Top 10 Sugar Baby Tips


So I’ve been having this problem where I want to share information here about how to do well as a sugar baby, but I always end up focusing on a single subject and not even touching on much else. Some of this is unavoidable, as I don’t want to leave out important details about the topics I cover, but I also don’t want anyone reading “ is the best place to find sugar daddies” and thinking they know all they need to know to jump in with both feet. So I’m going to take this post to summarize what I think are the ten most essential things for a sugar baby to remember. I might individually cover some or all of these in greater depth later on, but for now, doing it this way lets me get a lot down on the digital screen.

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1) Educate Yourself

I can’t say it enough: You’re not just there to be arm candy. Your sugar daddy is looking for an engaging, interesting partner, and that means you have to be able to hold a conversation with him. Interests vary from person to person, of course, and you’ll want to brush up on whatever your particular daddy is into once you know him, but you can prepare on some general topics in the mean time. Most sugar daddies will be older than you, maybe as close as their 40’s (rarely younger than that) and possibly as far as their 60’s or beyond. Guys that age tend to follow the news and enjoy discussing current affairs, so read up on what’s happening in the world and stay current. Focus on politics, finance, and world events. Form an opinion on anything that happened recently, and be ready to talk about it.


2) Bring your “A” Game to Your First Meeting

Your first encounter with a pot (potential sugar daddy) is not a hookup! In fact, it’ll do you good to adopt a policy against having sex the first time you meet a pot. You want to focus on getting to know him, explaining your expectations, and listening to his, all while being sweet and attractive (physically and otherwise). I totally blew my first initial meeting because I was nervous and thought I was just there for sex, and I regret it to this day.


3) Prioritize Your Appearance

You’re not JUST arm candy, but one of the reasons your sugar daddy is with you is because he likes the way you look (and the way he looks when he’s seen with you). You’ll probably have a lot of free time when you’re in one of these relationships, so use some of it to work out at a good gym, shop for some nice makeup, and get yourself some pretty clothes aside from what your daddy is buying you. Trust me, you can afford all this stuff now.


4) Stand Up For Yourself

There’s an obvious power imbalance in a sugar dating relationship, because you’re being paid for your companionship, so you obviously owe something in return. But that doesn’t mean you owe EVERYthing your daddy can possibly imagine. Don’t be bullied into doing anything that makes you profoundly uncomfortable, because you’ll regret it in the long run. There’s a line to be drawn here between things you’d rather not do and things that make you sick to your stomach, but that’s for you to draw. I once had a sugar daddy who asked that I literally address him as “daddy” all the time. Not really my bag, but whatever, right? I didn’t mind too much, and I soon got used to it. On the other hand, a friend of mine knew a guy who wanted her to dress up in his actual daughter’s clothes and act like her in sexual roleplay with him. Now if that’s your thing, I ain’t judging, but for me (and my friend), it’s a deal-breaker. Don’t push yourself too far.


5) Be Prepared to Get Attached

These relationships start off an awful lot like a business transaction, with agreed-upon expectations and payments. After that, though, there’s a reason I call them “relationships”. You’re going to be spending a lot of time with your daddy, some of it possibly under intimate circumstances. You’re at least going to develop warm feelings towards him, and maybe more. If you think you’re going to go for months or even years with this guy and never start experiencing genuine affection for him, you’re deluding yourself. Don’t deny it, just be ready for it, and know in advance how far you’re willing to let your emotions go before it’s time for you to back out.


6) Show Gratitude

Something I’ve noticed is common among sugar daddies (and generous people in general) is that they’re easily offended. The feeling seems to be that when you give and give and give, the least to which you’re entitled is that the beneficiary not be a total bitch about it. I don’t think it’s anybody’s fault; to be honest, it seems natural, and kind of fair. Don’t ever act like your daddy “owes” you something. He’s either going to live up to his end of the bargain, or the relationship isn’t going to last, but either way, being petty will get you nowhere. Be grateful for what he gives you, and never dismissive. Always smile and say “thank you”, and punctuate it with a hug and a kiss once in awhile.


7) Consider Reciprocal Gifts

Your daddy is a human being, too, and human beings love getting presents (isn’t that why you’re doing this?). If you happen to know there’s something in particular that he wants, and it isn’t TOO expensive, you can surprise him with a gift once in awhile. Yeah, the point of the relationship is that you be on the receiving end of material goodies, and he can probably afford a thousand of whatever you buy him on his own, but the fact that you thought of him is what’s important. Don’t get too hung up on the logistical weirdness of giving things to someone who’s paying you money, either; just be nice every now and again.


8) If Daddy is Rich, Your Job You Must Ditch

Don’t even try to hold down a regular job while dating a millionaire sugar daddy. Just don’t. The odds are strong he’s going to want to take you on frequent vacations for weeks at a time, often with little advance notice. It plays havoc with a work schedule, and will eventually end up forcing you to choose between your daddy and your boss. That’s not a fun position to be in, so don’t get in it. Once you’ve been with a rich daddy for a couple weeks (shouldn’t take longer than that), you’ll know whether it’s going to last for at least a little while. If it is, quit the job and don’t look back. Believe me, it’s worth it, and there will be plenty of time for you to make extra money camming (which doesn’t require a strict schedule) anyway.

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9) Be Discreet

Most sugar daddies are married, and in a majority of those cases, a wife finding out about you is the end of your sugar-spree. All the same, you’d be surprised how careless and downright stupid some guys can be with their phones. The best thing you can do is not exchange steamy texts with a married sugar daddy, but if it’s a turn-on for him, make sure he knows to keep it away from his wife. I once lost a millionaire sugar daddy because his wife found “pictures” of me on his phone. To be honest, I had been hounding his ass to be careful, just like I’m telling you to do, so there isn’t really much more I could’ve done. But I know I’d have kicked myself for months if I hadn’t tried my best to keep things hush-hush.


10) Have Fun

Technically, you’re doing this for pay, but sugar baby dating relationships are way more complicated than a business transaction. While you have to keep an eye on pleasing your daddy, I’ve found that more often than not, just going with the flow and having a good time is the best way to keep him happy. Most sugar daddies want you to have fun, too, and they’ll enjoy themselves more if they know you are. So yeah, give him what he wants (within reason), but don’t wind yourself up stressing out about it. Learn to let go.

Alright, that’ll do it for now. Like I said, I’ll probably expand on these in the future. Watch this space!