Sugar Daddy Websites


Probably THE primary means sugar babies use to connect with daddies, at least for in-person arrangements, are the various sugar daddy websites which exist specifically to facilitate these kinds of relationships. It occurred to me that I haven’t yet talked at great length about these sites, and that I probably should, as they can play a huge part in your sugaring experience.

What you’ll learn in this post:

1) How exactly sugar dating sites work, and which is the best.
2) What “salt daddies” are, and why you need to avoid them.
3) How to find online-only sugar daddies.

For many or even most people, they make it possible to be in the lifestyle at all. But are they any good, and are they worth it?

The Mechanics of Sugar Dating Sites

Let’s start by going over exactly what these sites are, and how they work. Sugar baby websites are very similar to traditional dating websites like and Plenty of Fish, in that they provide a place where men and women can each post “profiles” describing themselves, their interests, and what they are looking for in a partner. Those who believe they may be compatible are free to exchange messages and get to know one another, potentially leading to a meeting in real life if and when they feel comfortable enough.

Sites dedicated to sugaring are divided, obviously, between sugar daddies (and sugar mommies, a much smaller but very real group) and sugar babies, and usually include additional features catering specifically to the lifestyle, such as mechanisms for daddies to prove their financial resources and be “certified” by the site for the convenience of babies. One of the largest and most successful of these websites is easily; competitors exist, but most are much smaller and of much lesser quality. I really can’t recommend any of these sites other than; it’s far from perfect, but worlds better than the others.

Click here for my online-only sugar baby guide!

Now, I have to warn you that none of these sites are in any way a magic bullet, and you will probably have to put up with your share of grief before finding a good, solid daddy. The biggest problem by far you’re going to encounter out there are the “time wasters”, the ones who are sure to deluge any female profile with messages feigning interest in getting to know the girl ostensibly for the purpose of making an arrangement.

These guys will string you along for weeks, even months depending on how sad and lonely they are, all the while knowing nothing will ever come of it. Most of them are so ecstatic just to be talking to what they think is a human being with breasts and a vagina, they’ll happily continue the charade for as long as their subject is willing to do so.

Taken in small doses, such people are harmless enough (even if annoying as all fuck), but in the quantities you’re likely to see on sugaring websites, they can eat up so much of your time as to REALLY slow you down and present a real and completely unnecessary obstacle to finding an actual daddy. Of course, some of these guys are an order of magnitude worse, and we call them “salt daddies”.

Use sugar daddy sites to screen out the time-wasters.

Salt daddies are pretty much the scum of the Earth. They’re the ones who will not only waste your time online with fake correspondence, but will take it so far as to arrange an actual first date with you, all without ever intending to begin a sugar relationship. Sometimes they do this just for the “thrill” (it is to them) of meeting and talking to you, presumably because this is further than they can get with women without using false pretenses.

Sugar daddy websites that help you avoid the time-wasters are the only ones you should use. An income verification feature is essential.

Since they know this meeting isn’t going anywhere, they often enjoy saying or even doing wildly inappropriate things that I imagine even they know would never actually work. This was the case with one pot I met early in my sugaring days, at a dive bar. Of course, I now know (and suspected at the time, I admit, but I was naive) that the seedy venue he suggested was a dead giveaway, though unfortunately you can’t always count on salt daddies to be so transparent. We managed to find a relatively quiet table to sit and talk, and almost immediately I knew something was off. His preoccupation with my appearance was obsessive.

The first couple of compliments about how nice I looked were fine, but he kept at it, seemingly every other sentence finding some new physical attribute of mine to praise. My hair looked so soft, my teeth were so white, my shoes made my feet look pretty (yes, he actually said this. Finally, he mentioned that my breasts had a “delicate swell” under my dress, and that was when I really knew this guy wasn’t serious.

Salt daddies are the bane of sugar dating. Learning how to avoid them is one of the first skills you need to acquire.

I had started thinking of a polite excuse to get up and leave (I should have just left) when he asked me unreservedly, “Are your boobs real?” I blinked and replied, “Excuse me?” He grinned and said, “No offense, it’s just I can always tell. May I?” Then without waiting for me to actually say he may (which I wasn’t about to do), he reached across the table and poked my cleavage with his bare finger. That was it; I tossed my Long Island Iced Tea in his face, told him to fuck off, and stormed out. I saw him smiling like a troll even with a face full of liquor, and heard him calling behind me, “Thanks for the feel!” I went home and threw up.

Experiences like that are one of the reasons I recommend over other sugar baby websites. Their system of allowing prospective daddies to verify their income makes it easier for sugar babies to know who’s serious. It’s not full-proof, and the site still has its problems, but it’s the best option out there by a good margin. I’ll point out that Mr. Pokey-Booby up there came from another website, not

The Online-Only Sugar Daddy Alternative

One way to avoid problems like this entirely is to consider online-only sugaring, at least at first. It’s a good way to “practice” for sugaring in person, and teaches you a lot about the lifestyle in a much safer arena, but honestly, there are solid reasons to just keep this online altogether. You can do just as well financially with online sugaring as you can with a physical daddy, much of the drama you have to deal with in person isn’t found online, and for some reason, online daddies tend to be much less sexually interested in their babies.

Most sugar babies don’t realize that online-only arrangements are a thing now, and they can be just as lucrative as in-person arrangements.

I will always have fond memories of a daddy I met on Chaturbate (generally the best site for this) who literally treated me like his daughter, to the point where he once told me to cover up when he saw my body exposed on webcam.

As you might imagine, the online versions of salt daddies are much easier to avoid. Online-only sugaring is best arranged over cam sites, and while there are plenty of guys on cam sites who will try to waste your time, they won’t succeed if you know what you’re doing. It’s Camming 101, really: you don’t even bother talking to viewers in the channel who don’t tip you. And at Chaturbate, the site will actually tell you which members have tokens to spend, and which don’t!

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When money is expected to be shown up-front (unlike with physical sugaring), it’s much harder for the salt daddies to get their foot in the door. If you’re willing to give up some of the benefits of sugaring in person, online-only arrangements can be just as fulfilling as anything you’ll find on the sugar daddy websites out there. Be sure to check out my online sugar baby guide here!