Young Sugar Daddy Pros and Cons


Something that very often gets lost in any conversation about sugaring is a complete look at the potential age ranges of the participants. Most people think they already know what the relationship is going to look like: a young, struggling college girl dating a graying (or full-on gray) man who’s old enough to be her biological daddy as well as her sugar daddy. This may be true as a general rule, but it’s all sorts of wrong when you start thinking it has to hold for all sugar arrangements.

What you’ll learn in this post:
1) Why young sugar daddies often rock.
2) Why they sometimes aren’t worth the trouble.

There are couples in this lifestyle to surprise almost anyone who’s expecting a particular age configuration (plenty of “babies” are in their 40s), but what I want to talk about right now is the stereotype that sugar daddies have to be old. They don’t. The young sugar daddy definitely exists, and he can change the typical structure of sugaring in a number of ways.

Younger Sugar Daddies Can Be Awesome

First, I should point out that when I say “young sugar daddy”, I’m mostly talking about a guy in his early 30’s. That’s young as far as sugar daddies go, though of course they can get younger than that. When they do, though, being that close to the age of the baby starts to blur a few lines between sugaring and traditional vanilla relationships. A lot of well-off guys do like to spoil their girlfriends, after all. So, to avoid confusion and make sure we’re still in sugar territory, let’s stick with 30 and up.

Having a young sugar daddy can be pretty sweet, if you’ll pardon the pun. One of the biggest issues I’ve experienced (and I know I’m not alone) with daddies of the usual age is the generation gap. It’s hard for people with close to half a century between them to relate to one another. You’ll run into daddies whose values are very different from yours; usually your partner will be more politically conservative than today’s young people, and he may casually use language that makes a child of the 21st century cringe.

It’s not impossible to reach out to someone like this and build a meaningful bond, but it is a lot of work, and I find that as the baby, I’m doing most of it more often than not. Meanwhile, the values of a young sugar daddy probably won’t be all that different from yours, if at all. He grew up in a time very similar to yours, and as such, the two of you are going to find it much easier to understand each other. This means that forging a real relationship won’t be as hard, which is a huge relief.

When you’re dealing with a younger sugar daddy, it’s a lot easier to form close bonds due to common interests.

Another benefit to having a sugar daddy who’s younger than usual is so obvious, I’m actually not sure it’s worth mentioning. But I will anyway, for completeness: he’s YOUNGER. That means he gets all the bonuses of youth whose absence you’ll need to be understanding about with an older sugar daddy. Most young daddies (and most young people generally) have more energy, vigor, and passion than older people tend to.

They can handle staying out late without falling asleep on you, they can explore large places with you on foot without getting winded, and yes, if you choose to go there, they’ll probably be better in bed. I won’t go as far as to say that you’ll necessarily have a better time with a younger guy no matter what, but you’ll probably have a better time with him at anything physical the two of you get up to together.

For some, the optics of being with a younger guy are also preferable. Me, I’m at the point where I just don’t care anymore, but a lot of sugar babies aren’t fully comfortable dating much older men, and I understand that. Choosing to spend your time with a younger daddy is the most obvious way around this problem.

Biggest Con: Splenda Spending

Of course, lest we all send our older daddies packing, there are some serious drawbacks to robbing the sugar cradle. One of these I’m going to tell you about first thing, right now, because it’s a deal-breaker for some: There’s a good chance that any young sugar daddy will end up being a Splenda daddy. I’ve talked about the Splenda daddy before, so I won’t cover him in too much detail now.

As a summary: Splenda daddies are basically good guys who, unlike the dreaded “salt daddies”, are serious about sugaring with you and have absolutely no intention of wasting your time or tricking you in any way; they just don’t have all that much money compared to “real” sugar daddies, and the material benefits you reap from a relationship with them WILL suffer as a result. I’m sure you can see why younger guys would be more likely to fit this description: with fewer years under their belts, they just haven’t had enough time to amass the comfortable bank account that will see them through retirement.

Splenda daddies are NOT salt daddies. They’re simply daddies who don’t have money coming out their you-know-whats.

They may also be more miserly with what they do have, since they have a long future to look forward to and plan for, while older sugar daddies are sometimes of the mindset that they may as well enjoy what they’ve worked for before it’s time to go. If you don’t mind dating a Splenda daddy, then you don’t have to worry too much about all this, but I mention it because it’s a big deal for some.

Another major drawback to younger daddies is the loss of mentoring. Traditional sugar daddies almost always have a lot of valuable information to share, especially about the industry they work in and exactly what it was that made them so financially successful. They’re also lived a lot longer than you, and have plenty of experience in realms of life you may not even have thought about yet. The best part is, they tend to be eager to teach. Young guys just don’t have this wealth of experience, and a lot of times, what they think they know is a bunch of bullshit, to be revised as they get older.

Where to Find The Young Daddies Online

So, having read all of that, if exploring the tender side of sugar sounds good to you, how exactly do you go about it? As with many things sugar (and cam modeling, for that matter), the best way to meet up with younger daddies is to perform on Chaturbate. In my experience, it’s a good site for sugar babies because, on top of providing you with a solid income separate from sugaring, it tends to attract a lot of daddies. It also makes it easy to advertise yourself as a baby, since you can tag “sugar baby” or “looking for a sugar daddy” or whatever in your channel.

Read my guide to Online-Only Sugaring here!

The best thing about Chaturbate for this is that whales are so (relatively) common on that site, which offers a potential way to get around the Splenda issue I mentioned earlier. I’ve had a lot of friends who work on Chaturbate, and I can tell you, I’ve known a lot of girls who have found very well-off younger sugar daddies there. Obviously, great wealth is less common when age goes lower, but it does still exist, and you can certainly find it if you’re patient.

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