Webcam Money is Ohhh Sooo Good


One of the most important reasons for a young girl to consider working as a cam girl is the reality of just how good webcam money can get. I can’t overemphasize that it’s not a golden ticket to free riches for sitting there doing nothing. I really try to get this message out, because not becoming wealthy on your first night is probably the biggest source of discouragement for a new cam model and leads directly into the industry’s high turnover.

But at the same time, I’d be straight lying to you if I said that even an average girl (who knows at least something of what to do) working in webcamming as a cam girl isn’t making out like a bandit, especially compared to the other jobs available to her at her age. And I think that’s probably the best way to convey how well a webcam girl can do: by simply holding it up against the alternatives.

What you’ll learn in this post:

1) How much money webcam girls make.
2) How it compares to what “normal” jobs pay.
3) Where you can make the most money camming.

If you didn’t already know, “normal” jobs suck. For me, the one hell I always hated about them above all others was having a boss. Maybe I’m just unlucky, but I have never once had a boss I got along with. And while I don’t think I’m unlikable and I’m only a bitch to you if you’re a bitch to me, I’m pretty confident none of my bosses have ever cared much for me either. They always seemed to push me around, make excessive demands, and call me in to work on the WORST possible days, far in excess of anything I saw them do to anybody else.

And I’ve tried my hand at a few different types of job: did the fast food thing (UGH), was a department store salesperson, even mixed coffee drinks at Starbucks for awhile. So unless I sucked at all of them (which I guess is possible, but I think I was kinda good at the barista gig), I really don’t see why I always had to be the whipping girl.


Normal Jobs Suck, and Here’s Exactly Why

But as bad as it was for me in the boss department, my friend, “Melissa”, had it even worse. No question. She worked as a waitress a few years ago at a chain restaurant whose name I won’t mention (the fewer real names in this story, the better, for reasons that will become obvious). I should actually point out that working as a server is an exception to the general rule that entry-level jobs don’t pay that well, at least in the United States, since the American tipping system makes it so that waiters and waitresses can potentially do pretty well. But aside from the fact that it still doesn’t compare to webcam money, it’s not even close to being worth what Melissa went through.

Webcam money versus normal job money

And I don’t even just mean dealing with asshole customers, the stress of having to keep drinks filled at four different tables at once, and having to foot the bill out of her own pocket whenever someone successfully bailed on their check. Those things happened, but this is about her sleazeball boss, the restaurant manager. This guy seemed to be under the impression that he was entitled to have sex with any of the waitresses under him, whenever he liked (and apparently this attitude isn’t uncommon among food service managers).

When you consider the lower per-hour pay at most normal jobs, the increased hassle from bosses and coworkers, and the inability to set your own hours, webcam modeling is by far the better option.

What’s amazing is that most of the girls tolerated this, so he had himself a nice harem going. Since Melissa knew about his libido, though, she just did her best to avoid him, always finding plausible excuses not to have to be alone with him, which usually wasn’t that hard since restaurants are actually pretty hectic in the back. But of course, this couldn’t last forever, and after about three months on the job, she had to stay after closing to clean up in the dining room. It was just her and the manager in that part of the restaurant.

She was bent over a table wiping it down, when this douche bag comes up behind her, and like it’s his God-given right, grabs her ass with both hands and squeezes. Melissa isn’t the kind of girl to put up with that nonsense, so she spun around and smacked him across his creep face. Now, she told me a lot about his reaction to this, because apparently he went wide-eyed with genuine outrage, and couldn’t believe she would dare hit him for sexually assaulting her. He stormed out of the room in a rage.

Apparently he was then perfectly normal around her for the next two weeks, when he abruptly fired (excuse me, “terminated with cause”) Melissa for “unsatisfactory job performance”. Obviously, I screamed at her to turn the bastard in to the police, but she spoke with a lawyer who told her not to even bother. There were no other witnesses and no cameras in the room, so it was her word against his, and everyone would just think she was pissed about losing her job.

I get that extreme cases like this are the exception (though sexual harassment is sadly not at all uncommon for waitresses, statistically speaking), but my point is, bosses suck. And so do set, inflexible schedules, losing income because your car breaks down, and of course, crappy pay. These are the nightmares that await you if you get a regular job, and none of them, not one, will be there to bother a webcam girl.


Truth About Webcam Money – How Much?

Here’s what a webcam girl does get: webcam money. Along with the flexibility to set her own hours, work from home (no dependence on a car to get to work, and savings on gas), and for God’s sake, not have to answer to an overbearing, possibly boorish boss. But forget about all that, because the part we need to focus on is the money.

With an entry-level job, you’re lucky to pull down $12 an hour. Even if you have the privilege of working that drudgery full-time (a lot of people don’t), you’re only looking at $480 a week, about $1,900 a month, and just over $23,000 a year. Before taxes, of course.

Webcam money is a lot harder to nail down precisely, but it will almost certainly be a lot better. I won’t lie: you shouldn’t expect to make great money right away, within the first two weeks or so. That’s a crucial period of establishing yourself, but if you get it right, be ready to reap one hell of a harvest.

Be a webcam girl who knows what she’s doing, and you’ll be drawing $2,000, $3,000, or even $4,000 a month, before the first few months have passed. If you promote yourself properly and build a solid fan base, the sky’s the limit: I know girls who call it a slow month if they don’t clear $10,000.

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Just be a smart cam girl, and do this right: start on Chaturbate, due to its high traffic, ease of use for newcomers, and large base of big spenders. Set the hours that work best for you, but STICK to them; make it easy for users who like you to find you again. And cross-promote: use social media like Twitter and Snapchat to intelligently spread the word that you’re camming, and upload content to porn tubes.

I’ve seen it a million times and have lived it myself, and I can all but promise you that if you work hard at covering these bases for your first two weeks, you will see so much webcam money that you’ll be embarrassed to have even considered toiling for peanuts at McDonald’s.