Splenda Daddy Issues


We’ve talked quite a bit on this blog about the kind of guy we all would like to meet: the sugar daddy, a warm, generous, financially powerful man who loves to spoil a doting baby. We’ve even heard about the dreaded salt daddy, the creep who has no intention of sugaring and wastes a baby’s time with pointless meetings at best, and seeks to trick her into sex under false pretenses at worst.

What you’ll learn in this post:

1) Why Splenda Daddies are not completely worthless.
2) How to get the most out of a splenda arrangement.

Since the salt daddy is almost always not well-off in terms of money, has no interest in being generous, and is only superficially nice (he has charisma, but his true intentions make him an asshole), he’s the opposite of a sugar daddy. We can think of the two as standing at the two ends of a sugar spectrum. But there’s a third kind of “daddy” who falls smack-dab in between those extremes, right in the middle of the line. He’s too sweet to be salty, but we can’t really call him sugar. He is: the Splenda daddy.


Artificially Sweetened Daddies

Personally, I just love this term, as I think it’s hilarious, even if I’m more of an Equal kind of gal (and I recognize “Equal daddy” wouldn’t really sound right). A Splenda daddy isn’t a bad guy: he’s serious about sugaring and wants to take a baby under his wing to spoil her rotten, with no thought of using her or wasting her time. His only problem is that he doesn’t have the money to back up his generous spirit.

A Splenda daddy isn’t poor by any means (as a salt daddy often is), but he’s definitely not rich or anything close to it. He’s more likely to be comfortably middle class, meaning that he can afford to have a sugar baby…sort of.

He’ll pick you up in a nice car, and he’ll probably even take you out to dinner at a ritzy restaurant – complete with overpriced drinks and decadent desserts. But any regular allowance he’s able to pay is going to be pretty skimpy, if he offers one at all, and while a sugar daddy would shrug and say “Meh, whatever” at buying you a $2,500 dress, Mr Splenda will start sweating and think “I’m spending that much on my mortgage next week!” You probably aren’t getting the dress.

Now, a lot of girls are going to read the above paragraph, and immediately roll their eyes and swear off guys like this. What’s the point of sugaring if you don’t get your sugar, or only very little of it? I’m not really going to argue with that point of view (aside from pointing out that if you’re in sugaring JUST for the material benefits, you should probably reconsider, which goes for a lot of potentially lucrative professions and pursuits in life). Perfectly valid.

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I will say, though, that it’s not fair to think that just because a Splenda daddy can’t provide you with weekly luxury vacations and bottles of Dom Perignon to use as gargle when you brush your teeth, he’s automatically not worth your time. That determination depends on a lot of factors.


Assessing The Splenda Daddy

First, and probably most importantly, is what exactly you’re looking for in sugaring. I said above, and I’ve said before, that you shouldn’t sugar entirely for the money, but obviously one of the major reasons you or anyone is going to do this is for a taste of the good life (or at least the life that’s better than you can otherwise afford).

If a strong income and regular goodies are very important for you, then you’re better off waiting for a sweeter sugar daddy – and, of course, understanding that finding him may take some time. You could always see a Splenda daddy in the meantime, with ready plans to drop him once someone financially better comes along, but I don’t really recommend this. It can lead to a lot of complications, for everyone involved.

Splenda Daddy and Sugar Baby

There are a lot of reasons to give Splenda daddies a chance. A lot of times, the reason they aren’t at the same financial level as sugar daddies is because they’re younger and just haven’t had time to get there yet. This means you could be dating a guy who isn’t actually old enough to be your father. That’s a plus for many girls by itself, but it carries separate benefits along with it.

A younger guy is more likely to have a mindset and view of the world that’s similar to yours, since it didn’t come from a time decades before you were born (or at least, fewer decades). You could relate to and get along with this kind of daddy better, which could lead to a stronger and more fulfilling emotional bond between you. And if he’s younger, he’s probably better-looking, too!

Younger sugar daddies will generally have less money, and will be less generous, but that doesn’t mean they’re not worth your time. Splenda is still sweet, and you can learn a lot on your way to bigger things in the future.

I’ve had some experience with Splenda daddies, myself. Probably the best example was a guy, let’s say “Ted”, who I knew when I was in my early 20’s. He was a software engineer who worked from home, and seemed to make good money doing it. Still, this was probably the most financially restrictive sugar arrangement I’ve ever had. Ted insisted we have only one date a week, and any time I had some free time and texted him to see if he wanted to get together at a time that wasn’t planned in advance, he’d turn me down.

I can’t be sure this was to save money, but I did always get the feeling with him that he was keeping careful track of how much he spent on me, and that he was trying hard not to go too far over his limit (which is always a turn-off, in sugar relationships as in vanilla). Still, I don’t want to make it sound like I didn’t enjoy my time with Ted. He was a very sweet, intellectually stimulating man, and when we did see each other, he was always generous with me to the extent that he was able.

We definitely went on expensive dates, including nice dinners and theater performances where proper attire was a must. But I did get turned down for some gifts I would have liked, and my monthly allowance with him was on the low end for sugaring – $1,000. We parted after about half a year, when the company he worked for wanted to promote him, but required that he move to Silicon Valley to take the new position. I still keep up with him on social media, and he’s doing VERY well now. I’m glad.


Supplement Your Hustle With Camming

So there can certainly be reasons to stick with a daddy who’s not quite sugar. If you do decide to give it a try, though, you should definitely do camming on the side. I’ve always recommended that for most sugar babies, because the work just fits so well with the sugaring lifestyle in terms of time commitments and the requirements for success, but it’s especially important when you aren’t pulling in as much as you could from your daddy.

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As I often repeat, the best site for doing your camming is Chaturbate, for a ton of reasons. On the subject of today’s post, though, I’ll throw in that Chaturbate is good not just for cam girls, but for sugar babies too, since the high number of whales on there makes it an ideal place to find genuinely wealthy sugar daddies. Like I said before, don’t mess with Splenda daddies with the intention of using them as placeholders, but if you find one you like, there’s nothing wrong with securing other options for after the relationship runs its course.