Sugar Daddy Dating Tips


Getting into sugaring can be hard. It’s not so much making the decision that you want to do it, then going about actually finding a prospect for sugar daddy dating; that part’s relatively easy. More than anything, it’s that first meeting with an interested guy that’s difficult.

The tense, awkward atmosphere, the nervousness, the uncertainty that you both feel toward each other, all come together to make this first date quite possibly the single worst thing about sugaring.

I can handle just about any of the other things that have happened to me for the love of sugar, like giving up good jobs and even being found out and harassed by angry wives, but it’s my botched initial meetings that still have the power to make me cringe years later. No pressure, girls, but you really, REALLY want to get these right.

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So here I am, your faithful Lil Sugar Plum, here to offer what I hope will be some helpful advice on these difficult but important encounters. I like numbered lists (as you may have noticed by now), so I went for my top 5 most essential tips for first-time sugar daddy dating. In no particular order, they are:


1) Dress for the Occasion

It seems like common sense, but in my experience, it isn’t for a lot of girls. Your first date is also where you make your first impression; I mean, they’re even sharing a word, there. So doll yourself up nicely, appropriate to where you’ll be going. I mean, obviously you’re not going to wear a fancy prom dress to dinner at Denny’s, but I can almost guarantee you won’t have that problem.

Most daddies, when they date sugar babies, will be trying pretty hard to impress her the first time out. In all likelihood, you’re going to be invited to the bar of a luxury hotel or a table at a high-end restaurant. If you don’t dress like it, you’re going to look like you don’t care about yourself, don’t respect your prospective sugar daddy, and aren’t taking this whole thing seriously. Wear nice clothes; and while you’re at it, don’t forget the fresh-shaven legs and pits, perfume, and maybe a bit of tasteful jewelry.


2) Mind Your Body Language

A surprising number of girls shrug off my first point as unimportant (it isn’t), but it seems like even more don’t even think of this one. It’s perfectly understandable to be nervous, even very nervous, during your first meeting with a new sugar daddy. But you have to be careful not to let that blind you to the importance of the subtle visual cues you give off.

Did you know that folding your arms tightly over your chest has been psychologically proven to be a “protective” gesture made by people who are feeling threatened and uneasy? A lot of sugar daddies do know this. Try sitting with your hands in your lap and empty palms facing upward; the position looks like the beginning of a hug and simultaneously gives you an appearance of slight vulnerability, which sends reassuring signals to anyone who sees you.

Make eye contact; it conveys confidence in yourself and interest in the person you’re with, as opposed to the preoccupation and fear you give off when you avoid their eyes. And for God’s sake, SMILE, brightly and often. It helps to remember that most guys are just as nervous as you when they date sugar babies, but their #1 turnoff is thinking you don’t care about the time you spend with them. You like it when other people make you feel important; do the same for them.


3) Fish for Interests

This actually builds off of what I just said about making your prospective daddy feel important. You want to use this initial conversation to get a feel for the kinds of things that interest this person, then enthusiastically converse about them. Show a desire to learn about him by asking what he’s into, then go down the roads he opens up. Don’t make it all about you.

You probably won’t have to; your daddy will most likely try to get a feel for who you are as well. Answer his questions completely and unreservedly, then follow up by getting back to him. He’ll feel like you aren’t holding anything back, but that your focus really is on him. And if feeling like you don’t care about him is his biggest turnoff, what do you suppose that makes thinking you’re totally absorbed and engaged in everything about him?


4) Lying is for Rugs

It sounds corny, but I’ve found that in sugar daddy dating, honesty really is the best policy. There’s just too much drama otherwise. I’ve seen what happens when a baby tries to have more than one daddy at a time while telling each that she’s all his; sooner or later, she gets caught, and then there’s no end to the heartburn.

If you have another daddy or are planning to look for one, be up front with the pot about it during your first meeting; let him walk away then and there if he’s going to, before any feelings have grown or promises have been made (and that’s not to say things are guaranteed to go well if you’re honest about having multiple sugar daddies, but your chances are far greater).

Likewise, be truthful about other things, too: if the prospective daddy expresses an interest in something you know absolutely nothing about, don’t fake understanding. Tell him humbly that you aren’t familiar with that subject, but would he mind educating you about it?

And please, please, in the holy name of Sugar, don’t pull the tired old “bait and switch” of posting some supermodel’s picture on your online profile to lure in a guy you’re about to meet in person. Seriously, how short-sighted can you get? Just use the most flattering possible REAL picture of you, and let the dice fall where they may.


5) Punctuality Pays

Not to over-generalize, but sugar daddies tend to fall within a specific profile: they’re hard-working, financially successful, and have at least some experience in business (either as an outright owner, or in some type of management). And you don’t achieve any of those things, let alone all three, without a deep respect for the importance of punctuality.

These guys lead professional lives that, perhaps for decades now, have been repeating to them on a daily basis that people who can’t keep appointments with you don’t respect you, care nothing for your time, and are probably just playing around.

At the very least, they reason, such people’s heads aren’t in the game and they’re not serious. They carry that same attitude with them when they date sugar babies, so don’t be one of those people! If the date is for 6:30 at the Ritz-Carlton, don’t take that as a “ballpark” time window. Be there at 6:30.

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Matter of fact, never mind that; plan to get there at 6:20 so you have time to find a nice place to sit while you wait. And when you actually do arrive 10 minutes ahead of schedule, don’t be surprised if your date is already seated, and has been there since 6:00 (don’t worry, he won’t mind the time he’s been waiting, as long as he was early).

Let me close by repeating something I’ve said before: the best thing you can possibly do in sugar daddy dating in general is to relax and have fun. I realize there are times when that’s difficult, though, and stressful occasions like the all-important first dates are definitely on the list. If you’re finding it hard to chill (even with a couple of hard drinks in you, which I do recommend), just keep these tips in mind, and you’ll do fine.