How To Be a Snapchat Model


It’s easy to think, especially at first, that being a cam girl is all about turning on a webcam, taking off your clothes, and acting sexy and charming for your viewers. That’s what they want to see, after all, and your money comes directly from them, so how much more complicated could it possibly be?

Be a Snapchat Model

Quite a bit, as it turns out. It cannot be overemphasized that working as a cam girl is a business (as opposed to, strictly speaking, a “job”), and business isn’t just about sales. You’ve got to be concerned with marketing, as well, to draw in the customers who buy from you. And in this industry, one of the best ways to market yourself is through Snapchat.

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Why Snapchat Rocks For Building a Fan Base

A social media giant, Snapchat offers a great way to reach a large audience and make a name for yourself as a webcam model. It can be monetized directly, which we will discuss below, but the platform’s true power is in its potential for attracting and grooming loyal followers.

These are the sorts of fans who will patronize you not only on Snapchat, but will follow you to cam sites and add to your ranks of regulars there. Snapchat is better than your regular camming for this, because it removes the emphasis from performance and instant gratification.

Cam model snapping a pic

On a cam site, while you can and should connect with your viewers personally, there is the constant pressure to put on a show for the people who are watching (and hopefully tipping). Snapchat lets you be yourself, posting pictures and videos of your daily life along with the occasional titillating tease.

You still want to be entertaining and engaging, but you’re more free to do it in ways that make your fans feel like they’re getting to know you as a real person. This cultivates fondness and even affection toward you, and can easily lead to months of repeat business.

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There are a couple of important points to keep in mind when considering how to be a Snapchat model. First, remember that nudity is prohibited under the platform’s Terms of Service. You want to start simply enough, with a basic, public account that is visible to everyone for free, but keep all pictures and videos here PG-rated; this account is your main “face” on Snapchat, and is too important to risk.

In fact, while you certainly want to be teasing and alluring, don’t flirt with the nudity line too brazenly, as Snapchat’s policies are inconsistently enforced and people have had their accounts banned for material that doesn’t technically show controlled anatomical features.

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How To Be a Premium Snapchat Model

All of that should be saved for your “Premium” account, a separate profile that members must pay to access, and this is where we start getting into the monetization of Snapchat. There is no direct way on the website to charge and collect money – in fact, doing so is itself a violation of the ToS. But it’s not hard to do, with the help of a third-party facilitation service like FanPageTV. This site allows you to make sales over a social media account, enabling you to offer not only premium account access, but custom pictures, videos, panties, or really anything you can successfully sell to your fans.

Obviously, between the naughty stuff you’re going to have on there and the commercial activity surrounding it, your premium account may well get banned from Snapchat at any time. But if (when) this happens, FanPageTV will help you there as well, automatically notifying your subscribers when you simply switch to a new for-pay profile. Naturally, the service will take a cut of all your sales, but it’s only 25%; considering that many cam sites make you split your earnings evenly, 50-50, this is a great deal.

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The Art of The Takeover

The second important point to remember on how to be a Snapchat model is that you can’t do it alone. Realistically, you simply won’t be able to attract a sizable following by just tossing up a profile and waiting for people to notice it. You need the help of better-established players, and that is where takeovers come in.

Despite the aggressive, hostile connotation, a Snapchat “takeover” is actually quite benign. Basically, it occurs when a big fish in the adult industry pond – think Pornhub or Redtube – agrees to allow an individual person otherwise unaffiliated with them to use their well-followed Snapchat account for a day and make posts under its name.

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As you might imagine, this can be a great boon to a fledgling cam girl trying to attract eyes, as it more or less hits her target demographic directly. As such, the list of people vying to participate in a takeover is typically long. The way to set one up is by using Twitter to approach the owners of the account you’d like to take over, at which point they will usually “book” you for a particular day. You’ll want to make sure you know more or less what you’re doing before you ask for this appointment, however.

How to be a snapchat model

The most important thing to remember when you’re on a takeover is not to wing it. Again, this is a sought-after opportunity, and you’re up against a lot of other girls before and after you. But most of them aren’t particularly creative or interesting, so be creative and interesting. First, and this cannot be over-stressed: major account holders will invariably have a strict policy against any and all nudity due to the Snapchat ToS. Be nice, and respect that prohibition – do NOT get them in trouble with Snapchat!

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This pretty much means that spending the day dancing around in your bedroom is out (unless you do it with your clothes on, which wouldn’t attract many followers), so find something entertaining but non-sexual to do. Go out somewhere, or plan a particular activity. Be friendly and engaging while you’re online – remember, you want people to like you. And don’t be too obvious or direct; everyone knows you’re there to self-promote, but you don’t need to rub their faces in it by attaching a link or your name to literally every post you make. Be subtle; less is definitely more here.

The sky’s the limit when you employ social media (especially Snapchat) to market yourself and build a cohort of loyal followers. Take advantage of this opportunity!