Rich Sugar Daddy Tips


Contrary to popular misconceptions about sugar dating (at least among those who know what sugar dating is), not all sugar daddies are rich. They don’t necessarily have to be. All a man needs to be a sugar daddy, for girls who don’t categorically demand the moon and run for the door when they don’t get it, is a few thousand dollars more than he needs to survive every month.

That’s not chump change, but it’s well short of “wipin’ my ass with $100’s” territory. Guys who are financially comfortable without being obscenely wealthy can make fine sugar daddies, and relationships with them can be both fulfilling and lucrative.

Now, having said that, I ain’t lying: Millionaire sugar daddies are the bee’s fucking knees. I’ve only had two in-person daddies who I know had seven-figure incomes (and I suspect some of those I’ve had online qualified as well, but I can’t be sure), and it was a wild ride each time. A guy who casually slaps his American Express Black card on the table to pay for dinner will pretty much give you anything you want: a weekly allowance you’d be happy to pull down in a month, every expensive gift you so much as glance at while out shopping together, and quite simply the finest, most luxurious date nights money can buy. He’ll also take you all over the world on exotic vacations, so if you enjoy traveling, you’ll pretty much be in heaven.

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Just be sure to prepare for this, because those vacations will usually come fast and furious. Remember, he’s rich; he doesn’t have to work at all if he doesn’t feel like it, and he probably has so much authority at whatever his job is that if he decides to take a couple weeks off, everyone there just gets to like it. You probably don’t have the same freedom, of course, so if you manage to land a daddy like this and you see it lasting for awhile (even a few months makes it worth it), your best bet is literally to quit your job. I’m serious.


My First Millionaire Sugar Daddy

I was working as an office receptionist for $10.50 an hour when I met my first rich daddy (he was making a killing owning Burger King franchises), and after our second date he asked me to leave the job so we could go on vacations together. I was hesitant, and he wasn’t insisting, but I had a friend whose daddy had recently dumped her because she refused to quit a gig at Barnes & Noble for him, and she hated herself for months after that. So I told my boss to find a new phone answer-girl, and devoted all my time to my sugaring relationship.

Best decision of my entire life. We went to Paris, Tokyo, and Oahu…in the first month! I took a selfie in front of the freaking Eiffel Tower AND Mount Fuji. One of my favorite activities on these trips was to sample the local cuisine in the various countries we visited, and compare it to what’s called food from those places back in the US. I’ll tell you this much: real Italian food isn’t nearly as unhealthy as what you get served here. The genuine article also tastes a lot better, but then, that’s not really fair; in Italy, I was mostly eating at restaurants where the final bill had (in American dollars) four digits west of the decimal point.

If you haven’t gotten my point yet, it’s very simple: while you can do well sugaring across a variety of income levels, millionaire sugar daddies are your ultimate goal. There’s simply no comparing the lives you’ll be living (or the amount of money you can potentially save up, if you’re being all responsible and stuff). Of course, it won’t do you any good to score a rich sugar daddy if you can’t keep him. Like I’ve said before, you need to be an engaging and stimulating companion for him, and with guys like this, that takes a lot of preparation, effort, and know-how.


What You Should Expect

In case it doesn’t go without saying, let me make it clear that you’re going to be dealing here with older men. As in, old enough to be your father, and maybe even your grandfather. If that’s attractive to you (and it is for some girls), so much the better. If not, though, you need to at least be comfortable with it. Guys anywhere close to your own age simply haven’t had enough time or real-world experience to earn the kind of money we’re talking about. Yeah, there are legacy kids, but they’re rare. So if you don’t just happen to land a Saudi oil prince, it’s gray hair and some wrinkles for your daddy.

As you might imagine, entertaining a guy like that is a whole difference endeavor from connecting with someone in his 20’s or 30’s. For the age range you’re going to be dealing with, your best move is to read up on current events, especially as it relates to political and financial news. Follow what Trump is doing (don’t worry, it’s actually pretty fun), how the market is behaving, and whether or not Congress is passing the gun control legislation those kids in Florida want.

Don’t just skim this stuff, learn it. Get yourself primed and able to hold a conversation about it, because with millionaire sugar daddies, you’ll probably have to. Me personally, I like to keep tabs on how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are performing, because I have an online sugar daddy who invests in them and loves to talk about them (and that means he can talk to me about them).

My final bit of advice on the subject of rich sugar daddies is to be discreet, and make sure that they are, too. A lot of guys you meet doing this will be married. I bring this up because my first rich daddy (the one I quit the office job for) had a wife, who eventually found out about me. Of course, I knew about her, but I also knew she was a frigid bitch who treated him like shit, had closed her legs to him years ago, and still wouldn’t give him the green light to bed other women.

So naturally, my relationship with this particular daddy was sexual, and he had a very unfortunate taste for having me sext him a naughty picture at least once a day. So you see where this is going, and you can imagine how his wife reacted when she went through his phone (which I swore the bitch would do, and tried to make my daddy realize) and saw a naked 23 year-old all over it. The fucking Ice Queen actually called me up on his phone, so she could yell at me about being a “homewrecker” and a “gold-digging slut”.

Now, I had been with this sugar daddy for about six months at the time, and by this point I genuinely cared about the guy and hated the way his wife treated him. I also figured the relationship was pretty much tanked anyway, so I let the bitch have it and told her that maybe if her pussy wasn’t so “old and cold” (you like that rhyme? I was pretty proud of it), then maybe her man wouldn’t need a girl less than half his age. Long story short, I ended up holding the phone away from my ear for the next five straight minutes or so, and could still hear her shouting at me.

Sugar Dating

I only had two more phone conversations with my daddy after that. During the first, I pleaded with him (and not just for selfish reasons) to quit putting up with that harpy. He got upset, and told me that whether that were true or not (meaning he agreed with me), that it “wasn’t my place” to talk to her the way I did. He then broke it off with me, and I didn’t hear from him again for about three weeks. During that time I left him alone, figuring he needed to sort things out. I had just about given up on ever talking to him again when he finally did call me, to let me know that he had taken my advice and filed for divorce from his wife.

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I congratulated him, and sincerely reassured him that he’d be okay before I bothered asking whether he wanted to pick things back up with me. My heart sank (for more than one reason, whether you believe me or not) when he said No, that he needed time to “figure out his life”. He did mention that his soon-to-be ex wife was getting screwed financially, though, as he’d gotten an airtight prenup before marrying her. That was the last time I ever spoke to him.

So, yeah. Be careful out there.