Top 5 Tips For Cam Girls


Alright, today I’m talking to the newbies again, the girls who have decided they want to do camming but need some help with the basics. I’ve written down five important cam girl tips that I think will help anyone new to the business, and I’ll post them below. Some of them may seem like common sense, but I’m going to try to expand a little on each one, to give you details on how best to implement them. Before I get to that, though, let me quickly go through a few miscellaneous (but essential) points about getting started as a cam girl.

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The choice of which cam site to use as your first host is important, but fortunately, it’s not hard. Your best play is to go with Chaturbate, because it commands a huge amount of traffic. Your earning potential right out of the gate is a lot stronger than it would be on other sites, and new girls aren’t stamped out by fierce competition as occurs elsewhere. Personally, I use MyFreeCams (MFC), but that’s my decision as an established cam girl. I’ve also done very well on Chaturbate in the past, and I know countless girls making a mint there right now. Do yourself a favor, and start with Chaturbate. You’ll expand later from there.

Something else I really want to emphasize in the preamble is to stay away from the “premium” cam sites that try to charge viewers to see nudity or explicit performances. Definitely don’t use them now, and I wouldn’t even recommend them later when you’re looking for more sites. They simply use an outdated business model that is on its way out. Free cams are obviously the future; people just don’t pay to see naked girls on the Internet, it doesn’t work that way. Besides which, those premium sites are vampires to their models, taking upwards of 70% of a cam girl’s earnings. With the free sites, 50% is more the standard, with some going as low as 40%.

Alright, that’s enough of that. Let’s get to the list of cam girl tips.

Hot tips for new cam girls.

1) Be Friendly

This is probably the most important tip to keep in mind throughout your entire camming career. You are not, repeat NOT, there to get naked and look sexy. In fact, nudity is only one strategy (if a common one) that can be used to succeed as a cam model; there are girls at the top who never take their clothes off for the camera. What you really need to do out there is be warm, entertaining, and engaging. Don’t just sit there; talk about your day, share your interests, and make the viewers see you as a human being rather than a sex object. That will get a few tips rolling in, but more importantly, it will cause people to like you and potentially become regulars. Regulars are your lifeblood in camming; even a small core of them can provide a solid monthly income that has surprisingly little fluctuation.

2) Persistence Pays

Camming is ultimately a business, and sometimes, businesses take time to start showing a profit. You can’t expect to be raking in the cash right away; instead, use your earliest days as a cam model to plant seeds that will yield a harvest in the future. That means you need to work every day; yeah, every single day, for at least the first month. Get yourself out there, and get seen. That’s how you build up your first batch of regulars, who might have lost interest and forgotten about you if they weren’t seeing you all the time.

This is advice I gave to a friend of mine who wanted to get into camming, but quit after her third day because she wasn’t getting tips and assumed it would always be that way. I begged her to keep at it, and showered her with promises that the money would come if she just continued showing up. But, no: a minimum-wage job at a movie theater paid her more than she was making camming at that time, so she went with the cinema. This girl is gorgeous, friendly, and has everything else it takes to be a successful cam model, except patience. If she had gone on grinding like I told her to, she would be making many, many times by now what she’s pulling down at that stupid theater; AND she wouldn’t smell like popcorn all the damn time.

3) Use Twitter

I can’t possibly over-stress that physically sitting in front of the webcam is only part of the job. You also have to spend time promoting yourself off the site, to get more viewers when you actually are camming. For cam models around the world, Twitter is the central hub for doing this. You need to create a new Twitter account, one used solely for your camming career, and load it up with your pictures and videos. Since lots (and lot and lots) of cam models use Twitter, you will probably make friends with some of them there, which will allow you to help each other (retweet each other’s messages to reach more people, do joint shows so you each gain access to the other girl’s followers, etc).

The exposure will definitely pay long-term dividends as more and more regular people see you and decide to check out your cam shows, but it may interest you to know that it also offers an opportunity to get around the usual waiting period (discussed above) before you start making good money. That’s because if a whale notices you on Twitter and decides that he likes you, he may end up visiting you on Chaturbate. And if that happens, baby it’s gonna rain.

4) Know When To Cam

In general, the exact times that you go on webcam each day aren’t particularly important, so long as you’re consistent in those times and you don’t appear randomly so that no one can find you. When you’re first starting, though, it’s best to aim for North American prime-time, because that’s when you’ll have the largest audience online, including the biggest tippers. Again, less of a big deal later, when you have regulars who will follow you into Hell (or another time slot), but for now, watch your hours and work them every day.

5) Add A Little Sugar

Like I mentioned in my last blog post, some girls will use the tag “sugar baby” on their public channels, to indicate that they are open to the possibility of a sugar relationship. Be one of those girls. Online sugar daddies are very, very real, and so is the impact they can have on your income. I’ve seen other girls do this and I do it myself, so there is no question for me that you can get a sugar daddy on a cam site who will be happy to keep the entire relationship online.

All you have to do to maintain that relationship is text and talk on the phone, though your daddy will probably want to talk to you a lot. This isn’t a bad thing, since you will probably enjoy your time with him totally aside from the money and gifts he gives you. Just be prepared for the time commitment, and make sure you’re comfortable communicating with people in this way.

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This last tip is one of the reasons I recommend Chaturbate for your first camming website; I’m not sure why, but it seems to work best for finding online sugar daddies. Add to that what we covered before, like the big audience and less cut-throat environment, and you really want to get your start on that site. I’ve known girls who I’m sure failed at camming entirely because they chose the wrong site to get their feet wet. Be smart, and go with Chaturbate. You can signup here.