Sugar Baby Brouhaha


I want to tell you guys about a really crazy incident that happened to me a few years ago at a sugar baby meetup party. I was living in Las Vegas at the time, and I decided to attend a little get-together that a friend of mine (who was also sugaring) held at her apartment near the strip. She invited a bunch of sugar babies from Vegas and LA to come over and talk about the lifestyle and all the various adventures we get to have. Well, even though she intended it to be a nice friendly gathering, it turned into a full-on brouhaha that left everybody exhausted at the end of it.

It all started when this one girl, a really obnoxious ex-stripper from Los Angeles, decided she wanted to tell stories about her experiences sugaring for some Hollywood celebrities. She dropped a lot of big names, and we frankly weren’t buying any of it. I’m usually an excellent BS detector, and my readings were going off the charts with this girl. She had an air of superiority to her that we all noticed pretty quickly upon meeting her, so she wasn’t exactly endearing herself to us as she told of all these superstar sugar daddies she supposedly had.

At one point, one of my friends who was there with me, spoke up and interrupted her while she was talking about how great it was to go to Paris with a certain major film director. This friend of mine is a total “lay it down raw” type of girl, and she just let her have it. “Girl, stop slinging all that crap, you know you didn’t go to no Paris with no J***** C*****!!” The LA goddess of sugaring reacted like her mother had just been flailed right in front of her.

“HOW DAAAAAREEEEE YOUUUU!!!” was basically what she kept repeating, as her eyes stretched so wide open that I thought they’d fall out! She and my friend totally went at it for like 20 minutes. There was more finger waving and elevated voices than you can imagine. Most of the sugar babies there started taking sides in the argument, and it turned into the biggest brouhaha that I’ve ever personally witnessed. I mean, that was some real deal girl battling.

We ended up leaving totally drained, and we didn’t learn a thing about being a sugar baby because, frankly, it was just a battle royale the whole time. It was funny though, because the friend who threw the party seemed to absolutely love all the drama. She told me afterwards that it was the most fun she’d had in her life! Haha, not for me though, mine would be the time I went to Paris!!