Getting Started in Webcam Modeling


Being a webcam model can be extremely lucrative, and really, it’s just a smart move to make in your “professional” life while you’re young. But I think a lot of girls have only very vague ideas of what it’s like (most of which are usually wrong), or no idea at all. So let’s cover webcam modeling today: what it is, how to do it, and why it’s such a good life play.


The Basics of Camming

To start with the basics, the first thing you’re going to need (besides a computer, internet connection, and webcam, obviously) is a cam site host. What that means in this context is a specialized website that allows a webcam model to broadcast on their network. The reason you need a cam site like this is because these sites are where viewers know to go when they want to see cam girls. When you set up an account there as a performer, you’ll be given your own channel, essentially a public chat room with a video stream, from which to broadcast. When you’re online, anyone who wants to see you can do so, and you’ll be shown a running list of screen names representing your viewers at any given time.

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And when I say “anyone”, I really mean anyone; at least, anyone who visits the site. For the vast majority of webcam modeling sites now, there is no cost for interested viewers at this point to come and simply watch you do your thing, and this is the backbone of the industry’s business model. We’re on the internet, here, a place that allows horny guys to get porn from their computer as easily as they can get a drink of water from their refrigerator, and for the same price. While there are some cam sites that still operate under a “premium” model of charging for access, we won’t discuss them here, because they’re holdovers from the past and, frankly, you can do a lot better on the “free” cam sites.

Learning to be a webcam model.

So, how do free cam sites work? The money comes in when visitors choose to make payments in exchange for digital “tokens”, which are basically the currency of the site. These tokens can be given to models at the user’s discretion as tips, which are credited to that girl’s earnings. They can also be used to buy private shows with a webcam model, and sometimes a few other things depending on the site. Every pay period (which is usually weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly), the host cam site will pay the model in real money according to how many tokens she earned, minus their take, which goes towards traffic acquisition, site maintenance, and affiliate payouts. Different sites have different size takes, but it’s usually around half of what members spend.

The two largest free cam sites currently in the market are MyFreeCams (usually known as MFC), and Chaturbate. Both are good, but of the two, Chaturbate is king and the better choice for beginners. It’s a more forgiving platform for inexperienced models, as competition between cam girls there isn’t as fierce as it can be on some other sites, and the huge audience makes it much easier to start making money sooner. Their take is also only 40%, which is very competitive among webcam modeling sites. I definitely recommend Chaturbate as the place to get your feet wet, and you’ll probably want to stick with it even when you’re ready to branch out and perform on other sites as well.


Webcam Model “Regulars”

Alright, but come on, does this really work? I know you’re thinking it. You go on this site, take your clothes off, and perform with toys, which anyone can watch for free, and your entire income from doing this depends on people voluntarily choosing to give you money they don’t have to? Am I even serious here?

Yes I am, baby, and I’ll tell you why: because you’re NOT SELLING NUDITY, or even sexual performances — at least not primarily. Thinking you are is the number one mistake you can make as a cam girl, and it WILL destroy your earning potential. Like I said, guys can see naked women getting down in a million places online, and they don’t have to pay for it. Meanwhile, I know top-earning cam girls who never even get naked or do so only during private shows. That’s because what they’re really selling is what you need to be selling if you want to make it: your personality, your attention, and to a certain degree, your friendship.

Camming regulars

You want to get guys to like you; you, personally, as a real human being with a real life, not as a faceless porn star available literally for free and forgotten after the day’s bout of self-love. Guys who like you will come back to watch you perform frequently, often tipping each time. Eventually (and especially if you message them directly and connect with them, which you should if they’re tipping well), they may come to care about you as a friend. No free porn site can compete with that.

These guys are called your “regulars”, and they will make or break your business as a webcam model. They’re the ones who will tip you consistently, buy private shows and other content from you, and basically provide the foundation of your earnings. That’s why it takes time to start making money from camming, and why you shouldn’t expect instant results (or quit when you don’t see them, as a lot of girls do). Your first job when you’re starting out is to build up your regulars.

The way to do that is to be friendly and engaging in your performances. Don’t just sit there naked resentfully bitching about how no one’s tipping you enough for you to bother performing. You do that, you’re done. Instead, show that you’re a real person with more than just a nice body. Talk about your day, what you did with your friends, or what you’re studying in school. Most importantly, go into your interests, so guys watching your channel who share them can start to bond with you. You won’t hit it off with every guy who enjoys juggling just because you do (though try doing that on cam sometime!), but you will with enough of them to start cultivating your regulars.


Respect Your Cam Girl Schedule

Of course, all the friendliness and common interests in the world won’t help if guys can’t find you. That’s why the single most important thing in getting regulars (and therefore in camming, generally) is to be consistent about your performance times. It doesn’t matter so much what your exact hours are (if you want to work all night and sleep all day, go for it), but once you set them, stick to them. In fact, it’s usually a good idea to post the times you’re online on your model profile. It’s simple: if someone likes you today, but doesn’t see you tomorrow, that’s the end of his warm feelings for you. He gets no opportunity to grow them.

By the way, most cam sites will allow you to maintain “wish lists” of items you would like to receive as gifts, and this is one of the areas where regulars can really shine. I once put a $700 Versace bath robe on my Chaturbate wish list, completely fucking around; I never for a minute thought I’d actually get it. So imagine my surprise when one of my more devoted regulars snatched it up, and it appeared on my doorstep a few days later. Don’t ever think things like that don’t happen.


The Sugaring Option

Let me close by giving you some more details on another subject I’ve talked about before: online sugar daddies. This also emphasizes my earlier point about webcam modeling not being about nudity and sex; in fact, when you’re going for a sugar daddy on a cam site, it’s probably best that you not get naked in your performances. These are typically older men who have long grown out of the hot male lust of their youth, and now simply desire female companionship. Their attention is surprisingly chaste, and usually warm and even paternal.

They want your friendship, and are not there to see your tits; I once went into a private chat with an online sugar daddy wearing nothing but an open robe, and he told me to go put some clothes ON before we continued, lest I get sick. He paid to talk to me, mostly about the subjects I was studying in school with a smidgen of politics thrown in, for roughly two hours.

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Online sugar daddies come from whales (big, big spenders), and whales come naturally with time. They are usually attracted to a more popular, better performing webcam model over a newcomer, so they aren’t something you should expect to land right away. But they WILL happen if you do this long enough and are even a smart about it.

Once you do get an online sugar daddy, your ship has really come in as a webcam model. These guys will routinely give you monstrous tips and buy you expensive gifts just to make you happy. And all they ask in return is that you maintain a close, but almost always platonic relationship with them.

Obviously, I can only scratch the surface of camming in any single post here, but I think I managed to impart a lot of useful information. The bottom line is, being a cam girl is a solid, lucrative move, and as long as you approach it with the right understanding and the right attitude, it can result in a very generous income. But it’s not something you can do all your life, or even usually for more than a few years. So go, get started, and establish yourself now.