Pros and Cons


Since a sugar baby really should work as a cam model at the same time (the requirements and necessary skill sets for each align pretty well, and camming is flexible enough as opposed to a traditional job to allow you to put in time whenever you aren’t with your daddy), it occurred to me that I should explain the major pros and cons of those occupations. A lot of the people reading this blog for advice, after all, are thinking about both how to be a sugar baby and how to be a cam girl, and will end up doing both if they really get into the lifestyle.


Sugar Baby Positives and Negatives

We’ll start with sugaring, where most of the pros are pretty obvious, but I’ll go over them anyways. First, of course, there’s the money. Usually a lot of it. A sugar baby shouldn’t settle for an allowance of less than $2,000 per month, and if you manage to land a very wealthy daddy, it can go much higher. For women in the age range to be sugar babies, this is almost always more than they know what to do with unless they’re just being ridiculously wasteful. So it’s a chance to save up some serious cash for the future, meaning that doing this pays dividends later.

Beyond the actual money, though, there’s the thrill of being spoiled. Remember what Christmas morning felt like when you were a kid? That’s pretty much what it’s like every time you go to the mall with your daddy, knowing you can have whatever you want (within reason) of all that pretty, sparkly stuff on display. And then there are the vacations, getting to go away to exotic destinations you probably could only dream of visiting on your own, and experiencing a level of luxury that’s normally far out of your reach.

Pros and Cons of Sugaring

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you have the chance to spend time with a man who is usually old enough to be your father. What do fathers do for their daughters? Teach them things, of course. If your daddy is doing well enough in life to be in this position with you now, he can almost certainly tell you a thing or two about making money; never mind all the other things he could probably impart, by simple virtue of having lived a lot longer than you have. So the income you generate and trinkets you receive as a sugar baby can all be very plentiful, but can you even put a price on worldly wisdom?

There are some drawbacks, of course, and I really feel like a lot of girls get into this lifestyle without anticipating them, and thus, without preparing for them. When your daddy is paying you as much as he is, he expects you to be more or less at his beck and call. Some daddies will at least try to be accommodating to your work or school schedule (while some simply believe they don’t owe you that and won’t even make the effort), though these things often end up in conflict with a sugar daddy, which is why I usually advise you put off school until you’re done with this and only work as a cam girl while sugaring. You need to be ready and willing to go out when HE wants to, and in many cases, you’ll need to drop everything and take one of those paradise vacations on a moment’s notice whether you particularly feel like going or not.

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Trust me, while you won’t get tired of exotic travel (the world never runs out of new things to show you), you WILL get homesick, and it will just get to be a pain in the ass having to abruptly pause your entire life to keep disappearing for days or weeks at a time. There’s also not a lot of upward mobility in a sugar relationship. You’ll be making plenty of money, but if for whatever reason you should want or need more, there isn’t a lot you can do other than going to your daddy and asking for it (which can appear ungrateful).


Camming Positives and Negatives

Meanwhile, when thinking about how to be a cam girl, there are plenty of benefits that come to mind pretty readily for most people. First, as with sugar babies, is the money, which really can be amazing if you do well. I’m not lying when I say a six-figure income is not unusual for a good cam girl. Considering that most other jobs you can excel at in your late teens and early twenties will pay you just above minimum wage if you’re lucky, that ain’t bad. And as I’ve mentioned, the great flexibility of camming is another huge plus; while it’s important to set and keep a consistent schedule as a cam girl overall so viewers who like you can become your followers (and eventually your regulars), you are ultimately the boss.


It isn’t going to hurt you much to take a day off, skip a usual shift and work at an odd time now and again, or even step away for a week to go on vacation with a sugar daddy or focus your energy on something else. Most jobs are nowhere near so forgiving. You also get to meet a lot of interesting people while sitting behind the cam; some of them are a little too “interesting”, I admit, but that’s the beauty of being online. You befriend the ones you like, and ignore the creeps, secure in the knowledge that neither will be able to bother you in real life if you don’t want them to.

Of course, there are cons to camming, too. You really do need to keep a regular, consistent schedule going as to what hours you’re going to work, because it’s virtually impossible to get a substantial squad of regulars otherwise. And without regulars, you’re going nowhere as a cam girl. Even with regulars, this is still a business, and one of the risks you accept in exchange for the unlimited income potential of running a business is that sometimes, you have a bad stretch with very low earnings, so you’ll need to be prepared for that as well.

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Being a cam girl can be stressful, too, because doing it well takes a lot of your time, and not just actually sitting in front of the cam: you have to produce content for sale, chat with regulars off-site so they continue to follow you, and keep your performance area clean and pleasing to look at for your shows.

So as you can see, there are ups and downs to each lifestyle, and when you’re thinking about how to be a sugar baby or cam girl, it’s important to consider which provides the benefits you’re looking for while having drawbacks you can handle. Personally, I like to stick to being a cam girl and online sugar baby (the first leads into the second, through whales), because it maximizes my freedom while letting me go for potentially the highest earnings. I’ve done physical sugaring in the past as well, though, and I can tell you it’s very lucrative, especially when combined with camming. For me, though, my current lifestyle is the best of all worlds, and I’m very happy where I am.