What is Premium Snapchat All About?


If you have any experience with the industry, you know that being an adult model is two things: First, hard work; and second, able to make you some ridic mad money. It’s not free by any means, but with a little know-how and a lot of effort, you can live the life in this business.

What you’ll learn in this post:
1) What exactly Premium Snapchat is.
2) How to use it to make SERIOUS money.
3) A special trick to boost earnings!

But you need to know the ins and outs of how to do that, and the particular tricks that bring the money to you. One of those is definitely being a premium Snapchat model, which is a huge resource in adult work that you really can’t do without these days. This applies to all adult models, since pornstars and even strippers are doing this, but I’m really looking at cam girls right now.

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A webcam model has the greatest potential to make it as a premium Snapchat model, because it connects so well with her camming work. Let me tell you what premium Snapchat is about, and how you can use it to hugely benefit your bottom line.


Premium Snapchat is a Way To Sell Nudes Online

Premium Snapchat is basically just a way of selling nudes on Snapchat. Not one pic or video at a time, though – no, no, no. I won’t make the blanket statement that you should NEVER try to sell porn that way, but it’s definitely tough and not what we’re here for now.

Premium Snapchat Tips and Tricks – Check It Out!

Instead, you run a dedicated private Snapchat account, and charge customers to see it. Some performers will just take a one-time payment for lifetime access, but I really don’t recommend doing it that way. As long as you keep the account hot, interesting, and frequently updated, you can easily get away with asking a monthly subscription in the neighborhood of $20, and make good passive income.

Naturally, all the good stuff is inside. You’ll post nude pictures and crude videos often, on the order of every day, and you might want to spice it up by scheduling live shows once or twice a week. You can also try posting from exotic locales, like a nude beach or a nature hike (actually hiking naked is up to you), just to keep things interesting. I went and told you not to sell lifetime subscriptions; the downside of that is that you do have to convince your customers that it’s worth it to pay for another month.

The best way to make sure your subscribers keep re-billing is to just post as much content as you can. Regular posting will keep people interested.

At first, when you’re just selling nudes on Snapchat to a few people, keeping track of everyone is pretty simple and shouldn’t stress you out too much. Over time, though, your list of customers will grow, and so will your headaches. Eventually, it’ll be worth it to use a subscription management service, which makes it easy to stay in touch with everybody, automatically alert them when you post some new content, and basically just keep things organized.

One of the biggest reasons this is so important is because adult material is actually against Snapchat’s TOS, which is hilarious when you consider how people actually use Snapchat, but this policy IS enforced. That means that your premium Snapchat model account will sometimes get banned, so you lose your income source and your customers lose what they were paying for.

It’s pretty easy to just set up a new account and continue from there, but getting everyone to follow is a pain in the poop-chute when you have to do it yourself. A subscription management service automates that process, which is sooo worth the fee. There are a lot of good ones out there, but personally, I recommend FanPageTV.

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Promoting Your Premium Snapchat

The main way you’re going to promote your premium Snapchat account is with a public, free account that anyone can watch. This will mostly be just like a regular, personal Snapchat, but you should still make a dedicated one for your adult performer career (unless you don’t mind your friends and family seeing what you do, which some people are cool with; idk your life).

When posting under it, though, keep everything PG-rated. Make it about your daily life, with interesting but mostly tame updates about hanging out with friends and going bowling or skydiving or extreme beekeeping (like I said, idk your life). I say “PG” because you do want to occasionally include a sexy snap of you in a bikini, or a tight outfit.

Hell, going out of your way to include more than an average number of barefoot pics will help draw in the foot fetish crowd. Keep hinting at how much better and more extreme the stuff on your premium account is. Just make sure there’s no nudity on the freebie; you don’t want the hammer coming down on this one.

Be very careful to keep nudity and explicit content off of your public Snapchat account. This account should be used only to tease and get people interested in buying the premium access.

On top of your free Snapchat account, it’s also a good idea to use “Snapchat takeovers” to promote your premium. If you haven’t heard of these, takeovers on Snapchat are when a performer is given the privilege of posting under the Snapchat screen name of a huge player in the adult industry, like one of the porn tube sites (you know: Pornhub, Xvideos, that whole fam).

This gives you access to a HUGE audience of people who like to watch porn online, which obviously is your target demo. The idea is that you’re going to provide the biggie with free content for their Snapchat account by doing something entertaining, and in return, you’re almost certain to receive enormous traffic the likes of which you’ve never experienced before. Everybody wins.

I probably don’t have to say this, but everybody who’s anybody in adult entertainment wants to do these takeovers, so the lines get pretty long. But if you can get your shot, it’s a real game-changer. Just plan out an interesting, exciting activity for that day (no dancing around your bedroom), and use your posts to introduce yourself to the many, many viewers who could become your followers.

But, whatever you do, don’t get naked or do anything sexual. Snapchat’s rules apply to theses huge accounts, too.


Next-Level Tip For Selling Nudes on Snapchat

Finally, the most important tip of all for selling nudes on Snapchat: Camming. Remember when I said that cam girls have the most to gain from premium Snapchat because the jobs go well together? Do they ever!

Think about it: You’re sitting in a public camming channel with viewers coming to you, literally for nothing. All you have to do is post to the chat about your public Snapchat account, and everyone who reads you gets a chance to think “why the hell not?”. And the kicker is that a whole lot of them actually will, because your public account is free and cam site members absolutely LOVE free stuff.

Getting cam site viewers to follow your free Snapchat account is one of the easiest things in the world. After a while, you’ll have a huge group of fans to sell your premium Snapchat to.

And what are they going to be invited to join when they check out your free Snapchat? Premium, baby! Or, cut out the middleman and just hawk your premium account directly on the cam site. You do you, know what I’m saying?

Of course, this works the other way too: By mentioning that you’re a cam girl on Snapchat, people who first see you there have a chance to check out your show. Snapchat is a huge promotion opportunity for cam girls; the fact that so many people come through their basic Snapchat account makes selling premium from there a natural extension.

It’s best to use Chaturbate for your camming work, because it’s enormous traffic gives you the most potential for attracting eyeballs. Eyeballs lead to clicks, and clicks can lead to revenues. That’s what succeeding at premium Snapchat is about — getting as many viewers to check it out as possible!

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The key to making it work on Chaturbate is to just keep going on cam regularly, promote your Snapchats relentlessly, and don’t quit, even if you don’t catch fire immediately. Believe me, it’d definitely worth it because the views will add up quickly!