Are You Cut Out For Sugaring?


Something which I haven’t gone over yet about sugar baby dating, and that I really should, is what it takes for a woman to do this. We already know that to be a sugar daddy, men just need money and (since it’s usually the older guys who have deep pockets) the ability to be comfortable with dating girls young enough to be their daughters. But what about the sugar babies? Well, that should be pretty simple. It’s the easiest “job” in the world; you kick back, enjoy yourself, and get paid lavishly. Right?

Um, no. I’m certainly not going to tell you that being a sugar baby is hard work (although it can be demanding for a few reasons), but there are certain non-negotiable requirements to the lifestyle that, if you haven’t got them, then you just aren’t cut out for this and it’s better if you move on. Some of those requirements are pretty much common sense, when you think about what you’re getting into. You very much need to be a “people person”, because you’re being paid for companionship. And that’s NOT “companionship”, as in what most escorts get paid for. You’re not a hooker, honey; if that’s what you think sugar babies are, learn quick or get out. I say that with conviction, because it’s a misconception I myself had when I started sugaring. Let me tell you about that.

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Sugar Baby Dating is About Connection

The first pot I ever met with in person was a man roughly three times my age, who invited me for drinks at a hotel bar. I was a nervous wreck, but I tried to reassure myself that I wasn’t going to have to do much talking (and by the by, thinking that and letting myself feel that way were two huge mistakes). The fact that he asked to meet in a hotel told me all I thought I needed to know; I figured we’d be up in one of the rooms soon enough. By the time we sat down, I was more concerned with how I was going to emotionally handle having this stranger all over me than I was with the conversation we were having.

Mistake number three (though I made a lot of them that night, so I’ll stop counting). I pretty much just sat there looking awkward and uncomfortable, giving clipped responses to everything he said and never contributing myself. I actually feel bad (not just embarrassed) about it now, because he was being a perfect gentleman. He never said or did anything sexual or otherwise inappropriate, and all I got was that he was genuinely trying to get to know me. It was very disarming, and by the time we finished our drinks, I kind of liked him and wasn’t feeling so hesitant about what I assumed was about to happen.

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Stupid me for living in the future the whole time; let alone a future that didn’t even exist. HE didn’t like ME; I had completely blown what by all indications could have been a great sugaring relationship. He was impeccably polite, but when he “suddenly remembered” that “important thing” he needed to do, I got the message. I never heard from him again.

You’re not being paid for sex. Like in any other relationship, sex may make an appearance later (or it may not), but it isn’t why you’re there. You’re there to provide engaging, stimulating companionship to a man who could probably afford an army of paid hookers if he wanted them. He’s looking for more than sex, so you have to be willing and able to provide that. The best way to do it is honestly to stop feeling like you’re working for money and just have real fun. That can be easier said than done, and feeling nervous at first is natural, but the sooner you learn to relax, the better. (And by the way, I said I was done counting, but mistake number four in my disastrous encounter above was only ordering a club soda at that bar. Alcohol really helps you chill out.)


Can You Spare The Time?

Some of what you need to make it in sugar baby dating isn’t so obvious, though. One thing most girls never stop to consider is the fact that many sugar daddies, especially the more well-off (richer) ones, will want to steal their babies away for days or weeks at a time on exotic vacations to far-off paradises. So what’s to consider, right? Sounds pretty damn good. Well, I won’t lie: it can be. But your sugar daddy expects you to be at his beck and call for these little getaways. With what he’s paying you, you can certainly afford to be. That makes holding down a regular job, or even going to school full-time, very difficult while you’re sugaring.

Sugar Baby Dating

You might think they would be understanding, but here it helps to remember that you and your sugar daddy live in different worlds. He may be wanting to spend a week in Bimini with you to celebrate the deal he just completed that’s going to make his company millions. The fact that you need to clock in at Starbucks during that week to pay your phone bill? It’s not that he doesn’t care, it’s just that he hasn’t had to face that kind of problem in decades, if ever. Different worlds. I know a girl who lost her sugar daddy last year because she wasn’t willing to risk her job at Barnes & Noble to take her third vacation in as many months with him. When you consider how much money she was making with one versus the other, it’s easy to sympathize with how stupid she felt after, but she thought that she should “prioritize work”. The best thing you can do is just never let yourself get into this situation.

If you still need to make money while you’re sugaring (or, more likely, you just want to do SOMEthing productive with all the free time you have), I highly recommend camming. The skill sets really go together, meaning that if you’re successful at one, you’ve probably got what it takes to do well at the other. It also pays good money, especially if you’re able to land whales. Most significantly to our needs, however, it’s far more flexible than most other lines of work. Consistency IS important in camming, but if you must disappear for a week or two at a time here and there (particularly once you’re established, with loyal followers who will wait for you to return), you can get away with it.

There’s a good chance, however, that you won’t even have to be absent. I once spent two weeks in Tahiti with an elderly sugar daddy who slept a solid 12 hours a day (while we were there, anyway; he’s an early riser when he isn’t on vacation). Seriously; I’m pretty sure the hotel we were staying at was costing him every night what my rent costs me per month, but most days he wouldn’t be out of bed before noon. Me, I took the opportunity to get up with the sun and put in a solid 4-5 hours of camming every morning. My daddy didn’t mind; he just let me know when he was up, and I hastily got offline and went out with him.

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As far as school goes, that one’s trickier. You don’t want to sacrifice your education, not even for the kind of money you can make sugaring. One strategy to consider is taking a year or two off from studying to sugar (and cam) full-time, making mad money that you can save away for tuition later. There are lots of options.

Sugar baby dating can really make a huge difference in your life, so if you’ve got (or can possibly learn) what it takes to do it well, it’s a solid move; not only “professionally”, but personally. Since sugar babies aren’t prostitutes, that means that sugar daddies aren’t johns. Sure, you’re going to meet your share of assholes, but honestly, most sugar daddies are pretty decent guys. They aren’t sleazebags looking to buy a date; a lot of times, they just have so much money (I know, great problem to have) that they’re always worried women will be after them for it anyway, so they figure they may as well remove the uncertainty. You meet good people doing this, and that helps you grow as well.

Remember also that sugaring can be done online (by using webcam modeling), which allows you to remove the component of physically meeting your sugar daddy if that’s making you feel hesitant. You have to be good at camming (it’s whales that turn into online sugar daddies, so you have to be able to attract whales) to do it, but it’s definitely possible. I’ve been doing it myself for years, and so have a lot of other girls I know. You can make serious money this way, just as you can doing it in person.