I Want a Sugar Daddy – Online Only


People tend to think of sugaring as an in-person sort of activity. That makes a lot of sense. I mean, if a guy is going to drop the kind of money that usually bleeds from his wallet when he’s a sugar daddy, he’s going to at least want the person benefiting from that generosity to be physically with him, providing physical companionship (and maybe, or maybe not, something else physically), right?

What you’ll learn in this post:

1) How online-only sugar daddy relationships work.
2) Where you can find online-only daddies easily.

As it turns out, not necessarily. There’s such a thing as the online-only sugar daddy, where daddy and baby communicate entirely over the Internet (and, usually, by phone). It seems weird to a lot of people, who figure guys would want something more tangible for what they’re paying. But it’s very real.


How Online-Only Differs From Normal Sugar Daddy Dating

Before getting into online-only sugaring, let’s take a moment to go over the traditional deal, to make it easier to contrast later on. Basically, in sugaring as it’s normally understood, a (usually young) woman agrees to date a (usually older) man whom she maybe wouldn’t under normal circumstances, but the man she’s with has at least a comfortable amount of money and is willing to pamper her with it.

He regularly buys her gifts, gives her a weekly or monthly “allowance” in cash, and takes her to dine at nice restaurants or perhaps stay at nice hotels with him.

There may be other aspects of compensation to the relationship, depending on the couple, such as the sugar daddy paying his baby’s rent, college tuition, or some other expenses. Of course, defining it this way makes the woman involved sound like a straight gold-digger, and the man a desperate loser in every way other than financially.

My focus in this post isn’t really to discuss perceptions vs. realities in sugaring, so I won’t get sidetracked responding to that view – except to say that it’s extremely superficial, and people who sugar together often develop very real feelings for one another and stay together for reasons beyond just money.

Sugar daddy and sugar baby.

As you can imagine, the structure of this relationship can change in some pretty drastic ways when it’s taken exclusively online. Sugar babies usually meet their online-only sugar daddy for these kinds of arrangements on cam sites, where a “whale” (a very, very generous user) takes a liking to a particular model, and begins showering her with tips and requests for paid private shows.

The two will usually get to know each other by exchanging messages over the camming platform, then in time, will quietly take their communications off-site (cam girls don’t want their site to know they’re talking to customers elsewhere) to Skype, texts, and actual phone calls.

Online-Only Sugar Daddies With No Meeting Required…

Now, of course, what a sugar baby does with her daddy watching her on webcam is between her and Papa Sugar, but I have to point out that this kind of arrangement very often does not include a sexual component at all. The sugar daddy may want virtual companionship more than he wants physical gratification, or he may come to develop paternal rather than romantic feelings for the baby, or he might just be married and have no opportunities to safely interact with her in that way.

Whatever the case, it happens a lot that online-only sugar daddies just want to talk, on perfectly innocent subjects. Regardless, the money that sugar daddies drop on these relationships is no less than what they’d spend if they saw the girl in person: they’ll usually give her cash directly via Paypal or similar sites, and they’ll buy and mail her all sorts of expensive gifts. Obviously, there’s no “dating” in the traditional sense of going out together, and even if their talks do get steamy, they can’t become physical.


Why Would a Sugar Daddy Want to be Online-Only?

The first response I usually get when I describe this kind of arrangement, from people who hadn’t heard of it before, is something along the lines of “why would a guy do that?” It’s a fair enough question. I mentioned that sugar daddies aren’t spending any less money, at the end of the day, on their online sugar babies as they would if they just found a local one, who could provide whole new dimensions of companionship.

It doesn’t even have to be a sexual thing: even if a man were just spending quality time with his actual, biological daughter, wouldn’t he rather see and talk to her in person than only over webcam and the phone?

Honestly, I could write a whole post just on why guys seek online-only sugar babies, but the bottom line is the same: they do. I’ve been in these relationships myself, and I’ve seen my friends in them. People who haven’t experienced online sugaring often file it away with unicorns and Elvis sightings, but I can tell you it is very real.

Why would a daddy want an online-only sugar baby?

A good friend of mine, whom we can refer to as “Judy”, once had an online sugar daddy for about two years, starting when she got to college. She was seeing a married, successful attorney who often worked very long days (14 hours or more wasn’t unusual for this guy), so in that case, he was probably looking online because he wouldn’t have had time to date anyone in person even if he could get around his wife. What’s most striking about their arrangement is that Judy only talked to him for one hour a night, six days a week.

That’s literally all he had time for. She knew to leave the time between 9 and 10 PM open for him, when they would usually chat on the phone. Sometimes they’d do a video call or Judy would go on webcam for him, but even then, he never asked for any sexual performances. He genuinely just liked seeing her.

A sugar daddy will often have a super hectic life, so physical relationships can be impractical. Online-only sugaring delivers the emotional intimacy and companionship he’s looking for, without being too time-consuming.

From what Judy has told me, they’d usually talk about his work, and she’d help him de-stress (apparently he was always wound up over his job). After an hour, he’d need to go to bed to prepare for the next day, and that was it. It worked out great for Judy, as she used to tell me before meeting this guy, “I want a sugar daddy who doesn’t take up all of my time.” Mission accomplished!

For this therapy, Judy got a monthly allowance of $3000, and soooo many shoes. Judy loved shoes, and her daddy always spoiled her with them, usually buying her pairs worth more than her allowance was. It started looking crazy even to me, but according to Judy, he loved doing it, just to see her reaction when he called her after she’d received her latest present.

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Judy met this daddy on Chaturbate, which in general is the best place for girls to find their online-only sugar daddy. Chaturbate gives cam models the ability to put “tags” on their rooms, which some will use to put up signs saying they’re looking for sugar daddies. I’m sure there are reasons beyond that to explain why it’s such a useful site for these kinds of relationships to start, but I couldn’t tell you what they are.

All I know is, like Judy, I want a sugar daddy who leaves me at least a little time to myself, and Chaturbate is definitely the place to find it. You can sign up quick and easy at this link.