Sugar Baby Allowance Tips


There’s a popular legend about people who win the lottery: even if they suddenly have hundreds of millions of dollars dropped into their laps, they usually end up blowing through it all in a few years. Notice that I call this a “legend” and not a “myth”, because while it seems positively legendary that someone could actually do this, it unfortunately is in no way mythical. It’s very true. Within 5 years of getting laid by Lady Luck, 70% of lottery winners declare bankruptcy.

What you’ll learn in this post:
1) The proper way to manage your sugar baby money.
2) How a sugar allowance is just the beginning.

I bring this up on the blog because it’s a problem very similar to something that many sugar babies face, or at least, it’s caused by the same thing. When you’re used to living on a tight budget (especially college-girl tight, which is the case for many babies), meeting a generous sugar daddy and experiencing the massive income jump that can mean can be disorienting. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just trust me: disorienting is the word.

When you’ve never had to do it before, you just don’t know how to handle the kind of money a good sugar baby allowance brings in. You WILL be left confused, even if all you can really feel is drunkenly giddy and happy all the time. The reality is, you’re going to have so many wrong and even dangerous assumptions about what this money really means that no one could say you actually know which way is up.


Sugar Babies Need To Manage Money Better

I’ve seen it so many times: a sugar baby starts pulling down the kind of cash she only ever dreamed of before, and she gets so lost that not only does she start spending it as fast as it can come in, she spends it Faster. In many cases, there can be no better way to end up getting buried under crushing debt than to set yourself up with a sugar baby allowance. Living in this community, I have come to discover that the capacity people have for throwing money away when it’s there to be thrown is breathtaking.

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I call it “the bottomless pit effect”, because you really do feel like you’ve found an infinitely-deep hole in the ground that’s (somehow) always filled to the top with money. “Who really cares if I overspend this month?” you may ask yourself. “I’ve got a ridiculous amount more coming in next month!” It’s not an exaggeration to say that this is a financially suicidal way to look at your good fortune.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not blind to the fact that all of this must seem like a “nice problem to have”, but it’s still a problem, and potentially a very serious one. You need to know how to handle this money, and you need to know before it shows up.

Most sugar babies run into trouble when they get a huge allowance due to lack of money management skills. You need to plan for the future and control expenses.

The most important thing to remember about your new “vast fortune” (aside from the fact that it is neither vast nor a fortune, and can easily run out) is that practically speaking, it isn’t even all yours. This should be obvious, but it usually isn’t, so think about it: there are people in your life, people you care about, who need money for something.

Your grandma needs hip surgery but can’t afford the deductible on her insurance, your sister is living in a house with a leaky roof, your best friend is so far behind on her rent that she’s literally going to be out on the street soon (or worse, crashing on your couch) if somebody doesn’t help her.

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There was nothing you could do when you yourself were living paycheck to paycheck, but now that you’ve got extra money, you can’t just leave your loved ones in the lurch. So your first task is to add up all these “essential drains” on your suddenly swelling bank account.

Your lifestyle doesn’t improve (aside from what your daddy gives you other than actual cash) until they are all paid. I’ll also mention, only briefly because the subject could fill an entire post on its own, that you may need to come up with some creative stories to explain where the money came from if you don’t want these people knowing that you’re a sugar baby.

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Once you’ve finished helping your nearest and dearest, you can finally start thinking of your sugar baby allowance as actually belonging to you. Does that mean it’s time to hit the mall and start swinging your debit card around like a dog-eared machete in the zombie apocalypse?

Um, sorry, but no. This is precisely the time when it is most important that you draw up a budget, more important than at any time when you were poor (as you were, compared to now). That’s because it’s the time when, if you don’t, the kind of reckless spending habits that will eventually leave you pulling your pockets out will take root.


Sugar Baby Allowances & Budgeting

This part may come off sounding a bit like a high school Economics class. I don’t mean to be condescending, it’s just that a lot of people really do need basic help managing money (I know that I myself slept through a lot of my own high school classes, and ended up having to learn what they were trying to teach me on my own later).

So, first, calculate exactly how much money you’ve now got coming in per month. That should be pretty easy, since unlike the precise value of gifts, dates, and other spoiling, your sugar baby allowance will usually be agreed upon in pretty exact terms before you and your daddy start going out.

Budgeting is part of the “adulting” curse we all inherit once we pass a certain age. It sucks, but it’s the best way to avoid financial apocalypse down the road. Smart sugar babies are careful with their money!

Next, figure out what percentage of that is needed to cover your basic expenses like food, rent, utilities, etc etc. Whatever that amount is, it’s obviously “off the table”; you couldn’t squander it even if you wanted to.

Now factor in a further percentage of your income that’s to be earmarked for savings. I really can’t overemphasize the importance of this. You aren’t going to be sugaring forever, and even more urgently, you almost certainly aren’t going to be with your current daddy forever. The next allowance could be less than what you’re getting now, and if it is, you’re going to wish you’d squirreled some of your money away. I recommend putting aside AT LEAST 25% of your allowance for a savings account each month, but the more you can bear to not touch, the better.

Managing your sugar baby money.

What’s left is your play money. That’s what you use to go out with friends, splurge on a Venti at Starbucks, and buy yourself whatever nice trinkets your daddy doesn’t. You still get to do all those things, you’re just doing it responsibly.

Finally, I’ll reiterate something I’ve said a million times already, but which I’ll say a million more, because it’s that important: when you’re a sugar baby, you should also be working as a cam girl. The requirements for each are so similar, and the schedules fit together so well (you get a lot of free time as a sugar baby, just not always reliably, while you can cam whenever you like), that not taking advantage of this obvious additional revenue stream just isn’t an idea that makes any sense.

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We’ll talk about this in greater depth In future posts, but for now, bear in mind that the best cam site for sugar babies to perform on is Chaturbate. It’s got a huge user base, it’s the easiest site to get started on, and it (for some reason) attracts a LOT of rich sugar daddies. The game plan writes itself: get a sugar daddy, work on Chaturbate, and manage your money wisely. These three things could literally allow you to build a foundation that will support you for the rest of your life.