How To Sell Used Panties


Did you know that, before you read all the way to the end of this post, somebody will have made money selling used underwear online? A lot of people will find this weird, but it’s true. I mean, you may have heard that some guys might like holding onto the worn panties of a girl they’ve slept with (I guess it’s some kind of ‘trophy’ to them), but it’s hard to imagine that something like that could have so much value that selling used panties to them might be a viable business.

What you’ll learn in this post:
1) How to make money selling used panties and underwear.
2) Where NOT to try selling dirty underwear.

And yet, I can tell you that some women are making thousands of dollars a month off of just this. As you can imagine, selling used underwear online doesn’t take up all THAT much time, so you can still do something else for even madder money.

If you’re anything like I was when I first heard about this, I can just hear your mind going now: “WHY would guys pay for this?!?” Well, I’m no shrink, but I don’t necessarily think it requires mommy issues or whatever childhood traumas you might be imagining for a man to be into this. It’s probably just a biological thing.

Evolution gave us a taste, more or less, for how the opposite sex smells. The reasons for that are obvious, just like the effect that the smell of a potential mate is likely to have on someone is. Don’t worry, this works both ways as we’d expect, and there’s a smaller but still lucrative market for guys to sell their used briefs or boxers, socks, and even smelly sneakers.

Now, I can’t tell you much about who’s buying those (I’m sure it’s gay men in at least some cases), but I do know a girl who likes to cram her face into her boyfriend’s sweaty armpit during sex, so pheromones are deffo for real! And I know it may sound gross, but honestly, I don’t judge. What turns you on, turns you on. You do you.

In case you’re wondering: Yes, I do make money selling used panties online myself, so I’d like to think I have some idea what I’m talking about. I’ve also been around plenty of girls and guys in the business, both buyers and sellers, and I can tell you that it’s not JUST the smell of a woman that men are after. At least, not in most cases.

Don’t get me wrong, these guys do get turned on by sniffing used panties, and they usually take care of themselves in whatever way is good for them while they’re doing it. But the specific person that these panties come from does matter.


How NOT To Sell Used Panties Online

Basically, the kind of dude that you’re going to be selling used panties to wants to know you. He wants to have a connection with you. Best case, the guy wants to be friends with you, to a point where you’re someone he talks to online and sometimes shares some of his daily troubles and experiences with.

Having that kind of a relationship with you is what really gives your panties value for him, and makes him willing to pay you for them. This way, they almost become a sort of intimate treasure that represents the bond he has with you. Don’t worry, this only comes off creepy when you don’t actually know someone like this, to think of as a kind of friend yourself. Then it’s kinda sweet, if I’m honest.

The desire for this kind of interaction with sellers is the reason that the websites that exist for this are terrible options for selling used underwear online. They’re called pantie “marketplaces”, and they’re set up to allow girls who are selling used panties to connect with guys who want to buy them.

Their #1 problem is trust, and they’re aware enough of that to usually include some kind of verification system for sellers to at least prove that they’re women. But it’s just not enough. These websites are like the internet version of dumpy back alleys where I imagine drug deals happen.

Most of the girls refuse to show their face in the “proof” pictures they have to provide, and they usually won’t tell the buyers anything about themselves for their own protection. So the guys, as you can imagine, feel no connection and just about no trust for them.

Sellers will talk about how long their promise each pair of panties has been worn before sale, and they’ll sometimes offer tiered pricing where you pay so much for 12 hours of wear, more for 24 hours, and so on. But do the buyers believe any of it? Why should they?

I was just reading an article the other day about a girl on one of these sites who has some customers who are into scat (among other things). She does get to charge them more for that, since you generally up the price for any “special requests”, but she has to go through hell to satisfy buyers that the panties are legit. This poor girl has to have her boyfriend take video of her shitting her freaking panties, to show to her guys that they’re getting what they want.

And then the money’s just not that good for a lot of first-timers. Another girl in that article, who had fallen on some really hard financial times, invested her last chunk of change to pay the sign-up fee for a marketplace site…only to not make even a single sale after five weeks. No thanks.


Using Chaturbate For Selling Panties

I do pretty well selling used panties online, but I do it as part of my camming work on Chaturbate. Building up regulars who get to be like friends after awhile is part of a cam girl’s job anyway, and once you’ve got that fan base full of people who know you personally, like you, and above all, trust you, it’s easy to sell them panties.

These are guys who care about you as something more than the object of their sexual desires, and they’ll drop you tips at least somewhat frequently just to help you out. Why wouldn’t they buy your underwear, too?

The reason I use Chaturbate in particular is because it has huge traffic, but beyond that, so many of its members are financially well-off. This probably has to do with the fact that Chaturbate is popular among North American cam site users, and that’s a wealthy region of the world.

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Whatever the explanation, you can do really well on Chaturbate, because you find a lot of whales (big spenders) there. Whales are generous to begin with, but when you take the time to make friends with them, many will even become online sugar daddies over time.

All of my online-only sugar daddies started off as Chaturbate whales. They also make up most of my used underwear sales. These guys totally adore me, so trust isn’t an issue; they just ask for whatever kind of panties they want, and they know they’ll get it (though most of them are pretty tame, honestly).

Camming really is the way to make money selling underwear, and it’s an awesome business by itself.