sex on porn tube sites, so it’s that personal interaction component that draws them to premium Snapchat models.

I once posted on my free adult Snapchat account that I had been watching a TV show called “The Black Mirror”, and that a particular episode had psychologically traumatized me and given me nightmares for days (it’s an episode called “White Bear” from the second season…but seriously, don’t watch it; it will fuck you up).

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A guy started messaging me with emphatic agreement about how good the show was and how disturbing that particular episode was. We talked for a few days, before he showed up in my cam channel identifying himself as “the Black Mirror guy from Snapchat”.

He watched me for about five minutes before tipping me the equivalent of a little over $200. Following that, he became far and away my biggest whale for the next several months. I can’t promise you’ll have results like that, but it does go to show what’s possible when you connect with your audience, and more importantly, when you let them connect with you.

Bonding with your fans on Snapchat is crucial to generating big money. Find common interests and get to know them. Before you know it, they’ll be spending a LOT on your content.

Adult Snapchat really can make a huge difference to your bottom line, and really, to your success or failure as a cam girl. The formula is pretty simple: set up a free (public) account that you use to allow potential viewers to get to know you, and a premium account that is home to your explicit pictures.

The public account is then used to promote the premium account subscription, and any other content you may have to sell. Keep your free account clean and safe from being banned. The premium will get zapped every now and again, but making a new one is pretty easy, and like I said, sites like FanPageTV will even help you move your subscribers when necessary.

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You can reasonably expect to bring in $10 – $40 per subscriber per month with your premium account, which can really add up with just a few takers. Subscribers are really freaking cool because their membership fees RECUR, which means you can make money on autopilot, as long as you keep them happy with new content.

Of course, what we’re really doing here is connecting with the audience; when your viewers see you as a person, they like you more, which leads to bigger tips on the cam site. Don’t neglect this essential component of the business!

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